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ABOUT THE PROJECT The most special project built on a land area of 28.050 square meters, 19.000 square meters of it is allocated to green areas. The project contains 523 residences and 45 stores. The project is introducing a wonderful lake view with different flat options from 1+1 to 4+1. The project offers 45 shops with its wide range of shopping opportunities right at your doorstep.   FACILITIES Private Security Security Cameras Parking Central Heating System Closed Circuit TV Video Doorphone Garden Children's Playground Restaurant Party Area Sauna Basketball Court Football Court Fully Equipped Gym Outdoor Swimming Pool Children Swimming Pool Sound Insulation Digital Infrastructure Water Tank Number Of Lifts: 12   LOCATION The project is located in the European side of Istanbul in Avcilar district. From Kucukcekmece Lake to the Black Sea, 45.2 km long artificial waterway project, Kanal Istanbul will set a new route in your life from the time you passed through. The project is located in the middle of the city, you can easily reach all your needs such as school, hospital, metro, university, airport, shopping mall and other essential services.   LOCATION DETAILS Avcilar Metrobus | 2 Minutes Florya | 10 Minutes Ataturk International Airport | 15 Minutes Eminonu | 30 Minutes Taksim | 40 Minutes Pelican Shopping Mall | 3 Minutes E5 Highway | 2 Minutes Istanbul University | 2 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHOD Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 73 - 50% 36 Months 115,700$ READY TO MOVE 1+1 Garden Duplex  110 111 50% 36 Months 207,400$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 130 134 50% 36 Months 182,900$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 Duplex   112 152 50% 36 Months 157,400$ READY TO MOVE 3+1  174 184 50% 36 Months 241,600$ READY TO MOVE 4+1   195 - 50% 36 Months 279,100$ READY TO MOVE

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ABOUT THE PROJECT It is a housing project rises on a land area of ​​27.300 square meters. The housing options of the project are 0+1, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 apartments. The size of the apartments in the project varies between 75 and 189 square meters.   FACILITIES Private Security Security Cameras Parking Reception Elevator Central Heating System Children's Playgrounds Garden Restaurant Walking Tracks Gym Turkish Bath Water Tank   LOCATION The project located on the European Side of Istanbul, in Seyrantepe district next to Maslak, a developing and life center in Istanbul. The project located just beside TEM Highway at Seyrantepe which provides you with a wide range of social opportunities. LOCATION DETAILS Ataturk International Airport | 30 Minutes Istanbul New Airport | 30 Minutes Mall Of Istanbul | 20 Minutes Perpa Commercial Center | 10 Minutes Maslak | 5 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHOD Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 45 - 40% 36 Months 127,800$ Delivery Date June 2020 1+1 64 103 40% 36 Months 155,700$ Delivery Date June 2020 2+1 99 132 40% 36 Months 265,300$ Delivery Date June 2020 3+1 130 191 40% 36 Months 403,900$ Delivery Date June 2020 4+1 200 399 40% 36 Months 559,900$ Delivery Date June 2020

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ABOUT THE PROJECT The project built on a 65.000 square meters with a private entrance, and it contains a full sea view villas with twin or detached villas ranging in size from 453 to 585 square meters. With its own horizontal architectural design, West Istanbul Marina with the capacity of 900 yacht, beach, 1.5 km coastline, sports club, private school, hospital, seaside cafes & restaurants and shopping mall, the project offers utterly a town concept. Marina Villas, where comfort and luxury is combined with functionality, brings a new dimension to the villa concept. These very special villas, which are defined as ‘ideal villa’ and consist of 5 different types, as twins and detached villas, are located just above West Istanbul Marina with its fascinating sea view in one of the most beautiful places of the project. A life beyond your dreams is waiting for you in Marina Villas with its spacious interior space with columns in the height of duplex, elevator, large kitchen, multipurpose rooms, closed garage, living space for the servant independent from villa, and special architectural solutions designed for your comfort that you will never find anywhere.   FACILITIES 24 Hour Security Video Intercom System Security Cameras Parking Garden Elevator Market Sauna Turkish Bath Indoor Swimming Pool Outdoor Swimming Pool Spa Central Heating System Restaurant Hospital Hotel Mosque Beach School Children's Playground Cinema Room PlayStation Room Meeting Room Gym Tennis Court Basketball Court Squash Court Walking Tracks Central Cable TV Fiber Optic Internet Infrastructure   LOCATION The project located on the European side of Istanbul, on Yakuplu Beach. The project is easily accessible by both land and sea. The project promises a comfortable life for its residents that it is close to main roads, E5 and TEM Highway bridges and airports, and it is easy accessible by public transportation.   DETAILS Ataturk International Airport | 30 Minutes Istanbul New Airport | 50 Minutes E5 Highway | 10 Minutes Metrobus | 7 Minutes Marmara Park Shopping Mall | 10 Minutes Perlavista Shopping Mall | 15 Minutes West Istanbul Marina | 4 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHOD Type Size Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 72 25% 24 Months 108,000$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 96 25% 24 Months 155,000$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 133 25% 24 Months 220,000$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 209 25% 24 Months 364,000$ READY TO MOVE Attached Villa 3 Rooms 155 25% 24 Months 417,000$ READY TO MOVE Villa 4 Rooms    208 25% 24 Months 843,000$ READY TO MOVE Twin Villa 5 Rooms   534 25% 24 Months 1,120,000$ READY TO MOVE Mansion Villa 5 Rooms 716 25% 24 Months 1,701,000 READY TO MOVE

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ABOUT THE PROJECT The project was built on a land area of 30.328 square meters, and it has 408 houses and 25 stores that are ready to be delivered immediately. The project composed of 408 flats in total with different flat types as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and 5+1. Your new home with 2 or 3 facades is waiting for you in this project. The project consists of very private residence options having both balcony and terrace opening to the view of kucukcekmece lake.   LOCATION The project located on the European side of Istanbul, in Kucukcekmece district, on the European shore of the sea of Marmara. It is located in the center of attraction of Istanbul which is very close to E5 and TEM Highways, Ataturk International Airport, hospitals, shopping centers, universities and five stars hotels.   FACILITIES Private Security Security Cameras Parking Card Entry System Closed Circuit TV Video Doorphone Central Heating System Garden Children's Playground Doorman Massage Parlor Restaurant Basketball Court Football Court Tennis Court Turkish Bath Sauna Children Swimming Pool Fully Equipped Gym Indoor Swimming Pool Outdoor Swimming Pool Digital Infrastructure Elevator Water Tank   LOCATION DETAILS Metrobus | 5 Minutes Marmaray | 1 Minute Ataturk International Airport | 8 Minutes Istanbul New Airport | 45 Minutes Kucukcekmece Lake | 1 Minute E5 Highway | 5 Minutes E6 Highway | 10 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHOD Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 93 - 40% 24 Months 179,500$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 121 137 40% 24 Months 175,400$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 161 182 40% 24 Months 273,600$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 183 187 40% 24 Months 417,800$ READY TO MOVE 5+1 243 - 40% 24 Months 511,800$ READY TO MOVE

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ABOUT THE PROJECT It is a residential and office project was built on a land area of 36.000 square meters and it consists of 6 blocks with 441 residences, 123 offices and 28 commercial units. The project offers apartment types ranging from 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 with terrace, 4+1 duplex and offices.   FACILITIES Private Security Security Cameras Card Entry System Video Doorphone Closed Circuit TV Parking Central Heating System Garden Restaurant Children's Playground Party Area Doorman Massage Parlor Sauna Fully Equipped Gym Outdoor Swimming Pool Digital Infrastructure Water tank Number of Lifts: 18   LOCATION The project located on the European side of Istanbul, in Bahcelievler district, one of the fastest growing areas in Istanbul. The project located at an important location in Istanbul where the flow of business meets the flow of life. The project located near to many health and educational institutions and shopping centers that can meet all your needs. The distinctive location of the project next to Ataturk Airport, E5 Highway, and it is easy accessible by metro and metrobus.   LOCATION DETAILS Ataturk International Airport | 10 Minutes Istanbul New Airport | 35 Minutes E5 Highway | 5 Minutes Shopping Malls | 5 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHOD Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 52 91 20% 36 Months 103,100$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 116 130 20% 36 Months 212,800$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 (Terrace) 257 267 20% 36 Months 613,600$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 (Duplex) 167 - 20% 36 Months 508,000$ READY TO MOVE Office 80 367 20% 36 Months 195,700$ READY TO MOVE

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ABOUT THE PROJECT The project consists of 314 houses in 4 blocks. The blocks were designed as 11 and 12 floors. The project provides 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 apartments types, with sizes ranging from 73 to 176 square meters.   LOCATION The project located on the European side of Istanbul, in Gunesli neighborhood on Bagcilar district. The distinctive location of the project near to Basin Ekspres main road and the essential services. The project constructed at an easy access point to TEM Motorway, E5 Highway and the airport.   FACILITIES Security Security Cameras Central Heating System Parking Playgrounds Garden Swimming Pool Shopping Centre Meeting Room Cinema Sun Terrace Walking Tracks Gym Sauna Turkish Bath Steam Room Elevators Commercial Units   LOCATION DETAILS Ataturk international Airport | 10 Minutes Istanbul New Airport | 35 Minutes Mall of Istanbul | 15 Minutes Medicine Hospital | 8 Minutes E5 Highway | 5 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHOD Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 73 75 35-50% 24-36 Months 91,300$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 139 146 35-50% 24-36 Months 162,300$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 169 176 35-50% 24-36 Months 258,100$ READY TO MOVE

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ABOUT THE PROJECT The project consists of 269 residences, 52 offices and 75 shops. The project offers apartment options ranging from 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and garden duplexes, and the sizes varies between 53 square meters and 189 square meters. The project characterized by the modern and aesthetics architecture that meets with high quality materials.   FACILITIES Security Security Cameras Smart Home System Outdoor Swimming Pool Sun Terrace Gym Pilates Studio Male-Female Sauna Male-Female Steam Room Male-Female Tepidarium Male-Female Showers Male-Female Shock Shower Multi-Functional Sports Field Outdoor Playgrounds Sand Pool Climbing Walls Trampoline Park Walking Tracks Terrace Lounge Conference Rooms Mini Movie Theater and Playstation Room Collaborative Study and Hobby Rooms Pergolas Barbeque Terrace Fireplace Corner Billiard Table Tennis Mosque Parking Garage Commercial Units   LOCATION The project located close to the transport axles such as the planned metro, E5-Metrobus, TEM, Ataturk Airport and The 3rd Airport, which adds a distinct value to the project. In this project, you can enjoy your time in the terrace while -enjoying the unique lake and sea view all day long. Kucukcekmece Lake, Canal Istanbul and the Sea of ​​Marmara, each apartment will be shared with this landscape.   LOCATION DETAILS Ataturk International Airport | 18 Minutes Istanbul New Airport | 50 Minutes Istanbul University | 10 Minutes Medicana Avcilar | 10 Minutes Pelican Mall | 10 Minutes Torium Mall | 6 Minutes 5M Migros | 8 Minutes E5 Highway | 15 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHOD Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 42 47 35% 24-36 Months 48,900$ December 2020 1+1 55 64 35% 24-36 Months 62,300$ December 2020 2+1 90 120 35% 24-36 Months 91,700$ December 2020 2+1 Duplex  138 147 35% 24-36 Months 133,800$ December 2020 3+1 & 3.5+1 Duplex 113 184 35% 24-36 Months 122,900$ December 2020

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ABOUT THE PROJECT The project was built on 10.000 square meters land area, with 17.000 square meters green areas. The project consists of 2 blocks contains 116 flats with 10 and 12 floors, and it provides 1+1 and 2+1 apartments options.   FACILITIES Security Security Cameras Parking Elevator Gym Cinema Walking Tracks Meeting Room Children's Playgrounds Green Areas Shops   LOCATION The project is located the European side of Istanbul, in Kagithane area, one of the largest real estate development areas in the city. The distinctive location of the project near to the main street and the public transportation. The doors of the project lead to shopping malls, public transportation, main roads, and to centers for art, sports and culture.   LOCATION DETAILS Turk Telekom Stadium | 5 Minutes Metro | 5 Minutes TEM Highway | 2 Minutes Nisantasi | 10 Minutes Mecidiyekoy | 10 Minutes Levent | 9 Minutes 15 July Martyrs Bridge | 9 Minutes  Maslak | 5 Minutes   Vadi Istanbul | 5 Minutes Taksim | 10 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHOD Type  Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 110 - - - 78,300$ December 2019 2+1 140 150 - - 103,500$ December 2019

