Esenyurt Area in Istanbul Turkey

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Esenyurt Area in Istanbul Turkey

Whether you are a resident of Istanbul or want to invest in real estate, you must identify the areas and study them well in terms of pros and cons to be able to build a sound and correct decision

previously we talked about gardens town and now we will talk about esenyurt

It is one of the largest and most densely populated areas in Istanbul (750,000 people). It is a popular and densely populated area with plenty of space. Of jobs and a mix of nationalities among Arabs, Turks, Kurds and Africans

Esenyurt has two very different characteristics of life:

The first type is the densely populated areas of the structure, characterized by a pattern of active life and movement. Real estate is also cheap in terms of purchase or rent. Transport, facilities and services are well available near these neighbourhoods

The other style is the style of residential complexes that are characterized by calm and provide a higher level of services and also these residential complexes come on several levels on demand from cheap to acceptable services, including the average price of VIP services It is worth mentioning that the esenyurt area is relatively cheap for the real estate market and Tartar rapid growth so keen A lot of foreign investors to buy their homes or open their projects in it because it is a promising area for investment and also will pass the metro line of them by next year, so there will be no problem in transportation

Esenyurt is generally characterized as an independent area where residents can secure all their consumer, educational and health requirements easily and without any shortage

It is rich in gardens and beautiful green spaces



For those interested in investing in esenyurt, we offer you some of our real estate projects:

Project IHOME 35 panoramic view with 85% of the project area dedicated to recreational activities and green spaces

Project IHOME 19 The first project in Turkey with an Italian design by a construction company with 30 years of experience in the field of real estate construction. Property prices start at only 48000 USD

Project IHOME 23 is a sophisticated and luxurious project that took care of all the small details in it to give you a new style of high-end life

Project IHOME 32 tower 43 floors awaits you with charming views over all of Istanbul

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