What is the future of the real estate market in Turkey after the recent elections

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What is the future of the real estate market in Turkey after the recent elections

Turkey is a beautiful tourist country, economically strong and politically stable

Especially after the results of the presidential and parliamentary elections held on June 24, during which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could maintain his position as President of the Republic of Turkey and his party managed to get a good percentage of seats in parliament.

In fact, it was not hidden from one of the risks and tensions that prevailed in the country before the election period, in addition to the withdrawal of many foreign investors for fear of deterioration of the situation in Turkey after the presidential and parliamentary elections, but now everything is clear and stability returned to the country and this will prompt foreign investors to return to invest again In Turkey, one might ask why invest in Turkey specifically rather than any other foreign country?


Turkey is about to open the world's largest airport in October and the third largest airport in the world will be four phases that will end in 2023 and for the first time, For the first phase only, the capacity of the airport will be 3 times the largest existing airport in Istanbul (Ataturk International Airport)

Finally, we should not forget that Turkey in 2023 will have the right to extract and benefit from its underground resources, thereby reducing its fuel and gas prices. This will be accompanied by a decrease in the cost of electricity, transport, communications and navigation. Therefore, the greater feasibility of investment projects and higher profitability benefits

Which makes Turkey suitable for investment (especially real estate investment) because the real estate prices are very reasonable in the world and thus buy a house in order to housing or trade is accessible to a large segment of ordinary people without the need for large capital or even small capital

When you decide to buy a house in Turkey you are now getting many advantages

Including the facilities of the Turkish government to investors in addition to the fact that property prices are always stable and suitable for the large number of projects that are established and therefore there are always good opportunities, but you should not postpone the idea of ​​buying a house a lot because real estate projects as soon as the completion of the construction stage whenever prices rise

We can always help you find your request within the budget you have allocated to buy your property and the area most suitable for your business and your family

We know that everyone aspires to buy a dream home in Turkey and especially in Istanbul

But what about the areas of Istanbul, which one is best for you and your budget and your request


To answer these questions, we have prepared an explanation for:

 Esenyurt area in Istanbul, Turkey

Bahceshir Istanbul

And also, if you like to see the hotel investment projects

You can learn about the new Rotana investment projects in Istanbul

You must find what you require within these carefully prepared links to make the acquisition process in Turkey easy and enjoyable and you are satisfied with your property.

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