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ABOUT THE PROJECT The project was built on 5.283 square meters land area, and it consists of two blocks with 5 floors which contains 59 residences and 6 commercial units. The project offers apartments options include 2+1, 2+1 duplex, 3+1 and 3+1 duplex apartments. The apartments sizes vary between 86 and 235 square meters. You will experience the most pleasant times with your family, designed according to your expectations, the unique project offering you with a generous life by its spacious architecture, non-standard floor height and wide terraces.   FACILITIES Security Security Cameras Basketball Court Outdoor Swimming Pool Indoor Swimming Pool Children's swimming pool Children's Playground Parking Gym Sauna Turkish Bath Walking Track Sun Terrace Central Heating Thermal Insulation Sound Insulation Smart Homes System Elevator Fiber Internet   LOCATION The project is a real investment center with its unique location in Buyukcekmece district on the European side of Istanbul that offers an exponentially increasing investment value for new investments.   LOCATION DETAILS Ataturk International Airport | 45 Minutes Istanbul New Airport | 55 Minutes Water Park | 15 Minutes Marmara Park Mall | 15 Minutes E5 Highway | 5 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHOD Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 114 136 50% 24 Months 130,900$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 168 172 50% 24 Months 169,300$ READY TO MOVE 3+2 Duplex 188 235 50% 24 Months 233,300$ READY TO MOVE 5+1 Duplex 188 235 50% 24 Months 233,300$ READY TO MOVE

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ABOUT THE PROJECT The project was built on a land area of 72.706 square meters, with 244.325 square meters of construction area and 80% of it dedicated for landscape. The project consists of 11 blocks contains 941 apartments of 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and 5+1 residential types ranging from 125 square meters to 278 square meters, in addition to 27 commercial units.   FACILITIES Security Security Cameras Parking Elevator Park Football Court Tennis Court Volleyball Court Basketball Court Indoor Swimming Pool Children's Swimming Pool Turkish Bath Sauna Steam Room Gym Walking Path   LOCATION The project with special landscape and green areas, high comfort and modern architecture, is at the center of a district that improves every day with public and private investments, at the liveliest point of Basaksehir. The distinctive location of the project in the favorite place of all new projects at the meeting point of Istanbul canal, The Third Airport and just next to the biggest European health complex. Also, it is located near to the new Water Valley of Basaksehir where recreation starts.   LOCATION DETAILS Ataturk International Airport | 45 Minutes Istanbul New Airport | 25 Minutes Mall Of Istanbul | 12 Minutes Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium | 5 Minutes Ataturk Olympic Stadium | 10 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHOD   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 124 149 30% 36 Months 149,300$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 162 189 30% 36 Months 186,200$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 200 226 30% 36 Months 214,300$ READY TO MOVE

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ABOUT THE PROJECT The project consists of residences and commercial areas which range from 60 to 433 square meters with ceiling height of 3.5 meters that is suitable for office use. The apartments are designed for you with all details by considering your needs and investment plans with the choices of 1+1 and 2+1 homes and offices.   FACILITIES Security 24\7 Security Cameras Reception and lobby Terrace Area Parking Spa Sauna Meeting Room Gym Open Air Cinema Shops Panoramic Lifts   LOCATION The project located on the European side of Istanbul, in Bagcilar district, between the two major ring roads, the TEM and the E5. The project located near to many health and educational institutions and shopping centers that can meet all your needs. The project, which offers a good investment opportunity for you, is located within walking distance of public transportation such as metro and metrobus.   LOCATION DETAILS Ataturk International Airport | 15 Minutes Istanbul New Airport | 35 Minutes Mall Of Istanbul | 15 Minutes Taksim square | 35 Minutes Basin Ekspres | 1 Minute   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHOD Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 60 67 35% 24 Months 88,500$ August 2019 2+1 87 92 35% 24 Months 132,800$ August 2019

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ABOUT THR PROJECT It is a mixed project was built on a land area of 21,288 square meters, 14,000 square meters dedicated for green areas and all apartments have a view of greenery and Ayamama Chanel. The Project consists of 3 blocks contain 498 residences, 220 offices and 52 stores. The project offers apartment options from 1+1 to 2+1, with areas ranging from 64 square meters to 145 square meters.   FACILITIES Private Security Security Cameras Central Heating System Parking Closed Circuit TV Digital Infrastructure Sauna Fully Equipped Gym Turkish Bath Olympic Swimming Pool Baby Nursery Walking Tracks Meeting Room Water Tank Elevator Shops   LOCATION The project located right next to the E5 Highway, one of the most valuable points of Istanbul. Ataturk International Airport, Exhibition Center, Basin Express Road, 2nd and 3rd Bridge connection roads, as well as the ongoing construction of the 3rd Airport, offers a unique investment opportunity for the investors.   LOCATION DETAILS Basin Express Highway | 1 Minute Ataturk International Airport | 3 Minutes Metrobus | 1 Minute E5 Highway | 2 Minutes Shopping Malls | 5 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHOD Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 84 135 30% 12 Months 114,900$ 24 Months Later 2+1 146 324 30% 12 Months 150,700$ 24 Months Later

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ABOUT THE PROJECT The project is built on an area of ​​40,000 square meters, 35,000 square meters of this area is reserved for landscaping. The landscaping areas include private gardens and plenty of green spaces The project has a total of 74 villas with garden and duplexes apartments. The houses are designed as 2+1, 4+1, 5+1 and the sizes ranging between 110 square meters to 246 square meters. The project contains various types of villas and apartments composing functional architecture with high quality materials appealing to different needs and budgets.    FACILITIES Security 24\7 Security Camera Walking Paths Tennis Court Basketball Court Children's Playground Indoor Swimming Pool Outdoor Swimming Pool Gym Sauna Steam Room  Restaurant Cafe Cinema Room Spa Massage Room Garden Elevator Balcony Sun terrace Turkish Bath   LOCATION The project located in the heart of nature, close to the city of Yalova, near the eastern coast of the Sea of Marmara. Yalova is considered as one of the most attractive city for tourists.   LOCATION DETAILS Yalova Center and The Pier | 5 Minutes Thermal Area | 3 Minutes The Countryside | 10 Minutes Bursa-Uludag Ski Center | 45 Minutes Shopping Malls | 3 Minutes Setur Marina | 5 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHOD Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time Villa 3+1 180 - 50% 4-6 Months 149,000$ READY TO MOVE Duplex Garden Apartment 4+1 205 - 50% 4-6 Months 154,400$ READY TO MOVE Villa 4+1 197 200 50% 4-6 Months 207,100$ READY TO MOVE Villa 5+1 254 - 50% 4-6 Months 257,000$ READY TO MOVE Palac 5+1 266 - 50% 4-6 Months 282,500$ READY TO MOVE

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ABOUT THE PROJECT The project constructed by a company with nearly half a century of experience in the real estate sector, which consists of more than 4,000 people and 93,000 specialized staff. It is a housing project developed in Kadikoy district on Istanbul’s Asian shore. The project consists of 28 storey single blocks and 280 apartments. In addition to the residences there are shops and offices. The project was built on an area of ​​8,279 square meters, consists of 280 apartments, includes 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 options. The project contains 2+1 duplex apartments located in a 12 square meters large balcony area, life is perfect for those who want to add to every moment of life.   FACILITIES Private Security Security Cameras Concierge Services Lounge Floor Helicopter Rental Meeting Room Catering Parking Fully Equipped Gym Outdoor Swimming Pool Sauna Steam Room Sun Terrace Housekeeping Digital Infrastructure Water Tank   LOCATION The project located in Kadikoy district on Istanbul’s Asian shore. The project will provide great convenience for the employees of Kozyatagi, the financial center of the Anatolian Side, also for the employees working in Maltepe, Kartal, Kadikoy and Atasehir with the E5 and TEM highways just right in front of them. For those working on the European Side, it will offer comfort for both Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge. In this project, you have many options when you want to have a pleasant shopping day. It is easy for you to go to Bagdat Street, which is the largest and most exclusive open-air shopping center in Istanbul, or to Atasehir Palladium, Kozy, Akasya Acibadem, Carrefour SA and Metro Market, one of the city's most popular shopping centers. The only thing difficult is to decide which one to go to.   LOCATION DETAILS Bagdat Avenue | 5 minutes Coastal Road | 7 minutes Coastal Station | 2 minutes (on foot) Marmaray Station | 5 minutes E5 and TEM Highways | 1 Minute Minibus Street | 5 minutes 15 Temmuz Sehitler Bridge and FSM Bridge | 15 Minutes Bostanci Port | 10 Minutes Sabiha Gokcen Airport | 25 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHOD Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 66 106 40% 36 Months 167,000$ May 2020 2+1 113 152 40% 36 Months 302,000$ May 2020 2+1 Duplex 191 - 40% 36 Months 503,000$ May 2020 3+1 180 184 40% 36 Months 529,000$ May 2020

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THE PROJECT’S LOCATION The project is located in Sakarya city, an important tourism center in Turkey. It lies along Black Sea shores, lakes, rich forests and plateaus. Also, it is close to the city center of Serdivan and Adapazarı, as well as large cities such as Istanbul and Bursa. The project has a charming view of Sapanca Lake and Mashukiye Mountains.   ABOUT THE PROJECT It is an ideal project that combining luxury, comfort and nature. The project was built on a land area of 21,000 square meters, and it consists of 12 three-storey villas with a total area between 450 and 650 square meters. In this project you will enjoy spending your holidays with your family in a cozy and intimate atmosphere.   FACILITIES Security 24\7 Camera System Video Door-phone Smart System Anti-theft and Fire System Meeting Room Private Parking Mosque Cinema Green areas Children Playgrounds Tennis Court Sauna Outdoor Swimming Pool Thermal Insulation Sound Insulation Water Tank        Laundry Room Cuisine: Built-In   DETAILS Sakarya University  |  300 m Sapanca Lake  |  500 m E5 Highway  |  200 m   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHODS   5+1          462 m2          without elevator     2,500,000 tl 6+1          650 m2          with elevator          3,000,000 tl   Only cash payment Ready to move  

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THE PROJECT'S LOCATION This project is located in the European side of Istanbul, specifically in Kagithane, one of the largest real estate development areas in the city. The project is located on Cendere Street one of the busiest and most pivotal streets in lstanbul. The project is recognized with its innovative and low-rise horizontal architectural style. The doors of The Project lead to shopping malls, public transportation, main roads, and to centers for art, sports and culture. ABOUT THE PROJECT   The project is built on 34,000 m² land area and it consists of 4 blocks, 76 residences, 166 offices and 20 shops. A whole new life awaits you in this project, where you will experience the luxrious and comfort life in your home, in which the pool overlooking the Belgrad Forest, and you can watch the sunset on your wide terrace, get in shape in the fitness center and play with your children in the playground.     FACILITIES Security 24\7 Closed parking Children Playground  Central Heating System Water tank 12 Lifts Fully Equipped Gym Outdoor Swimming Pool Restaurant Closed Circuit TV       The options are varied and the spaces start from 36 square meters up to 380 square meters Prices start from $ 205,000 down to $ 1368,000

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THE PROJECT’S LOCATION The project is located in Yakuplu, Beylikduzu district in the European side of istanbul. Yakuplu is one of the unique locations in Istanbul, that is easy accessable and many transportation options are availbale in there. It could be access via IDO (sea transportation) that provides express sea-bus services to Besiktas, Fatih and Asian Side. It is located near to the E5, E6 highway, and the new ring road. Also, it is very close to Ataturk International Airport and The Third Airport. The project is located right by Marmara Sea with its West Istanbul Marina that contains a Hotel, School, Hospital, beaches, and a large Marina with a lot of restaurants and cafes. The project enables you to reach anywhere without having any traffic problem in the shortest possible time.     WHY THIS PROJECT It is constructed by a well-known development company with more than 40 years of experience in building. Benefit of buying under-construction property that offers a great investment return. Affordable prices and flexible payment plans. Close to West Istanbul Marina. The large gardens and beautiful sea view. The low difference between Gross and Net area. In this project, the sea will become part of your daily life. All blue gradient, sea-air full of oxygen, irresistible sunset will offer you the luxurious life that you always dreamed of. You can reach the West Istanbul Marina with only one minute walk from your home. Also, the coastal road will be near to you to add the positive energy of the sea to your evening walks or bicycle trips.     ABOUT THE PROJECT The project will be built on 26,893 m2 land area consists of 20 blocks and 330 apartments starting at 2+1 up to 4+1 & duplexes. The project has included social and on-site facilities bringing neighbors together at home, including 19,500 m2 landscape, waterways, walking paths and gardens. All properties have large balconies with a dreamy view of West Marina and the sea. Master bedrooms have en-suite private bathrooms, and large open living rooms and dining spaces create plenty of room for gatherings.     FACILITIES Sport fields                                                                        Shopping mall Sauna                                                                                 Turkish bath Indoor swimming pool                                                       Gym Indoor Parking                                                                    Cafe Children playground                                                           Restaurant Balcony                                                                               Security 24/7 Artificial waterfall                                                                Sea View Central heating   DETAILS Metrobus | 5 Minutes E-5 highway | 5 Minutes Ataturk International Airport | 30 Minutes Istanbul Airport | Less than 1 hour Marmara Park AVM | 14 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHODS Type Size From Size To Down Payment Installment to  Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 103 133 40% 36 months 154000$ December 2020 3+1 165 - 40% 36 months 245700$ December 2020 4+1 196 - 40% 36 months 412500$ December 2020 3+1 Duplex 170 187 40% 36 months 274000$ December 2020 4+1 Duplex 210 224 40% 36 months 331400$ December 2020 4+2 Duplex 205 298 40% 36 months 330000$ December 2020 5+2 Duplex 455 477 40% 36 months  541000$ December 2020   The latest updated prices was in :13/2/2019  

