Get your Turkish citizenship with an investment of $ 300,000 now

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Get your Turkish citizenship with an investment of $ 300,000 now

Yassin Aktay, deputy head of Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), said in a statement that Turkey would reduce the terms of granting Turkish nationality to foreign investors from $ 1 million to $ 300,000. Securely secured and especially in real estate

This in turn corresponds to the country's plan that was set last year 2017 which is an increase in the attraction of foreign investment in real estate

It should be noted that these statements began since last year and the decision to reduce the value of investment to 300 thousand dollars issued last month, but was not ratified and confirmed only in April of this year

Because we at I home international are confident in dealing with our customers, we have published the news after confirming that it has been approved and launched

In order to recall the decision issued last year regarding the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by foreign investors, he had several possibilities:

Obtain a document issued by zuara environment and planning to prove that the investor has purchased a property in the Turkish territory worth not less than one million US dollars, provided that the preservation of his property for this property for 3 years without selling it

Or to obtain a document issued by Zawahra, confirming that the investor has a fixed investment project of at least US $ 2 million

Or a document proving that the investor has a current bank account in which the value of 3 million US dollars obtained from the organization of banking business and also must be maintained in the value of this bank account for a period of not less than 3 years

And finally open a business that provides 100 job opportunities for Turkish citizens and get a document from the working hours prove that and must continue this project for 3 years also

Despite these conditions, the statistics indicated that there is a strong demand by foreign investors to obtain Turkish citizenship, where the share of Iraq alone was about 5000 investors at least one million dollars each of them


Now the opportunity is easier. The required investment is only 300,000 US dollars and you get your Turkish nationality

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