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A New Horizon İn Yalova, A New Life Style

The project brings a new life style to Yalova with its quality and experience. The project, inspired by the unique nature of Yalova, is being built on 23,000 apartments over an area of 19,000 m2. The project is remarkable for its social, cultural and sportive aspects with its perfectly designed architectural concept.

University, thermal facilities, shopping, hospital … All around.

Yalova’s largest university campuses are near you. It is located close to a thermal springs that is unparalleled.

An architectural concept inspired by nature

The project in Yalova, you will live with confidence in a warm environment, neighborhood culture that warms you with friendly neighborhood relations, natural life style which is the source of inspiration nature and a residential project that you have not encountered yet. You can see the unique and harmonious harmony between brown and green inspired from the ground and forest. unique combination of stone and wood .. It is a totally different housing project where you will have the pleasure of living with its large balconies.

10% Cash Discount



Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to  Total Price Delivery Time
1+0 50 62 50% 18 month 52200$ August  2018
1+1 61 66 50% 18 month 55400$  August  2018
1+1 Duplex 158 159 50% 18 month 123600$ August  2018
2+1 Duplex 98 210 50% 18 month 88200$ August  2018
3+1 Duplex 240   50% 18 month 187400$ August  2018
4+1 Duplex 209 230 50% 18 month 188300$ August  2018



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