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THE PROJECT'S LOCATION The project is located in Seyrantepe in Sisli district, which is one of the prominent business quarters of Istanbul.   ABOUT THE PROJECT The project is rising above 9,500 m2 land plot, and it contains 440 tower flats, 26 terrace homes and 50 offices. The project combines elegance, prestige and comfort, while redefining the meaning of luxury to also offer practicality and pleasure. It contains a roof bar on the 50th floor, and a pool with cafe serve only to complement the ideal lifestyle. The project provides many other distinguished differences, such as a modern architectural design, an exterior facade covered with perlite, allowing the building to breathe, a five-storey parking takes more than 1,019 vehicles, 23 elevators, foldable window-frames in all flats and a lofty 4 meters ceiling.     FACILITIES Concierge Services Security Cameras 24 Hour Security Parking Garage Video Intercom System Automatic Fire Extinguisher Fire and Smoke Detector Air Conditioner Generator Satellite TV Infrastructure 24 Hour Technical Service Fiber Optic Internet Infrastructure Wireless Internet Central Hot Water Natural Gas Reservoir Lightning Rod Alarm System Outdoor Parking Valet Parking Meeting Room Park and Garden Grocery Store Elevators Dry Cleaning Hairdresser Restaurant & Cafe Turkish Bath Playground SPA Outdoor Swimming Pool Social Facilities Sauna Steam Room Gym   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHODS Type Size From Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 0+1 62 62 30-50 24-50 months 225200$ ready to move 1+1 86 105 30-50 24-50 months 274700$ ready to move 2+1 116 148 30-50 24-50 months 371900$ ready to move 3+1 183 222 30-50 24-50 months 622700$ ready to move 3.5+1 204 205 30-50 24-50 months 816000$ ready to move                      

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THE PROJECT'S LOCATION The project is located in Mecidiyekoy neighborhood in Sisli district of Istanbul, which is one of the prominent business quarters of Istanbul. Also, it is an important transport hub on the European side of Istanbul.   ABOUT THE PROJECT The project consists of 36 commercial units, with a total of 6,500 m2 shopping mall. You will be able to see a 360 immersive view of Istanbul, from the top floor of the project.   FEATURES CONCIERGE SERVICES MEETING ROOMS VIP RESTAURANTS 11 LIFTS PRIVATE DINING ROOMS SKY LOUNGE BULDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PARKING VALE PARKING SECURITY RESTARAUNTS & CAFES PHARMACY AND HAIR DRESSER ATMS TOTAL 600 m2 FOUR DIFFERENT GARDEN TERRACE   DETAILS MECIDIYEKOY METRO | 700 m - 2,5 Minutes MECIDIYEKOY METROBUS | 500 m - 2 Minutes ISTANBUL ADALET SARAYI  | 1 km - 3 Minutes KOLAN INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL | 1,5 km - 5 Minutes CEVAHIR AVM | 1,5 km - 5 Minutes ZORLU AVM | 4 km - 8 Minutes ISTANBUL BILGI UNIVERSITY | 1 km - 3 Minutes RAMADA HOTEL & SUITS | 4 km - 8 Minutes MARIOTT HOTEL | 1 km - 3 Minutes   PRICES AND PAYMENT METHODS Type Size from Size to Down payment Installment to Total price Delivery time ? 73   100% - 515.668 $ READY TO MOVE ? 92 94 100% -  645.251 $ READY TO MOVE ? 193    100% - 1.319.032 $ READY TO MOVE  

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  THE PROJECT'S LOCATION - This unique project is located on the European side of Istanbul, in Bahcesehir district, the prestigious and sophisticated face of Istanbul and the new attraction for real estate investments. - Bahcesehir is famous for its rapid urban development and its growing projects. Also, it is characterized by its nature, gardens and green spaces. - The project is close to the highway, Ataturk International Airport and Istanbul Third Airport.   ABOUT THE PROJECT - The project was built on land areas between 66 and 223 square meters. - The project consists of 6 buildings and it includes 669 apartments and 26 shops.   FACILITIES Security 24\7 Balconies Basketball fields Football fields Walking and cycling paths Green areas Children’s playgrounds Meeting room Central heating system Water tank Steam room Fully equipped gym Outdoor swimming pool Sauna Aquariums Earthquake alarms Lift Market Closed parking   PRICES AND PAYING METHODS Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 67 97 35% 36 months 59700$ December 2020 2+1 119 223.75 35% 36 months 89600$ December 2020 3+1 147 222.25 35% 36 months 115000$ December 2020 4+1  206.75 233.50 35% 36 months 156000$ December 2020      

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  Why this project: This project offers you the opportunity to live a quiet life in the European side of Istanbul, yet it is near to the highways and other important services. It is close to both the TEM road and the E5 highway in which getting anywhere in Istanbul takes only a few minutes, either by your car or by public transportation (Mitrobus line is passes through it, which is the most important and the fastest mean of public transportation in Istanbul). The fact that the project is located in Beylikdüzü area makes it promising in real estate investment, especially that the project is ready, so you can move immediately and the title deed can be transferred directly to you. Details: In the European side of Istanbul, specifically in Beylikdüzü area, which has been classified as the center of modern Istanbul, this project has been constructed in one building only to provide the highest levels of comfort, luxury and privacy to you. It is one building with 34 apartments of 2+1 which has an area of 95 to 105 square meters, remaining only a limited number (currently 18 apartments). The building consists of ground floor that contains 4 apartments and a garden, and then 5 floors each contain 6 apartments. It also contains two lifts, surveillance cameras and a closed parking, to ensure your comfort and the safety of your family. Each kitchen is equipped with an oven, gas and air conditioner (Siemens brand) as well as water heater (eca brand).   How far the project is from all the following important services? - 2 minutes from the E5 highway - Less than 2 minutes from TEM road  - 14 km from Ataturk International Airport  - 5 km from the famous Tüyap exhibition - Less than 1 km from both the famous Marmara Park Mall, Bauhaus, Media Market, Carrefour and Migros  - 1 km from both Torium Mall and the Medicana International Hospital  - 600 meters from Medical Life Hospital, and The State Hospital in Esenyurt within walking distance. Price and payment method Despite the distinctive location of the project and being ready to move immediately, the price for the remaining apartments is only 300,000 Turkish lira (about 55,000 dollar) Payment Method: Cash

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The project has a strategic location near to the main areas that represent Istanbul’s cultural, art, entertainment and intellectual life such as, Taksim, Nisantasi and Bosphorus. The project is an exclusive project that totally reflects the spirit of the city. We welcome you to a lifestyle of premium standards. In the project, you can open your windows freely and relax in your balcony even on the 38th floor, and enjoy the amazingly beautiful view of Istanbul all the day and night. You will enjoy the luxurious life you chose for yourself while having your breakfast or having a coffee on your broad balcony. The project has a lounge at the 48th floor with an incredible view of all Istanbul Restaurants which include many and different international cuisine. This project will captivate you with its strategic location, right next to Dolmabahce Tunnel and next to Istanbul’s most central districts that you can reach only within 3 minutes such as Taksim, Nisantasi and Besiktas.   Project features   Central park Crown launge Concierge Lobby Tennis court Basketball court FITSTOP Vehicle rental Shuttle Valet parking Spa Swimming pool   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 49   40% 50 months 144800$ March 2019 1+1 76 81 40% 50 months 231400$ March 2019 2+1 98 140 40% 50 months 305900$ March 2019 3.5+1 195   40% 50 months 754200$ March 2019                

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It coincided with the planned architectural growth of the Beylikdüzü region, where it is strategically located in the center of transportation, green fields and social activity opportunities, which is the modern face of İstanbul and one of the most important investment center of the city. The most remarkable project of this investment area is this project. The project provides privileged life opportunities at Beylikdüzü’s very center with Saffet Çebi Park established on an area of 3700 m2, outdoors swimming pool, walkways, social facilities, playgrounds, fully-equipped fitness, yoga and pilates areas. In the commercial areas located right under the project, many famous brands such as Starbucks, File Market and others, appear as a details that would make the life easier for you. The project provides a comfortable living area, where you can enjoy the pool, do any other sport you would like, and socialize with your friends while shopping. A happy and peaceful life awaits you in the center of Beylikdüzü, at transportation crossing point, right next to the biggest shopping malls of the area and near many well-known hospitals. the latest updated prices was in :7/2/2019     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 81   50% 36 months 97000$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 110 140 50% 36 months 138000$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 163 167 50% 36 months 195000$ READY TO MOVE    

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The life you imagined is waiting you in Bakırkoy one of the most popular corners of Istanbul, in the project who serves you a life next to the sea. Coming into life with the unique harmony of residences, apartments and hotel, the project will influence you at the first sight by its modern architect with the quality projected deliberately on every detail. Do not wait more for a luxury, comfort and ahead life with your loved ones. Come and live right now.   •       62.500 m2 of sea-faceted zone. •       16-17 storey 7 residence buildings •       239 apartments •       Five roomed apartments starting from 310 m2 •       Six roomed apartments starting from 363 m2 •       3 / 4 parking spots and 10 m2 of stores for every flat •       1 aparts block •       2 luxury hotels   Let’s live the hard concurrence and emotion in the tennis court or on the basketball field. Let’s leave the stress of the day in the Fitness Center. The project is enough for you to a healthy life…   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 85 136 50% 12 months 313100$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 147 171 50% 12 months 600100$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 290 310 50% 12 months 1386600$ READY TO MOVE 5+1 337 363 50% 12 months 1990400$ READY TO MOVE    

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Area: ~45,000 m² Total landscape area: ~30,000 m² Total construction area: ~250,000 m² Number of blocks: 7 blocks Number of units: 1,200   Kartal is the closest neighbourhood to Princes’ Islands in Istanbul. It takes only 25 minutes to Buyukada, the largest of the islands by ferry from Kartal Terminal. Princes’ Islands are excellent for daily family trips where you can enjoy the unique historical atmosphere surrounded by woods and beautiful sights of Sea of Marmara and the city of Istanbul at the background. Historic phaeton tours, authentic seafood restaurants, local cafes, bicycle tours or hiking around the island are especially popular. During summer season private and public beaches are available to swim. Bagdat Caddesi one of the main prestigious avenues of Istanbul is also 15 minutes away from Kartal. Where you can find branded stores, various boutiques, gourmet restaurants and many other attractions. Kartal seashore is walking distances away where you can fish or relax in the waterfront park which extends for kilometres and enjoy the beautiful 0sunset with gorgeous islands view. A high-rise tower designed on the theme of “the city” in which you can live the life of a residence, even in your humble neighborhood. Looking from any of the windows in this tower, you will see the Prince Islands practically laid out before your feet. 70% of the land has been designated as gardens and green areas, resulting in homes that make you feel as though you are walking through a park as opposed to an urban project.   • “Open-air and enclosed swimming pools” where you can stay fit and healthy in summer and winter. • “Children’s play areas” for your children to grow up enjoying themselves all together. • “A fitness salon” open 24/7. • “A squash court” for both sport and health. • The next generation’s alternative sport: “Golf”. • “A ball court” offering alternatives ranging from basketball to football. • “A Turkish hamam, sauna and steam room” catering to the traditional needs of both yesterday and today. • A special “hammock area” to enjoy the peace of the back garden. • “Organic gardens” for you to cultivate your own vegetables and plants. • “Personal development studios” for you to hone your abilities. • “Event rooms” for you to meet up with your friends. • A “neighborhood cafe” to spend some pleasant time with your family and neighbors.   • Located in well settled neighbourhood of KARTAL • An award-winning lifestyle with Full Amenities • Only 2 minutes to major Highway E-5 • Only 3 minutes to the Metro • Only 5 minutes to the SeaBus • Only 18 minutes to Sabiha Gokcen Airport   Type  Size from Size to Down Payment  Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 65 118 35% 36 months 89900$ February 2019 2+1 88 186 35% 36 months 137900$ February 2019 3+1 136 225 35% 36 months 205900$ February 2019 4+1 186 232 35% 36 months 287100$ February 2019    

