Turkey's Strategic Goals for the Year 2023

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Turkey's Strategic Goals for the Year 2023


A century after the founding of the modern Turkish Republic, the country looking forward to celebrating its 100th anniversary. Turkey's ambitious 2023 Vision aims to position the country among the world's top 10 economies in the next five years by drastically improving infrastructure, industry, trade, energy, medical care and transportation.

First, before the Party of Development and Justice came to power in Turkey in 2002, Turkey was ranked No. 27. Now, more than 14 years after its arrival, Turkey has risen to 17th place and entered the world's 20 most powerful economic club. By 2023, it aspires to become one of the top ten economic leaders in the world, not the first and not the tenth, but among the top ten. This is an open objective and depends on the size of the economic achievements and the size of stability, which are the main elements to bring investments from the world to Turkey, and stimulate the internal investment, and this is what enables the presidential system in the first place.

Turkey's second major objective is to seek the raise if the level of GPA income - the core element of the development process - to $ 30,000 annually. Before Erdogan came, the GPA average in 2002 was $ 2280, now that GPA is about $11,000. To achieve this level – namely, $ 27,000 - is a reality, it is imperative to ensure rapid growth, a developed economy, ambitious and vast projects that can be achieved under a presidential system that ensures accurate follow-up, flexible movement and decision-making dynamics, to accelerate the overall development process.

The third strategic objective is embodied by the  raise if Turkey's exports to 500 billion dollars by 2023, and  Turkey's imports to be 500 billion dollars and the volume of foreign trade exchange is one trillion dollars. Prior to Erdogan's arrival before 2003, the volume of Turkish exports was $30 billion and the volume of imports was $50 billion. Now, 14 years later, the volume of exports is $157 billion, five times as much, and the volume of imports is $180 billion.

Fourth, there is no country in the world where a Turkish citizen cannot travel without the need for a visa. Similarly, the citizens of these countries have the right to enter Turkey without the need for a visa, which encourages the flexibility and movement of tourism and opens the doors of the markets of those countries wide for Turkish products.

Strategic objectives, open goals for building a strong Turkey. Therefore, the objective of the presidential system was to enter the highway to reach the levels of the strong countries and reach the strategic goals of the year 2023. Yes, after 2011 Turkey was subjected to terrible pressures as a result of its stand with the Arab peoples and its stand with democracy, it cannot accept the military regimes dictatorship and stand supportive of authoritarian regimes that had suffered almost four decades before the military coups. Therefore, this setback between 2011 and 2015 is only a setback for political relapses, temporary setbacks. Nevertheless, economic relations remained important and essential not only to Turkey but also to all neighboring countries and even to all remain  countries of the world. Why? Because Turkey has strategic weight in its geopolitical location in the region. Turkey is a pivotal and important country in Europe's gateway to Asia. It is the gateway of Asia to Europe. It is also a link between Russia and Egypt, neighboring Arab and African countries across the Mediterranean, which makes it Turkey, with a distinct geographical location.

It is worth mentioning here that Turkey depends on a real economy. It does not rely on wealth that comes out of the earth, like oil or minerals. It is an economy based on industry and trade. It depends on agriculture and relies on a lot of economy based on manpower and skills. .

This kind of economy is important to many European countries, so that one-third of Turkey's exports are destined for Europe. So Europe depends on Turkey to cover many of its needs, so it is called the Taiwan East. The following indicators have special inferences for the importance of Turkey:

  • Out of  every three electrical products, one product goes to Europe;
  • Turkey is the first textile exporter for Europe;
  • Turkey is the second largest steel producer in the world;
  • Turkey ranks first in the agricultural production of apricots and nuts;
  • Turkey is the seventh largest ship manufacturer in the world.

So, it is indeed a real economy based on industry, agriculture and trade that makes the world need Turkey. This economic relationship is expected to be sustained and to continue with greater momentum, and therefore within the framework of common interests and mutual benefits, outside the cycle of political upheavals, and will therefore continue. Turkey, despite poor relations at the political level with Egypt, still enjoys strong economic ties. There is a disconnect between what is happening at the present time from a disagreement about political adaptation or convergence of views, and the importance of continuing economic and trade relations.

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The fact remains that when you are strong, your enemies will be many. When you have enemies, it means you are in your right path. We cannot say that Turkey will continue its efforts to achieve its strategic objectives without any problems or obstacles. Of course, the enemies will not be confined to outsider enemies solely, but there will be enemies at home as well, and they are more harmful. At home, they are displeased with this continuing momentum of economic growth, working in a healthy environment free of corruption. There were private banks that depended mainly on economic crises and disasters. For example, these banks were lending the state with very high interest rates. These benefits fell from 85% - before the current crisis, namely, the exchange rate of the Turkish lira against the dollar has deteriorated - reached 10%, losing 75%. Currently, as part of the government's efforts to tackle the Turkish lira crisis, the interest rate has reached almost 22%.

