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This Project will have museum, mall, park, metro line, hospital, schools in it.

One of the largest in the world and  the largest urban renovation project of the Turkey

Total land area is more than 1.3 million sqms. There will be more than 19.000 units. Opens shopping Street which will exceed 1.2 kms lenght with 750 stores… 2,3 billion USD worth investment value…

It is expected that more than 70.000 people will be populated in the Project. In this Project, a circulation of 250.000 people is expected on a Daily basis. Green Area will be more than 250.000 Sqms which will intersect with natural forests of Taurus mountians. In this city Park there will be mega Concert Area, Coffee shops and Restaurants,  This city park not only will serve to the inhabitans of the Project, it will also be attraction point from whole region. More than1400 families became a host…

All over the globe, People from 155 different countries and from 175 different cities choose to buy from this mega Project. We have collected more than 200.000 preliminary demand.  Sold out More than 200 comercial units from a very limited supply


35% Down Payment 6 months later 15% and the rest in 36 months.


Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time
1+1 50 74 35% 36 months 27100$ stage by stage till 2025
2+1 79 121 35% 36 months 40700$ stage by stage till 2025
3+1 118 133 35% 36 months 61200$  stage by stage till 2025
4+1 187 201 35% 36 months 102300$ stage by stage till 2025



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