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THE MOST NATURAL HOUSING PROJECT OF THE ANATOLIAN SIDE WITH ITS LIFE NESTED INSIDE NATURE – LIFE INSIDE NATURE – THE MOST NATURE FRIENDLY HOUSING PROJECT OF ISTANBUL’S ANATOLIAN SIDE   Sancaktepe is the region of Istanbul with the highest rate of green space owing to Aydos Forest. And The project is designed with the inspiration of this beautiful forest right behind the project. The forest, with a lake, walking path, many recreation facilities and play grounds for the children, is the ideal place to spend quality time with your family. The project housing project is designed to attune to the great forest with its low-rise condos, specially designed gardens, wide balconies, ponds, swimming pools and the warmth of traditional Turkish neighbourhood culture.    Only 15 minutes to Sabiha Gokcen Airport, 10 minutes to Atasehir, the planned finance center of Istanbul’s Anatolian Side and the main junction to both bridges through the city center, you will be far enough to enjoy a tranquil life but close enough to major 5 star hotels and high-class shopping centres like Palladium, Akasya and Emaar and the famous Bagdat Street, one of few longest open-air shopping districts in the world, together with the coast-line of more than 20 kilometres. Also, Uskudar - Sancaktepe subway line which is currently under construction will pass very close to the project which will enable you to access your home easily from several parts of Istanbul.    Sancaktepe, as one of the highest areas of Istanbul with a rising value represents a great investment opportunity on top of Sinpas projects proven added value. You can have your dream house at the project’s different options ranging from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom apartments.    Type  Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 70 120 35% 48 months 94200$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 103 108 35% 48 months 138530$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 119 200 35% 48 months 159500$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 206 209 35% 48 months 275000$ READY TO MOVE      

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The project features a concept called “Foldhome”. This means many common rooms with different functions are on the residents’ service. They include party and karaoke room, event room, guest bedroom, cinema room, music room, sports studio, business room, indoor basketball court and mini football court.   The apartments are offered in different sizes ranging from 1 to 4 rooms. The project of 4 blocks and 520 residential units is expected to be completed in July 2020, and will be built in 2 phases.   The location of the project is very attractive as well. Just across one of Istanbul’s biggest shopping malls Vialand, only 5 minutes to Golden Horn sea front and very near to subway station.   Party and karaoke room Event room Guest room Common kitchen for parties Cinema room Music room Sports studio Business room Basketball court Mini football court Parking    the latest updated prices was in :13/2/2019   Type size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 59 74 30% 36 months 105500$ December 2021 2+1 104 161 30% 36 months 157700$ December 2021  

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Thanks to new connections, 10 minutes from Umraniye and the newly built Ataşehir Finance Center, the up-and-coming business hubs of the Asian Side, 10 minutes from the Sabiha Gökçen Airport and only 15 minutes from the Levent - maslak metro line. 15 minutes from shopping centers like Vioport, Buyoko, meydan and IKEA where you can find anything you need Direct access to Europe's largest airport, the lstanbul new Airport, via the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Right next to the Şile Highway and northern marmara motorway connections and the connection route to the 3rd Bridge 0nly 2 km from the Taşdelen­Yenidoğan metro line, which will commence operations in 2019.     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 64 85 40% 36 months 96800$ April 2020 1.5+1 77 81 40% 36 months 132300$ April 2020 2+1 126 176 40% 36 months 174900$ April 2020 3+1 161   40% 36 months 205300$ April 2020  

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The project consists of 406 residence units and is located at Kandilli, one of the historic Bosphorus towns. There are 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 ve 5+1 apartments varying from 157 m2 up to 423 m2. Expected completion is June 2020.    The project includes social facilities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, children's pools, sauna, fitness center, children's playgrounds, security and caretaker services.    With its pier along the shore, the villas along its streets, its sycamore trees. A palace that once was the home of sultans. This is Kandilli. One of Istanbul’s most exclusive districts. the latest updated prices was in :13/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 157 213 30% 36 months 792000$ December 2020 3+1 195 413 30% 36 months 561000$ December 2020 4+1 236   30% 36 months 1000000$ December 2020 4.5+1 383   30% 36 months 1666600$ December 2020  

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  The project includes a total of 60 apartmentsIt is divided into 9 normal style and 5 duplex style all of  them with sea view to beylikduzu beach       The project offers green spaces by combining the exterior of the blocks with the green spaces that would provide you with  the most enjoyable life. the total area of the project is 4500 m2 with its existing landscape.   Social facilities   Ogs pass system with 4 indoor parking lots Children and Adult swimming pools 24 hours closed circuit camera system Indoor and outdoor children playgrounds Fitness Center Gym Finnish Bath Sauna Turkish Bath Anne Café   Location 2 min walk to West Marina, 6 minutes walk to Beylikdüzü Living District, 2min walk to the beach,  7 minutes to the Government House, to the Shopping Center AVMs (Marmarapark, Teraspark, Perlavista, İstanbul Outlet-Beylicium-Torium-5M Migros 10 minutes from the project to the region;  2 min walk to the minibus route, 13 min to the Budo sea bus port (Büyükçekmece), 18 minutes to the Atatürk Airport, 27 minutes to the 3rd Airport, to the Regional Hospital and Health Centers (Beylikdüzü State Hospital, Acıbadem-Medicana-Kolan Hospital-Reyap Hospital). -First Hospital) in an average of 13 min drive, the largest port of our country, Ambarlı Port, within a 6min drive, Educational Institutions (Beykent University, Gelişim University, Istanbul University Avcılar Campus, American Culture College, Doğa College, Bahcesehir College etc.) It is located at a distance of 4 min to E5 and TEM highway.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 106 139 35% 12 months 155700$   3+1 162 169 35% 12 months 248200$   4+1 264 278 35% 12 months 387900$   4+2 266   35% 12 months 390800$   6+2 338   35% 12 months 496500$        

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The Project located in Sarıyer.   AKASYA Single Villas 8 triplex villas adjacent to nature, equipped with smart home technology. The spacious living area of ​​Akasya single Villas with an area of ​​approximately 600 square meters and the door to the forest are just a few of the things we offer you for your happiness.     ARDIÇ   Garden / roof Duplexes 20 duplex villas next to nature, equipped with smart home technology. About 300 square meters in the garden and roof duplex garden of Ardıç If you wish to live in the garden opens the forest if you wish.     LADİN   Twin Villas 12 duplex villas next to nature, equipped with smart home technology. All the beauties of Spruce Twin Villas with an area of 450 square meters are designed to give you a comfortable space.   CEDAR 3 + 1 And 2 + 1 Garden / Roof Duplexes 16 duplex villas next to nature, equipped with smart home technology. Every morning you wake up in Cedar Garden and Roof Duplexes, you have the happiness you hope to travel to green peace.   • Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge10 min • Airport 3 min • Maslak15 min • Hacıosman Metro Station10 min • Sarıyer IDO10 min • Istinye Park20 min   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 Roof Duplex 148 182 35% 12 months 192300$   3+1 Roof Duplex 212 226 35% 12 months 220800$   4+1 Roof Duplex 271   35% 12 months 346154$   5+1 Garden Duplex 293   35% 12 months  476923$   5+2 Twin Villa  448   35% 12 months 911335$   6+2 separated 593   35% 12 months 1274950$        

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IN ORDER TO LIVE AND INVEST IN THE NEW CITY CENTER… In the new center of the new Istanbul, the favorite place of new projects, Başakşehir… At the meeting point of Channel Istanbul, 3rd Airport and 3rd Bridge Connection Roads… Just next to the biggest European health complex İkitelli City Hospital… Near to the new Water Valley of Başahşehir where recreation starts… Between Olympics Stadium and the new sport complex of the city, the City Stadium… Just next to Bus Terminal-Olympic Stadium metro line… 10 minutes to Atatürk Airport, a few minutes to tem Highway and Mahmutbey toll booths…   Eyes on it! The project consists of a block which is erecting on commercial areas and social facilities built horizontally on the foundation. Just choose the most suitable one of our apartments with aesthetics and quality in each point from living room to kitchen, from bathroom to antre, and enjoy your life in the heart of quality. There are 69 pieces 1+1 and 2+1 apartments with different sizes changing from 106 m2 to 169 m2 (general gross area).   Location The project is at the center of modern life, in the showcase of the New Turkey, Başakşehir… In between Olympic Stadium and the biggest health complex of Europe of which construction works continue called Başakşehir City Hospital. 5 kms away from Mall of Istanbul, 5 minutes to 212 Shopping Mall and just 12 kms away from Atatürk Airport. The Project is at the center of changing İstanbul with its most lively point of the district surrounded with connection roads of Channel Istanbul which is the new bosporus of İstanbul and connection roads of 3rd Airport.   Type Size from Size to Down payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 72   60% 12 months 87300$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 116 161 60% 12 months 142700$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 262 267 60% 12 months 312000$ READY TO MOVE 5+1 304   60% 12 months 314700$ READY TO MOVE     LAST 15 APARTMENT    

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The good old days of the Piyalepaşa neighborhood are being brought back to life with the project houses, residences, offices, hotel and a pedestrianised shopping avenue. The wide streets of this 82.000 square meter development conveniently face the main boulevard in a prime Beyoglu location.   The project stands out as the only project designed to offer a neighborhood lifestyle, complete with its grocers, bagel sellers and greengrocers.   The project has all the values to make it a true neighborhood, our very own neighborhood.   The project features 2 different styles of unique decoration appealing to different tastes, namely Modern and Classical available in flat types ranging from from 55-m2 to 207-m2. Those who like minimalist designs can enjoy a collection of materials featuring vibrant colors, while those who like more of a classical and artsy style can enjoy materials featuring shades of brown.   Our non-standard high ceiling* designs provide the feeling of even more spacious flats. Parking space provided is 1 vehicle for 1+1’s and 2 vehicles for larger flats, alongside charging stations for electric cars.   Children are offered many options from the gardens between each building to open and covered playground areas. Kids will enjoy growing up here with their friends in a 24/7 secure environment.   You can take a break from life and go shopping, see the latest film, visit an art gallery or eat in a select restaurant – all right in front of your house.   Whenever you want to enrich your life with fashion, cinema or fine flavors, the outdoor and indoor shopping and entertainment facilities of the project will be just a few steps away.   You can easily Access the project by public transportation, or in your car without experiencing parking problems.     Personalized Payment Options   Type Size from Size to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 73 107 216700$ August 2019 2+1 87 174 255500$ August 2019 3+1 166 182 436600$ August 2019 4+1 237 240 680400$ August 2019      

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Located in the European side of İstanbul between Beylikdüzü and Avcilar. The project has a previleged location in  one of the important industrial and commercial poles of İSTANBUL. The project is  5 minutes close  to Ambarli port The Project building is near to Haramidere Metrobus stop Availibility of new  planned metro lines. The Project is near the new third Airoport of İstanbul as well as Atatürk Airoport The Project location is near the E5 highway (5min) and TEM highway (2 min). 8,75 m distance between columns. Easy truck Acess to all the floors. In the track entrance area ceiling height reaches 5,25 m and 9 m of width. Availibility of private parking area for every property, as well as shipment area for every floor. Atrium assuring both ventilation and natural light access to all the floors. Advanteged m2 prices for investment purposes. AMBARLI PROJECT ADVANTAGES AMBARLI BUILDING INCLUDES FLOORS WITH MINIMUM 5,25 CEILING HEIGHT IN SOME FLOORS CEILING HIGHT REACHES 10 M TRUCK ACCESS TO ALL THE FLOORS LIGHT WEIGHT FACTORY,WORKROOM, STORAGE VE LOGISTIC AREAS 1TON BY M2 STORING CAPACITY 200 M2 -8300 M2 COMBINABLE SPACES AVAILIBILITY OF PRIVATE PARKING AREA FOR EVERY PROPERTY, AS WELL AS SHIPMENT AREA FOR EVERY FLOOR ATRIUM ASSURING BOTH VENTILATION AND NATURAL LIGHT ACCESS TO ALL THE FLOORS FLUID CIRCULATION : 2 TRUCK RAMPS       SALES PRICE ( VAT INCLUDED ) 1.750.734 ₺ 1 - CASH PAYMENT CASH DISCOUNT RATE : 15% CASH SALES PRICE : 1.488.124 ₺ 2 – INTEREST-FREE PAYMENT PLAN 24 MONTHS ADVANCE PAYMENT : 522.220 ₺ MONTHLY PAYMENT (24) : 51.063 ₺ TOTAY PAYMENT : 1.750.734 ₺

