Istanbul city

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Istanbul city

Istanbul is a city where the present met with the past is an ancient city was established for more than 3000 years and is full of fascinating archaeological monuments left by civilization after civilization and intended by tourists from all over the world, especially that the recreation areas are many of the beaches and health centres and sulfur water and also has its markets and centres And so the tourist program to Istanbul is full, no matter how long he stays in Istanbul

Istanbul has two continents, Asia and Europe. The Asian section has a smaller population, large green spaces and generally a quieter area than the European section, but is far from the city centre, tourist attractions and large commercial markets.

The European section is a fascinating urban mix between the ancient Islamic civilization, whether in mosques, walls, castles or in old houses, and between modern civilization in residential complexes, highways and advanced means of transport

Turkish cuisine is characterized by a lot of special meals such as Alexander the Turkish and the world and all barbecue dishes in addition to Turkish sweets rich in definition, especially the Turkish baklava

All of this beauty in the previous lines will be enjoyed by every tourist visiting Istanbul but how much more than the beauty of the investor who will buy a house in Istanbul and thus become these wonderful landmarks and recreational activities part of your daily life

The city of Istanbul divides the Bosphorus Strait into two Asian and European sides, as we mentioned, leaving in its way a spectacular and never-ending spectacle. It also allows you to enjoy a boat ride, a tour of the Bosphorus or a transit from the Asian to the European or vice versa.

Istanbul is bordered by the Sea of ​​Marmara, which separates it from both the states of Bursa and Willa and from the north the Black Sea, which includes hundreds of magnificent beaches, both on the European or Asian sides in Istanbul

Istanbul is considered one of the best European countries in the field of investment. It competes with Paris and London, but in contrast to Paris and London, which are two cities that have reached the peak in the field of construction and construction, Istanbul remains the number one place in the number of investment projects that are implemented and established both in housing and in the fields of Transport, Maritime Navigation and Communications

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Returning to the definition of the city of Istanbul we will mention some of the famous landmarks in the city because not all the famous landmarks can be covered by one article

Mosque of Sultan Ahmed: or commonly known as the Blue Mosque, a large mosque built by Sultan Ahmed I, which is buried in the name of the Blue Mosque, compared to the internal cover, which is mostly blue colour This mosque is characterized by 6 minarets and yards and large gardens around it

Mosque of Ayia Sophia: a very ancient landmark of Byzantine art, purchased and converted into a mosque and museum at the same time characterized by its walls decorated with golden mosaics and has 9 different doors and in the Ottoman area was added 4 minarets

Yildiz Palace: This palace is about 150 years old and was the seat of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, a palace of great magnificence and luxury if you visit Istanbul inevitably go to it

The Sultan's Mosque - The Sultan's Mosque - The Sultan's Mosque - The Sultan's Mosque - The Mosque of Ayoub Sultan - The Wax Museum and many more attractions that attract tourists from all over the world. The world with their different tastes


Istanbul Real Estate


Tourism has a great impact on the real estate and investment sector the more tourism flourished, the greater the demand for homes for rents and the more vibrant markets and this will reflect on the business and investment positively

Istanbul is the heart of vibrant Turkey. A tourist cannot come to Turkey without a visit to Istanbul. Istanbul real estate has flourished, either for investment in rent or for opening companies or in the area of ​​housing and stability in Turkey. Istanbul has already achieved the largest percentage of real estate sales in Turkey. All of Turkey

Another important point is that the intensity of investment projects in Istanbul makes their profitability returns even higher than expectations because the renaissance in this city is already impressive

Thanks to the Turkish government's constant facilities for foreign investors as well as the economic stability of the country, all factors contributed to the prosperity of the real estate sector in the country


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