Turkey was a debtor for  the International Monetary Fund with $26.5 billion. Turkey was like a slave who received orders from his masters who gave him money, but by 2013, Turkey had paid $ 550 million, the last installment of the International Monetary Fund, and Turkey became since then a debt-free, free country and no longer a state on which its policies are dictated and its destinies are oriented. In contrary, it has become a state that imposes its policy and is willing to grant the IMF financial support provided that it becomes a member of its board of competent international monetary policy. However, this request was rejected and Turkey was not allowed to be among the donor countries, but only borrows. The economic power of Turkey disturbs the others, and bothers them more, the commitment of Turkey to work for the interests of the Turkish people.

We wonder here ...

        Why do the Turkish people vote for Erdogan?

This is an important question, no matter who says it at home or abroad that he is a dictator and despot. If we come to tell the truth, it is not important how the outsider assess or look at him, but how the great segment of his people  assess the achievements of Erdogan.

During his rule, he managed to raise the level of the crushed and poor classes of people – they are many - from their lowest levels to medium and good levels. They are aware of what he has done for them.

Let us review the most important stations of his achievements:

Prior to Erdogan, the volume of foreign investment that Turkey received during the 20 years between 1982 and 2002 was only one billion and two hundred million dollars. The volume of investments that flowed into Turkey between 2002 and 2007 reached 57 billion dollar, and reached by the end of 2017 to 163 billion dollars. Why? Because Turkey has become a vital, strong and developed country, and everyone in this healthy environment benefits with risk free.

In this context, it worth mentioning here that the indices of the Turkish stock market on September 17 -despite the stifling resent crises-  has reached a record, the highest ever. In one day, it achieved increase up by 3%, the stock market rose from 83,000 to 93,000 points, a figure never seen before, even seven years ago.

Why? ... because this is a direct result of the referendum, there was clarity among foreign shareholders and investors before the locals; that the political system is a system of stability and as a result, there are opportunities for everyone to contribute and come up with funds to benefit from those opportunities. Here it is clear that we are facing a strong Turkey, and if there are enemies, the problem is limited to enemies, not Turkey.

Within the frame of given data above, it can be claimed  that Turkey's political future can only be a very bright future, because it is based on mutual gains and mutual benefits with many countries, even those who have been upset  with Turkey and may still upset, yet this countries are convinced that their interests with Turkey will correct the course of its relations path with Turkey. For example, Russia has always been annoyed by Turkey in the recent past. Now it is allied to Turkey's as a results of  two largest strategic projects in Turkey. The Pan-Turkey natural gas pipeline project to Europe and the Black Sea nuclear power project, which are an economic gain for Russia.

America, despite the recent unjustified upheaval, realized that this strategic ally must be maintained and handled cautiously with Turkey, otherwise, this ally who would take over the Shanghai Group would be lost, not to mention the significant of Turkey being an active member of NATO and is aware that Turkey had the strongest army in the region.

In addition, Turkey now has independent capabilities in the field of military manufacturing technology. This independence has increased from 44% to 89%, meaning that Turkey has already secured 89% of its military needs from aircraft, tanks, submarines, warships, weapons and equipment, both conventional and non-conventional, and they are merely manufactured with Turkish technology and experts. It’s fundamental objective of this independency and the capability  of obtaining all means and gain all resources   of force is the  security and stability, which can only be achieved by might and  strength of power that prevents wars and calls for peace from the  strong bases of force.

Perhaps Erdogan is not Turkey, nor Turkey, is not Erdogan. This is a healthy phenomenon in light of the transparency of democracy and it’s culture  that Turkey has chosen for its political course. But taking into account Erdogan's popularity, his speeches full of hope based on solid will, showing real power, and complementarity with the importance of the vision into 2023, and after considering planning it is not negligible or can be omitted. Since the Turkish prime minister announced (now president) in 2013, he has given the country 10 years to rise from one of the developing countries that has been shaken by a long history of military coups to a nation whose economy, stability and regional influence is to be reckoned with.

It was the first half of the period that elapsed since the previous declaration to move Turkey to the ranks of advanced countries was achieved and was fulfilled  with  accomplishments as promised by Erdogan. Undoubtedly, these coming  five years will prove to be of great importance to Turkey's future and prestige in the world.

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