?What types of real estate investing in Turkey

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?What types of real estate investing in Turkey

Investors around the world are always looking for the most profitable and safe investment at the same time, so investors have been looking to Turkey for several years, especially in real estate investment, because of the country's rapid growth in this sector

But it is good for every investor to know the types of real estate investment before he starts investing

They are three basic types:

1-real estate development:

In this type of investment the investor buys a property under construction or in general before the completion of the project and then when the property receives the development of the real estate in terms of decoration and housing and the division of real estate and comfort to be a home or office or villa luxury ..

And then offer the property for sale again but at a higher price because the property is ready immediately for housing and cover is over and the investor can also bribe the property to get higher gains when selling this method is called real estate development

Special project under construction: IHOME 49

2-Long-term investment:

The real estate is like any other investment field such as gold and the stock market is greatly affected by the state of the economy of the country, the investor here selects a country with economic growth escalating such as Turkey and buy a property in it and then re-sale after a year or several years and thus be obtained March when selling and benefited from the period of acquisition of the property Leased or used


This is more likely to be foreseen the better the location of the property. For example, properties close to Istanbul's new Istanbul III and Istanbul will increase significantly when these projects are completed. You can find some investment opportunities near Istanbul III Airport: IHOME 31, IHOME 30 or IHOME 15


3- a continuous income investment:

In this type of real estate investment, the investor buys a property and cover it fully and brushes and then offers it to rent whether it is a house or office for work and the goal of this type is to write a long-term contract with the tenant so the investor gets a constant income and if the investor owns a number of properties becomes Income is a high number and it is possible within this type of investment to sell some properties and buy others according to market variables and this adds additional winnings

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