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This Project is designed in a modern way to otel concept all the needs of life and spend your entire time with the family. It design of 3 normal blocks comprising 844 apartments typed from 1+1 to 4+1 and a Residence Block typed from 1+1 to 4+1. Prestigious life is only at the distance of elevator with garden landscape and activities.   Hospital This Project has Istanbul’s second bone and Physiothetapy Center. 25 Polyclinic 2 Operating Room 1 Physiotherapy Center   Hotel  Qatar Retaj Hotel   Mall Medical Concept Avm 26 Shops   Thermal Thermal hotels can often be defined as facilities installed in areas with underground water resources. Thermal thermal hotels are especially popular in winter. Turkey; is ranked first in Europe in terms of thermal hotels and is among the top 7 countries in the world.    2570 M2 Hot Spring, Thermal Springs area   Project Facilities Security 24/7 Walking Paths Open-Closed Parking Sauna Fitness&Gym Basketball - Voleyball Court In Door Pools Kids Playground Spa, Hot Spring, Thermal Springs Meeting Room, Vale, House Keeping, Shuttle Services, Baby Sitter, Concierge Service.   Location Hospitals (Reyap Hospital 1KM etc, School (Collage, Hight School, Primari School etc.), University ( Private or State University), Shopping Malls ( Marmara Park 5KM, Tuyap Exhibition Center 5 KM, Hotels (Hilton, Dedeman, Nidya Suites etc.) Taksim Square 35 KM, Atatürk Airport 15KM, 3th Airport 35 KM. Metro 5KM   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 65 70   36 months 51900$ November 2019 2+1 80 183   36 months 59300$ November 2019 3+1 140 231   36 months 103800$ November 2019    

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The project is located in Istanbul Beylikduzu. located in the center of the city . 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 3 + 1 duplex 4 + 1 duplex and 5 + 1 duplex options and 850 units, , with 2 + 1, 3 + 1 duplex options. With 61 commercial units, Istanbul is one of the highest value projects in terms of residence and living value.   Indoor pool Sauna Turkish bath Fitness Center Pilates Hall Tennis court Basketball court Children's Playgrounds Chat Gardens Walkways Parking Garage   Center of Life Ambarli Customs 5 minutes E-5 7 minutes TEM 8 minutes Avcilar İDO 9 minutes Ataturk Airport 17 minutes Marmaray 22 minutes Maslak 28 minutes Eminonu 30 minutes Levent 35 minutes Taksim 35 minutes New Airport 35 minutes Fatma Şensoy is at the Head of Primary School! Hospital and Police Department by the side!   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 90   50% 12 months 55500$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 142 152 50% 12 months 90700$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 143 214 50% 12 months 89600$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 Roof Duplex 144 214 50% 12 months 94600$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 Roof Duplex 236 269 50% 12 months 150400$ READY TO MOVE 5+1 Roof Duplex 319 329 50% 12 months 203900$ READY TO MOVE      

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Get ready for the perfect lifeinalocation on the prestigious and well-known Halkalı Avenue surrounded by transportation networks. We are building the fourth part of our heavily demanded projects located in Atakent, the most rapidly growing neighborhood and aa center of attraction of İstanbul which is very close to E-5 and TEM Highways, Atatürk Airport, hospitals, shopping centers, universities and multiple 5 stars hotels.   The project which has established a new brand neighborhood by delivering more than 5.000 residences through its 3 previous projects is now crowning Atakent with the most beautiful and the 4th part of the series.   The project offers 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 residential types to meet different demands. The Project on 23.300 m2 plot and 126.131 m2 construction area consisting of 517 apartments and commercial units, reflects inner peace through its balconies and terraces. You will reflect your inner happiness to your loved ones and your home through its spacious halls, comfortable kitchens and balconies. The project is the place where promises come true.   A healthy life with its running and walking tracks, sports fields and indoor swimming pools and fitness with its sauna, Turkish bath, spa center and fitness center are waiting for you at the project. Your joy will never last in summer nor in winter in our social facilities full of vivid activities.You will meet your needs through the stores and shops with in the project.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery time 1+1 79 92 50% 24 months 116000$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 104 152 50% 24 months 155400$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 173 204 50% 24 months 223200$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 221 239 50% 24 months 288300$ READY TO MOVE  

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The  project, which has 47 thousand 160 square meter merchantable area in total consists of residence area of 24 thousand square meter, office area of 15 thousand square meter, commercial units of 4 thousand square meter and commercial warehouse of 4 thousand 300 square meter. Project submits a landscape area of 6500 square meter to its users.  As well as residences and offices, the project consists of 12 commercial units. The project, which is erecting in the Ayazağa, which is positioned as business and life center after Maslak and Levent districts, is located right beside TEM Highway. The project, which is located at a place that is 1,3 kilometers away from Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex and Turk Telekom Stadium, 4 kilometers away from Maslak and 2 kilometers away from Seyrantepe metro station, is at a point from where transportation is very easy to everywhere in the city with Metro and Air-rail transportation facilities. There are 242 flats in the residences consist of 3 blocks in the project… In the project, which is surrounded by forests from three sides, a life with a forest view is submitted to the users. Different types of flats such as; 17 pieces of studio flats, 131 pieces of 1 bedroom + 1 living room flats, 75 pieces of 2 bedroom + 1 living room flats and 19 pieces of 3 bedrooms + 1 living room flats are all included in the project. Social facilities are also designed as the user could reach to anything whenever required. Sauna, fitness, Turkish bath and children’s educational areas are also submitted to use of flat owners. Office blocks consist of 2 blocks with 15 thousand square meter merchantable office area are erecting on 7 floors as 84 offices. Office blocks are constructed with partial exterior installation. In the project with three-sided forest view and unique nature neighbored by Belgrade Forest, offices provide opportunity to use the forest air in a maximum rate by having outward-opening Windows in sufficient numbers as well as equipped with plate glass. Moreover, all Windows are designed as French glass with double glazing and colored. While the joineries of offices are made of aluminum, it is cared to make them with sound and heat insulation. Ceiling height of the offices is designed as 4 meters gross. Moreover, those offices located in the ground floor has the facility of terrace usage. In the project, carparking is no more a problem with closed carpark allocated for offices which have 3 floors and 360 parking lots under the office blocks. Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 47   50% 24 months 140500$ July 2019 1+1 67 82 50% 24 months 193400$ July 2019 2+1 115 151 50% 24 months 316800$ July 2019 3+1 177 190 50% 24 months 507900$ July 2019  

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  Total land area is 19.881 m2. Theproject consists of 226 and 14 commercial shops. The total construction area is 60,000 m2. The project is located in Beylikduzu, the project has 78% green area and therefore one of the greenest projects in Beylikdüzü. 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1 apartment options are available in the project. The size for 2 + 1 apartments 125 m2, 3 + 1 apartments 171.5 3+1 apartment  181.5 m2. Social facilities has 5-star hotel consept and seperate usage for men and women, two separate swimming pools, fitness rooms, steam rooms, saunas, baths, salt rooms, male and female masjids, indoor playgrounds, hobby rooms, cinema room , playgrounds, basketball, football, volleyball, tennis courts. All apartments have 2 or 3 sides. In compound also there is independent commercial block. The project has commercial are placed on 2000 m2 and 12 independent shops and office floors also consist of a boutique avm. Avm has its own open and closed car parking areas.  The location of the project only 5-minute away from the E5 by walk.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 125   35% 36 months 149000$ December 2020 3+1 171 181 35% 36 months 206500$ December 2020 4+1 200 242 35% 36 months 219700$ December 2020 5+1 266   35% 36 months 287500$ December 2020  

IHOME 118 For Sale


Advantages : The project is immediately ready for housing, with a first down payment  of 40% and an installment up to 24 months or you can get 10% discount for cash payments The dynamic location of the project in Beylikdüzü, near the E5 motorway  makes it very distinctive Integrated leisure facilities with high quality materials and large green spaces Beylikdüzü  area is considered with high return on investment, representing the modern center of Istanbul   Details: In Istanbul, the European sector, and at area of ​​“Beylikdüzü”, this project has been constructed. It consists of 7 buildings, built on a total area of ​​28,000 m2,  comprising 477 apartments and is ready for immediate housing. The distinctive location of the project, being  near the highway E5, which is the artery of Istanbul and passes through the most important means of transport is the Metrorbus, which makes it easy to reach the center of Istanbul at any time of the day just  in half an hour, and this road also embraces a lot of universities, schools and service and health centers. Apart from closest of   the famous Marmara Park Mall to the project and this mall embraces hundreds of international brands and you can secure anything you may need directly The materials used to build the project is if high quality and the project includes hundreds of beautiful touches, you have to pay a visit to be sure of this beauty yourself   Services : Reception service Security around the clock Technical services Parking Fitness room Sauna Indoor swimming pool Shared courtyards decorated with green plants Close to transportation Close to the E5 motorway Close to commercial centers Close to educational and service centers Close to health centers Access to Ataturk Airport is facilitated by the E5 Access to Istanbul's new airport is also easily available Installment up to 60 months with immediate ownership The project is immediately ready for housing Please do not hesitate to contact us by writing your information below to contact your real estate consultant directly   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to  Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 79.37 117 40% 24 month 84000$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 110.21 172.32 40% 24 month 118000$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 122.64 243.05 40% 24 month 188000$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 151.68 305.90 40% 24 month 251000$ READY TO MOVE    

IHOME 117 For Sale


It offers a unique comfort to everyone’s lives about transportation with its location within walking distance to metrobus, the most popular public transportation of Istanbul on E-5 highway and only a few minutes to TEM highway. At a very advantageous location for the business and entertainment world at the intersection of Beylikdüzü E5 and Bahçeşehir TEM linking road, one of the most valuable areas of the European Side of Istanbul, the project features total 1.009 houses, including 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 types, as well as 56 business units. It promises a pleasant life with the carefully designed green areas, artificial ponds, decorative pools, playground and several more social privileges. The project offers an active and lively life around the clock with its sports & health center Premium Fit Club, as well as with the Art Street featuring stores and cafes. Therefore, we built the project on different themes including Residence, Terrace, Tower, Home Office and Suites, and brought into life a concept that will host lively, aesthetic and mixed lives just like Istanbul. 15 minutes to Atatürk Airport  1 minute to E5 highway 3 minutes to TEM highway 5 minutes to metrobus 10 minutes to İDO  5 minutes to Ambarlı Port 5 minutes to Tüyap Exhibition, Convention and Congress Center 40 minutes to Sultanahmet Square 40 minutes to Grand Covered Bazaar 50 minutes to Bosphorus Bridge 40 minutes to Taksim Square   35% Down Payment 36 Months Installment 3 Blocks December 2018 2 Blocks May 2019 the latest updated prices was in :21/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 43 43 50% 24 months 53700$ 2019 1+1 68 129 50% 24 months 74500$ 2019 2+1 90 246 50% 24 months 102000$ 2019 3+1 143 336 50% 24 months 141500$ 2019  

IHOME 116 For Sale


This project located in avcilar will offer the privileges with quality living areas!   The project includes apartment types 1+ 1, 2 + 1, 2 + 1 Open Kitchen, 2 + 1 Duplex, 3 + 1, 3,5 + 1, 3 + 1 Duplex and 4 + 1 Duplex apartment. These options offered in the project in the finest detail planned for you to witness your happy moments together with your family!   After a busy day, you can have a walk in a garden with colorful flowers and spend more time with your children. In the middle of the city, you can easily reach all your needs such as school, hospital, metro, university, airport, shopping mall.   Metrobus and the planned metro station, which can be reached in 5 minutes by walk and 13 km to the airport and 380 m distance to the E-5 Highway.   the latest updated prices was in :21/2/2019     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 67 95 50% 24 month 83000$ January 2019 2+1 84 147 50% 24 month 91500$ January 2019 2+1 Duplex 138 158 50% 24 month 159000$ January 2019 3+1 153 184 50% 24 month 167000$ January 2019 3+1 Duplex 202 209 50% 24 month 225000$ January 2019 3.5+1 194 204 50% 24 month 213000$ January 2019 4+1 211 255 50% 24 month 251000$ January 2019  

IHOME 115 For Sale


Directly take the TEM Highway rather than wasting time on connection roads. The project’s special entry to and exit from TEM Highway provides an easier access for anywhere. The project is the preference of those who know about location’s importance.   A life full of special privileges for some, and excellent investment opportunities for others… The project offers you a life where you will find all the comfort you need with 40 different flat options ranging from 1+0 to 5+1 duplex houses.   It is a great pleasure for us to offer you a fully decent life. Famous brands, a delightful atmosphere and you will be on the same avenue. A visit to the shopping avenue of the project offers a wide range of shopping and entertainment. This avenue, accessible from all over Istanbul, will have a vibrant square stretching across the project along the TEM motorway.   If education means future, Doğa Oxford Quality Schools are in the project! Investment in future is always important in a quality development project. Doğa Oxford Quality Schools, Turkey’s leading educational institutions, are giving your children a head start in the project. Taking huge steps towards the future with Doğa Oxford Quality Schools’ leading educational model, your children will not only save on time spent from home to school but also have a decent future. Doğa Oxford Quality Schools and the farthest flat within the project are only 800 meters away from each other.   Work off your energy on sports rather than roads. Sports areas in the project are favourite places for those who wish to let off steam of the day and lead a healthy life. There are also outdoor sports equipments, mini golf area, football, basketball and tennis courts, meditation and yoga areas in the project.   A life at a higher place awaits you in the project Residence. Comfort and quality come together for you here The project Premium Residence, designed to meet differing needs with a modern architecture offer only 407 residence flats and redefines comfort with high standards.  Anything you would expect from a premium life including lobby services, parking lots/garages, convenient equipment, valet parking services, floor gardens, central heating and cooling systems will belong to you in the project Premium Residence. Furthermore, Concierge Services will be available 24/7 whenever you need help!   - All built-in appliances (*refrigerator, dishwasher, cooker, oven, hood) - Central heating and cooling - A place in parking garage per flat - A large lobby - 24/7 Concierge Services and much more than you could dream of a residence *Mini fridges or under-counter refrigerators is available in 1+0 and 1+1 flats.     25% Down Payment Interim payment at 12th and 25th months 15% 36 Months Installment READY TO MOVE the latest updated prices was in :20/2/2019     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 60 108 25% 36 month 99000$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 97 200 25% 36 month 170000$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 200 245 25% 36 month 288000$ READY TO MOVE    

IHOME 114 For Sale


The project is spacious and well-designed multi-family housing complex at Beylikdüzü & Esenyurt region, one of the most attractive locations in Istanbul. Living since 2017, the project has 1424 residential units offering 1 to 4 bedroom apartments for various needs of families. Choose your privileged house either from high-rise apartments or 4 storey Grand Homes, each private garden and backyard. Experience healthy living at the project, designed as a free and happy place with nature and pathways connecting parks, pools and people of all ages. •       35,000 sqm car-free landscape •       1,400 sqm open playground for various age of children with CCTV system •       3 km long, disabled-friendly walking and cycling paths •       Tennis, basketball courts and mini football field   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 70 86 35% 36 month 79300$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 125 143 35% 36 month 116700$ READY TO MOVE 2.5+1 152   35% 36 month 152700$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 157 165 35% 36 month 137100$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 244   35% 36 month 214700$ READY TO MOVE  

IHOME 113 For Sale


Avcilar is one of the most prestigious and sought after spots in Istanbul for those seek a peaceful lifestyle in residential settings. 300 metres will take you to the seafront and the project which literally extends for kilometres with excellent walking trails. Nothing more than a short 5 minute walking distance to the  promenade full of restaurants, shops, boutiques and a local market. A Metrobus station is only 5 minutes away, while Sea Bus can also be accessed within 5 minutes, making it easy for you to travel in all directions in Istanbul. Ataturk Airport is just 15 minutes away and it takes 35 minutes to the new Third Airport.   •       Fitness Centre •       Gym •       Poolside Cafe & Restaurant •       Turkish Hamam •       Sauna •       Playgrounds For Children •       Reception Service •       Covered Car Parks •       24 Hour Security the latest updated prices was in :21/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment  Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 121 131 50% 60 month 124900$ Ready to move 3+1 158 164 50% 60 month 188700$ Ready to move  

IHOME 112 For Sale


This project, consist of two projects which include 4 blocks each of them with  14 floors. The Total number of apartments : 220. There is a wide choices : 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 the square starting from135 m² up to 189 m².   Site specialities: -        Indoor swimming pool -        Children's playgrounds -        Sauna -        Fitness center -        Market -        Security -        Camera security system -        Outdoor parking -        Indoor parking -        Central satellite system -        Artificial pools   Building specialities: -        Water pads -        Hydrophone -        Generator -        Elevators -        Sprinkler system Flat specialities: -        Built-in white goods -        Intercom system -        Floor heating -        Central heating -        Heat share metering -        Guest and master bathroom   Type Size Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 135 35% 36 month 123800$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 174 35% 36 month 152100$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 189 35% 36 month 168200$ READY TO MOVE  

IHOME 111 For Sale


For those who love the modern life this project is suitable for them. The fastest growing region of Istanbul: Arnavutköy which is the most desired region with its luxery architecture, and with its Attractive location, it is suitable both for living or property investment are you ready ?  Our project consists of two blocks of 8 floors on a total square of 5.461 m2. also our project include  commercial stores on the first two floors, 2 + 1 apartments with 3 different types of gardens on the other floors, 2 different types of 2 + 1 apartments and 50 apartments with 2 different types of duplex on the top floor. 24 Hour Security, Playground, Fitness Center and Suana, Common BBQ Area, Covered Parking, Commercial Areas In the  project, there are two different types of 2 + 1, 2 separate types, 3 + 1 duplex and 50 different residences in 2 separate blocks specially designed to meet all needs. The project is located in Bolluca which is the biggest neighborhood of Arnavutköy district so this project only 10 minutes away from the 3rd Airport. 3. Airport 10 min. 3. Bridge 20 min. Metro Line 5 min. Kanal Istanbul 20 min. 10% Discount for cash payment   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery time 2+1 68 111 30% 15 month 64500$ December 2019 3+1 155   30% 15 month 122000$ December 2019    

IHOME 110 For Sale


Located at the center of Beylikdüzü district, and only 600 meters away from the main E-5 highway. The Project, specifically for 1+1, 2+1,3+1 family apartments. The Project consists of 90 apartments and 7 commercial stores. Every detail in the Project is planned to provide a pleasant time in a peaceful family environment, away from the busy hustle and noise of modern life. The Project is built according to the most recent earthquake regulations for reinforced foundations, piling and underpinning operation, using C35 ready-mix concrete. This provides a safe life housing without fear of earthquake deformation threats.   The Project offers 4 different apartment options including 2+1+1 with areas of: 11+ m2, 137 m2, 148 m2 and a 3+1+1 with an area of 166 m2.   PROJECT FEATURES:   Intelligent Automation System Special high volüme storing space for each apartment Solar panels Standby generator & pressure tank Outdoor and Indoor parking Reception & Concierge services Security cameras and integrated security system Children playgrounds & camelia Indoor swimming pool, Fitness center, Sauna, Steam room, Jacuzzi, Cafe-Restaurant, Reading chat room, Indoor basketball & Squash the latest updated prices was in :4/3/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 71 86 50% 24 month 53700$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 102 169 50% 24 month 63800$ READY TO MOVE    

IHOME 109 For Sale


The project, which is located at the  transportation hub of Istanbul where  the road, sea and rail transportation  systems meet, is only at 5 minutes  walking distance the subway station  connecting the European and Asian  sides of the city. You may access to the Sultanahmet, Topkapı Palace, Grand Bazaar, airport in  only 10 minutes by both rail  system or road, and to the Asian side  within 15 minutes by Eurasia  Tunnel. Making the sea transportation a  daily routine thanks to its marina  and sea taxi, the project is getting  prepared to offer a life filled with the sea and nature. A luxury and excellent living quality  and a profitable investment  opportunity is waiting you at  the project, the new seaside quarter  of Istanbul. The project, which is  created with ‘Good Life’ concept,  will be the new name for privileged  life in Istanbul thanks to its smart  flats, transportation opportunities,  luxury in details, and oppportunities that cary the social and cultural activities that  add value to the life to by your side. 4 model flats of this project, addressing different tastes as  prepared with boutique concept, offers the luxury and  quality together! Living in Istanbul shall be good if you are living by the sea. 30 km coastal strip, a  marina at a walking  distance, sea shuttles and  an endless sea view offers  you all privileges of living  at a seaside quarter.     Type Size from Size to Down Payment installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 53.50 133.28 30% 24 month 169000$ September 2019 2+1 104.28 223.34 30% 24 month 313400$ September 2019 3+1 163.03 527.11 30% 24 month 543000$ September 2019 4+1 209.42 437.09 30% 24 month 737100$ September 2019  

IHOME 108 For Sale


The project is located in 1.5 km away from TEM Highway ,Gaziosmanpasa- Kucukkoy intersection and right next to Turkey's biggest amusement centre, the Vialand.   Worldwide famous architect Norman Foster who created the master plans of Gaziosmanpasa's most important project is considered as  the leading branded project by investors. In addition to 60 decares of Public Park, there are indoor pools, fitness centre, steam bath, sauna, Turkish bath, supermarket which will ease your daily life and a kindergarden that you can put your children down for safely. There will be parking lots, parking garages and a security team who will check entrances and exits for 24/7.     ONLY CASH PAYMENT   the latest updated prices was in :20/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 72 75 75500$ READY TO MOVE 1+1 terrace Villa 135.44 145.30 139000$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 80 203.8 93800$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 terrace Villa 163.5 258.5 244000$ READY TO MOVE 3+1  145.14 199.50 142000$ READY TO MOVE    

IHOME 107 For Sale


The project is brought to life in Alibeyköy. The project will be built on 3 thousand square meters and consists of 104 flats. The project consists of a total of 2 + 1 flats. The project stands out with its social facilities and location.   The project, which rises in the central region, is located 100 meters from Alibeyköy Metro Stop and 500 meters from Alibeyköy Cep Bus Station. In addition, the project provides easy access to various universities and institutions.     General features Garden and Park Parking Garage Elevator Security Features Security Login Security cameras Housing Safety Steel door Video Intercom System Sport activities Fitness Center Basketball court Technicial Specifications Natural gas Water tank Satellite TV Infrastructure Booster   Only Cash Payment Personalized installment options Delivery Date January 2019     2+1  135 – 155       66.000$  

IHOME 106 For Sale


The project, located on the most prestigious land of Güneşli, is on a strategic location in terms of ease of transportation. The project, which is known as the new Maslak of Istanbul, is located in the middle of the most important main arteries of the European side. The project, which connects the E-5 and TEM highways, is also very close to the third airport as the Atatürk Airport.   The Project consists of 4 functions with underground indoor parking areas: Residence Blocks: There are 1,186 apartments in a total of 7 residence blocks with 3 different concepts. Expected resident population: 3,020 persons... Office Block: The 20-storey office building is one of the highest standard office buildings in the area. Expected resident population: 1,800 persons... Oasis Designer Outlet: There is an open shopping area of approximately 28,000 square meters within the project. Expected resident population: 600 persons... BLOCK K: The project includes a hotel block with 326 rooms to be operated by a professional hotel investor. Expected resident population: 815 persons...   Atatürk Airport | 7 Km – 10 min. 3th  Airport | 21 Km – 25 min. E-5 Highway - Metrobüs Line | 4,5 Km – 7 min. TEM Highway  | 4 Km – 6 min. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge | 60 Km – 45 min. FSM Bridge | 26 Km - 35 min. Bakırköy İDO Seaport | 13 Km - 18 min.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 83   30% 40 month 152500$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 81.30 134.75 30% 40 month 167800$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 159.8 173.6 30% 40 month 258600$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 190.47   30% 40 month 401300$ READY TO MOVE                    

IHOME 105 For Sale


This project is landed on 43 thousand square meters of land and consists from 1100 residences and 30 commercial units. There are 9 different types of flats and the apartments : 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 types. In the project 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartments are located in residence building, 3 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartments are located in the family apartments building. The project presents social facilities and 23 thousand square meters green area in the compound . The apartments have m2 range for 1 + 1 with 72 to 82 m2,2 + 1 units are between 114 and 122 square meters. In the project, housing sizes vary between 72 and 160 m2.   The project offers wide range green areas and living areas. The project consists of 3 stages.   Due to its special location Bahçeşehir, which is located in an advantageous location in front of the Project and close to the possible channel Istanbul, 3. Airport, 3. Bridge, Tem Highway and Metro is located closeby. In so many aspects the project is located at a point which will bring you profitable investment choice.     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installmesnt to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 R 72 82 50% 24-36 month 69600$ February 2020 2+1 R 122   50% 24-36 month 117900$ February 2020 2+1  90 165 50% 24-36 month 63300$ February 2020 3+1 165   50% 24-36 month 116000$ February 2020    

IHOME 104 For Sale


We believe that people who live in touch with nature are happier. The project was designed so you can enter nature by taking just one step out of your house, and renew yourself with your family every day. We have kept you a spot in the project if you want to embark on a life measured by wood meters. Our project located at buyukcekmece   We have adorned the project with flowers and trees in various colors, from weeping willows to hornbeams, spruce trees, olive trees, cypresses and oaks, fruit trees and pine trees, so they can present the beauties of each season every day. One of the beauties of project’s environment is the pond, which is just a few steps away. The pond covers an area of 1,500 m2, and just the sight of it will rid you of all the tiredness of the day. Feel the peace emanating from the water.   At 2,5 km, the walking and cycle track, located in the project and covered with flowers during all four seasons, will soon be one of your favorite paths. You will always feel the refreshing effect of the lake and walking paths in the project, which is closed to traffic and far from the city noise, enabling you to wander freely inside.   While displaying your skills on the tennis court during matches, the time you spend at the activity areas will benefit you and your family. You will become the new star of the fields, scoring goals on the Football Pitch. The hoops you shoot at the basketball court will make you the most talented player in the project. The sport hall will help you to stay vigorous physically and mentally. Enjoy swimming all year round at the outdoor and indoor swimming pools. Get rid of the tiredness of the day at the SPA centers. A healthier life for you and your family with the meals served here. Have fun watching a film under the stars. Children complete tracks like superheroes, while having fun at the specially designed Adventure Route. They will taste the surge of adrenalin on the Climbing Wall. Laughter coming from the Tree Houses all day long will be the most pleasant sound you will hear in the project. Our skateboard decks will be among the most popular areas for adventurous souls of all ages.     CASH PAYMENT and PERSONALIZED INSTALLMENT OPTIONS 15% DISCOUNT FOR CASH PAYMENT   Type Size from Size to Total Price Delivery Time VILLA SÖĞÜT 370   889000$ READY TO MOVE VILLA SEDİR  380   981700$ READY TO MOVE VILLA ARDIÇ  272.2 318.1 708500$ READY TO MOVE VILLA AKASYA 368.6   1066200$ READY TO MOVE    

IHOME 103 For Sale


Güneşli, where outstanding investments such as residence, 5-star hotel, college and university, private hospital projects of Istanbul are located, continues to develop day by day with the investments that are made. Mirage Residence will be the new focus of investment in Güneşli, which is also called the 2nd Maslak.   The project, which has a privileged structure by its 342 residence flats in 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 options and 60 stores, is the most correct choice in Güneşli for your future plans. Because, the prestige of this project will fold the value of your investment with every passing day.   The project manages to attract all attention in the region by its striking architecture. The 242 luxury residence flats in the 3 blocks rising high in the sky offer you a life organized to your taste. And the market, posing as a boulevard by the shops located beneath each block, allows you to meet all your needs easily. Lobbies welcoming you at the entrance, unmatched landscaping, children’s playgrounds, semi-olympic outdoor swimming pool, sports opportunities and social facilities. Each detail of distinction available at project residence style living.   Who wouldn’t want to live as nestled in nature, at the center of the city? You will be able to get rid of the day’s fatigue by the luscious green areas of this project. When you look out of your window, the special landscaping designed with different textures will make you feel as if you are in a beautiful dream. While the fragrance gardens, grapevine passages, refection ponds give you peace, you will get lost watching the all those different flowers. The project is a huge garden that will grow even more beautiful with you. You will greet spring with windmills made by your own hands, and spend the summer evenings under lanterns in the grapevine gardens. While your kids are chasing butterflies with joy, you will be able to exhibit your masterpieces in the art garden.       Type Size from Size to Down Payments Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 58 83 30% 36 month 92000$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 89 136 30% 36 month 151000$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 161 170 30% 36 month 239000$ READY TO MOVE 4+1 229 234 30% 36 month 368000$ READY TO MOVE   latest update prices was in : 2/2/2019              

IHOME 102 For Sale


A life-changing project rising at one of the most valuable and pivotal locations of Istanbul. Located close to Levent-Maslak with its residences, offices and a concept mall. The project invites you to a unique life.    A Dream like life at the center of the city. The Project.   With a very valuable location next to the Seyrantepe Türk Telekom Stadium, with its three towers and a square that combines these towers, the project is a very special project that offers superiority in every respect with its mixed structure consisting of residence, office and concept shopping mall. In one of the most valuable locations in the business world, the project’s office towers invite you to the top with 43 floors. The project, which consists of 504 offices, has departments that will meet the daily needs of the modern business world in the best way and many more details.   Maslak and Levent. The project, which offers direct access to TEM and Cendere Street, which connects modern life and business with Istanbul, provides easy access to every point of the city with its metro stop at the head of the city. the latest updated prices was in :19/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 0+1 57 89 50% 24 month 192000$ READY TO MOVE 1+1 85 118 50% 24 month 263000$ READY TO MOVE 2+1 117 212 50% 24 month 465000$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 209 297 50% 24 month 673000$ READY TO MOVE           1372000$       369         4+1 314 370 50% 24 month 952200$ READY TO MOVE    

IHOME 101 For Sale


This project includes 20 villas which are 7+2. this project built on the land area of 9.000 m2 with 300m2 garden, 50 m2 pool and with high tech architecture. the concept of this project is ultra luxury with the high estate value. it also has full social facilities. When its come to location, you can reach everywhere you wish to.  The 80 % of this project is green area.   This project make the life of its residence easy with its smart home system technology, you can control your home from your phone, such as turning on/ off your electricity, water, gas. This project offers you the high quality of life with its common areas and social facilities that make your life more valuable. The unique location makes you feel as if you are on holiday resort, because of its distance to the beaches, at the same time is close to the main highway of istanbul (E5) which you can reach everywhere so easy by just taking the metrobus.   CENTRAL LOCATION MODERN ARCHITECTURE HIGH INVESTMENT VALUE SMART HOME TECHNOLOGIES UNIQUE NATURE PERSONAL POOL AND SAUNA SUPERIOR FEATURES   25% Down Payment 36 Months Installment Delivery Date June 2019 VILLA Starting price545000$   the latest updated prices was in :20/2/2019  

IHOME 100 For Sale


Our project is constructed with the latest construction technology.There are many extraordinary details in the project. The project is one block and consists of 158 houses and 4 commercial areas. Each of the apartments, which are equipped with carefully selected materials, draws attention to the create a comfortable living space. The project, with its modern and original architecture, offers you the comfort and peace you are looking for in luxury life, which will increase the standard of living, with stylish and modern residence apartments. the latest updated prices was in :20/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Dwon Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 68 98 35% 12 month 56600$ December 2018 2+1 115 147 35% 12 month 78300$ December 2018  

IHOME 99 For Sale


This project create a prestigious life, which is consists of 371 apartment and 9 commercial unit. This project is suitable both for investors and families. it has 1+1 to 4+1 apartment option. This project is suitable for families who are looking for comfortable and warmth place with the traditional neaighbourhood. The project is located in the zeytinburnu of Istanbul with transportation facilities. 2 minutes to the metro station of Davutpaşa, 5 minutes to the Cevizlibağ Metrobus station, 7 minutes to the Esenler Bus station, 15 minutes to Sultanahmet, 20 minutes to the Atatürk Airport and Yenikapı Sea Bus Port, 20 minutes to Beyoğlu and Beşiktaş, 20 minutes to Marmaray and 30 minutes to the Bosphorus Bridge, the project opens to a colorful world.   Payment Plan 10% discount for cash the latest updated prices was in :20/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to  Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 71 73 35% 12-18-24 month 122000$ Ready to move 2+1 114 132 35% 12-18-24 month 175000$ Ready to move 3+1 150 190 35% 12-18-24 month 245000$ Ready to move  

IHOME 98 For Sale


This project is situated in the heart of the city, and with its closeness to the nature, you can feel fresh. This project constructed on the 66.326 m2 land area with its unique landscape design, swimming pool and its garden welcome nature to your home. When it comes to the location, Bahcelievler is one of the most popular region in european part of Istanbul. It is close to transportation. Your children can enjoy playing in the garden area. This project introduce foldhome system which pays attention to every detail you can possibly imagine. This project brings variety of of users to gether to create a better lifestyle.   E5 1.2 km TEM 6.3 km Keresteciler Tramvay Durağı 0.1 km 15 Temmuz Şehitler Durağı 13.4 km Atatürk Havalimanı 5.9 km Haliç Köprüsü 6.1 km Metrobüs 1.2 km   Delivery Time Total Price Installment to Down payment Size to Size from Type August 2019 198200$ 36-48 month 30-40%   97 1+1 August 2019 215700$ 36-48 month 30-40% 121 105 1.5+1 August 2019 206100$ 36-48 month 30-40% 154 105 2+1 August 2019 260900$ 36-48 month 30-40% 135 131 2.5+1 August 2019 330100$ 36-48 month 30-40% 190 151 3+1 August 2019 330100$ 36-48 month 30-40% 234 167 3.5+1 August 2019 401400$ 36-48 month 30-40% 289 217 4.5+1          

IHOME 97 For Sale


This project is one of the largest project in bayrampasa, and it has a broad perspective view due to its location. You can appreciate Istanbul from you balcony and feel exclusive located at the exit of the highway, the project is very rich with highways and public transport offers alternatives.   You will always feel peaceful with state-of-the-art security systems and special security personnel working 24/7. Since your car is also in your indoor parking lot, your eyes will never stay behind.   The project has separate social facilities for men and women. indoor pool, sauna, steam room and sports hall invites all residents to a healthy and fun day.   Each room has a choice of 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartments that provide home temperature and comfort per sqm.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Intallment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 119.19 122.27 40%-50% 12-24 month 170200$ December 2019 3+1 173.04 195.41 40%-50% 12-24 month 257800$ December 2019 4+1 215.53   40%-50% 12-24 month 289900$ December 2019      

IHOME 96 For Sale


The project, invites you to an A+ life  style, not only with its architecture, quality of materials, and the social opportunities provided, but also with the residents living there. The project, has a plain and clear architecture with a line close to the Bosphorus. The project, provides you  a living opportunity away from the high flat building approach, as being harmonised with nature and  having separate gardens. The project, provides a peaceful life style like a holiday village with 3 separate adult-children pools, children parks, and social areas. There are flat options as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 roof and garden duplexes having an area ranging from  71 m2’ to 297 m2’ addressing to those having different preferences.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 71.81   30% 36 month 222900$ December 2019 2+1 154.92 161.81 30% 36 month 369200$ December 2019 2+1 Roof Duplex 161.38 186.48 30% 36 month 392500$ December 2019 3+1 Garden Duplex 207.84 244.36 30% 36 month 541200$ December 2019 4+1 Roof Duplex 297.32   30% 36 month 627900$ December 2019    

IHOME 95 For Sale


Time to discover the wonderful city of İstanbul from the sea… 64 special villas; embracing the beauties of İstanbul, having its own marina and ready to be moved in… The project offers you a unique opportunity between the perfect blue of Marmara Sea and your house’s spacious green. This privileged life surrounded by green is a sign of a wonderful life with its functional architecture, sheltered high walls and private areas…   Not close, but inside the nature… Seizing the unique blue of the Marmara Sea with a wonderful marina and the verdant gardens which are in a perfect harmony with nature… In The Project, everything is arranged for you to catch the beauties in life. The conditions you imagine are all set for you to embrace blue and green together.   A life standard carrying luxury to the details… Beside its peerless privileges, many opportunities for a social and healthy life are waiting for you in the project. The project open and closed sporting facilities, large green areas suitable for sports, sailing school in a private beach, yacht club and swimming pools offer you a chance to deal with all kinds of sport activities. Also its 1,5 km long coast line, marina and vast recreation areas provide you a nested life with nature. For the ones who want to socialize and have fun, there is a modern and handy recreation center in the project. The center is an ideal choice for your special organizations and guest meetings with its broad opportunities. Also a nearby shopping mall provides convenience for your daily needs.   Close to everywhere, far from chaos… Whether you prefer an active or a quiet life… The project always keep step with you and your life standards. Having a distance of; 7 km to İDO piers, 30 km to Taksim, 32 km to Levent, 6 km to TEM road connection, 3 km to E-5 road connection The project are fairly close to the enthusiasm of the city the latest updated prices was in :20/2/2019   Type Size  Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time VILLA 353.45 40% 24 month 733000$ Ready to move VILLA 423.87 40% 24 month 880000$ Ready to move VILLA 476.01 40% 24 month 988000$ Ready to move VILLA 501.66 40% 24 month 1040000$ Ready to move VILLA 612.02 40% 24 month 1270000$ Ready to move VILLA 815.35 40% 24 month 1692000$ Ready to move  

IHOME 94 For Sale


This Project will have museum, mall, park, metro line, hospital, schools in it. One of the largest in the world and  the largest urban renovation project of the Turkey Total land area is more than 1.3 million sqms. There will be more than 19.000 units. Opens shopping Street which will exceed 1.2 kms lenght with 750 stores… 2,3 billion USD worth investment value… It is expected that more than 70.000 people will be populated in the Project. In this Project, a circulation of 250.000 people is expected on a Daily basis. Green Area will be more than 250.000 Sqms which will intersect with natural forests of Taurus mountians. In this city Park there will be mega Concert Area, Coffee shops and Restaurants,  This city park not only will serve to the inhabitans of the Project, it will also be attraction point from whole region. More than1400 families became a host… All over the globe, People from 155 different countries and from 175 different cities choose to buy from this mega Project. We have collected more than 200.000 preliminary demand.  Sold out More than 200 comercial units from a very limited supply 5% DISCOUNT FOR CASH PAYMENT 35% Down Payment 6 months later 15% and the rest in 36 months.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 50 74 35% 36 months 27100$ stage by stage till 2025 2+1 79 121 35% 36 months 40700$ stage by stage till 2025 3+1 118 133 35% 36 months 61200$  stage by stage till 2025 4+1 187 201 35% 36 months 102300$ stage by stage till 2025    

IHOME 93 For Sale


Just imagine ... We paint the gain first. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge completed and 3rd airport, such as the metro line, which continues to build state investments as a result of increasing value of the project rising at the center of the Basin Ekspress rising; also promises high earnings to investors. Those who live in the project enjoy the privileged residence life, while those who invest in it  add to their earnings Enough for everyone's dreams Studio, 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 types of 209 residences, 31 home office and 2 commercial areas of the project, a life style is full of privilege for everyone.     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 42.4 48 30% 24 month 58900$ March 2019 1+1 57 86 30% 24 month 79200$ March 2019 2+1 100.8 147 30% 24 month 140000$ March 2019 3+1  144 222 30% 24 month 199900$ March 2019    

IHOME 92 For Sale


THERE ARE MANY WAYS IN FRONT OF YOU FOR YOUR HAPPINESS Beylikduzu, the project, rising in the intersection of Beylikduzu, Esenyurt and Buyukcekmece, provides direct transportation to every point of Istanbul thanks to its location on the E5 highway. Living in the project, located in the most popular district of Istanbul, means taking advantage of modern city privileges to the end... NOT FOR EVERYONE, BUT FOR THOSE WHO KNOW THE TASTE OF LIFE... The Project is a new lifestyle through its architecture and apartments that are expression of respect for human life... This is an understanding that focuses on your happiness, adds easiness into your life by its usefulness and brings together the luxury and aesthetic… The same quality of life will be waiting for you regardless of what you choose among the apartment options of 1 + 0, 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 5 + 1... WE BROUGHT TOGETHER EVERYTHING YOU NEED POOL 7/24 SECURITY PARKING LOT PARKING GARAGE STREET SHOPS RESTAURANT CAFES FITNESS   YOU ARE CLOSE TO EVERYWHERE. METROBUS CONNECTION TO TEM AND E5 Type Size from  Size to Down Payments Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 79 114 25% 24 month 89100$ December 2018 1+1 87 127 25% 24 month 85500$ December 2018 2+1 135 148 25% 24 month 129700$ December 2018 5+1 307 311 25% 24 month 536800$ December 2018  

IHOME 91 For Sale


5500M2 2 blocks consisting of 2 + 1 120 Gross and 3 + 1 160M2 is a unique family life project. It is a residential project consisting of 128 independent sections.   A dream home where emotions and intelligence meet , you will experience a comfort beyond your dreams which you will feel right next to the heart of the city. Modern and stylish design apartments  1 + 1  2 + 1  3 + 1 as well offering you the option of apartments with terraces. With modular designs your dream of having your own home finally came true .                Delivery Time Total Price Installment to Down Payment Size to Size from Type March  2019 50000$ 24 month 35%   73 1+1 March 2019 53000$ 24 month 35% 144 107 2+1 March 2019 93000$  24 month 35%   190 3+1

IHOME 90 For Sale


 The project  is located in Kargıcak which is one of the most beautiful places of Alanya with its distance of 15 minutes to International Gazipaşa Airport and its natural structure. The project consists of 5 blocks and 100 apartments on 11700 m2 and it is 500 meter close to the sea. The project has 24 hours security guards, surveillance cameras, wide green and living spaces, parking garages, 600 m2 outdoor swimming pool and aqua park. Garden duplex apartments that provide the experience of a villa within the site, also ultra-luxurious 3+1 dublexes on roof with the private swimming pools, moreover, it has 1+1 and 2+1 apartments with sea and castle view. The energy which is produced by the solar panels in the roofs, shall provide the electricity of the social areas of the site and shall do its part for protecting the environment and minimize the maintenance fee.    Features Caretaker/Gardener Wi-fi in common areas Central Satellite Antenna Sauna Cafeteria Elevator Bowling Restaurant 24/7 Security in the Complex CCTV Camera Surveillance Turkish Bath Aqua Slides Power Generator for possible Power Cuts Swimming Pool Playground for Children Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball Courts Massage Rooms Steam Room Heated Indoor Swimming Pool Car Park Game Room with Billiard and Table Tennis Cinema Salon Indoor Car Park Poolside Bar Lobby Spa Centre Outdoor Gym Walled Garden     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 68   30% 12 month 86500$ Ready to move 2+1 115 172.5 30% 12 month 142700$ Ready to move 3+1 232 272 30%  12 month 215700$ Ready to move      

IHOME 89 For Sale


  It has 2+1 and 3+1 options, it has unique green area with the river in front of the project. It gives you a new life with its unique location it makes the transportation easy, because it is situated in the heart of the city.   Facilities • Outdoor Parking • Children's Playground • Camellia • Market • Masjid • Total area of 5000 m² • 15 minutes to the airport • 10 minutes to Avm • 20 minutes to City Center   2+1  35.400$   Only Cash Payment 3+1  44.300$   35% Down Payment / Installment up to delivery Delivery Date December 2019  

IHOME 88 For Sale


This project includes 4 block, just 3+1. It is located in trabzon between Yomra Ranking central. It has closed park lot and all the social facilities included, it is close to Cevahir, just about 5 minutes, it is just 10 minutes to airport, the distance to city centre is about 15 min. This project is in the center of what you wish for.   • Cafeteria • Sea view • Close to shopping mall • Central Satellite System • Every Block has Double Elevator • Parent Bedroom Apartments • Central Gas System • Social Areas • 24 hour security • Ornamental pool • 2-storey closed car park • Mosque • Children Playground     3+1  53.100$ Delivery Date December 2019  

IHOME 87 For Sale


A VALUEABLE INVESTMENT COMING WITH THE COMFORT. This project constructed in 11.500 m2 area. It has 8.500 m2 green area, it consist of two blocks with total 80 flats. From 1+1 to 2+1. It is just 5 minutes to Cevahir Shopping Mall , 10 minutes to the  Airport, 12 minutes to the Forum TRABZON Mall.   Facilities 7/24 Security Decorative Pools Playgrounds for kids Sports area Mescid Entryphone And Central Satellite System Flats With Parents Bathroom Central Heater Turning To Natural Gas System Social Areas Store equipment fitting on determined points in the flat for air-condition Closet in the each flats toilets and hot-cold water store equipment. Walking distance to sea 15 min center 5 min to airport Services for re-sell and rent for your flat Options for modificate inside the flat.   Delivery Time Total Price Size to Size from Type December  2019 31000$ 75 70 1+1 December  2019 35400$ 120 115 2+1

IHOME 86 For Sale


It is constructed in total 5000 m2, which consists of 4 blocks, there is only 3+1 options. All the apartment has sea view. it is located in the middle of city centre to airport is just about 10-15 Minutes, it is located in heart of city, which has Bazaar and loads of markets. Facilities • Outdoor Parking • Children's Playground • Camellia • Market • Masjid • Total area of 5000 m² • 15 minutes to the airport • 10 minutes to Avm • 20 minutes to City Center   3+1  53.100$ Delivery Date December 2019  

IHOME 85 For Sale


Our project is being planned in the center of Şişli, fast growing Bomonti district. It's been aimed to be one of the best examples of mixed-usage projects in Istanbul . It is one of the most comprehensive projects offers apartments , residence ,shopping stores , offices as well as a 5 stars hotel . The project consists of 3 independent buildings , a 39 floors Tower and 2 other blocks, with 599 housing units, 60 offices , and 18 shops . The project is located in the most popular district of Istanbul ,Bomonti ,the growing region that attracts investors attention, and recognized by easy access to most of the vital places in the city , and its proximity to the shopping centers, airports, city center, hospitals, universities and schools .      5 minutes to Okmeydan hospital      5 minutes to Taksim Square      5 minutes to the E5 Highway      7 minutes to the Metro      20 minutes to Ataturk International Airport      30 minutes to Istanbul's third airport the latest updated prices was in :13/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 64.5 115.9 50% 30 month 188000$ December 2020 2+1 97.9 138.2 50% 30 month 302000$ December 2020 3+1  163.7 185.9 50% 30 month 528000$ December 2020 3.5+1  218   50% 30 month 986000$ December 2020 4.5+1 241.6 242.5 50% 30 month 1076000$ December 2020    

IHOME 84 For Sale


The project, the most attractive life project of Beylikdüzü is located in a wide area of 92,000 m2 and consists of 17 blocks. Covering 1156 houses ranging from 1 + 1 to 4+ 1, and alsa 39 shops, the project presents a vivid social life. Located on Yaşam Vadisi IValley of Life), extending from inner Beylikdüzü to the coastline, The Project is distinguished from similar projects by being located at a walking distance to leisure, recreation/entertainment and sports areas, education and health facilities, and to various public services. Beylikdüzü is one of the new centers of maritime trade with its wide port, and of maritime tourism with its modern marina! With its trained and tolerant population, wide and comfortable avenues, green areas surrounding the district, fresh air, developed ed ucation and health opportunities, it promises a colored and vibrant life.   Type  Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price  Delivery Time 1+1 70 72 35-50 % 10-24 month 73000$ Ready to move 2+1 87 137 35-50 %  10-24 month 109300$ Ready to move 3+1 176 203 35-50 % 10-24 month 174200$ Ready to move 4+1 194 201 35-50 % 10-24 month 195100$ Ready to move  

IHOME 83 For Sale


Modern-day Eyup has seen several changes, like many areas of Istanbul, with new modern homes being developed alongside some stunning ancient architecture as the area is known as the old centre of the city, with Eminonu on the western side of the Golden Horn opening and Taksim on the eastern side, most often reached via the famous Galata Bridge where you see hundreds of locals stood with fishing rods hung over into the flowing water below. As Eyup is a central area it has easy access to all of the famous historical attractions of the city and also many of the newer modern attractions, Theme Parks, Jurassic Land, Istanbul Aquarium, Dolphinarium and much more which makes an ideal spot for property investment in Istanbul. Location and Project Details Situated a short distance north of the tip of the Golden Horn in the newly developing area of Alibeykoy, close to Beyoglu, Sisli, wealthy Sariyer and the vast Belgrad Forest and slightly south of the TEM highway that offers very easy access the city centre, many other areas and to all three Istanbul airports, the new IGA airport to the north-west, Ataturk to the west and Asian side Sabiha Gocken reached via the link to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge across the Bosphorus. Local amenities found within short walk offer shops, supermarkets, schools, restaurants, chemists, mosques, and lots more along with various public transport options for those that don't or prefer not to drive. Further afield you will find a number of universities, hospitals, excellent shopping malls, and many of the city's new attractions all within a few minutes drive from the development. Indoor swimming pool Fully equipped fitness centre/gym Sauna Turkish Bath (Hamam) Steam rooms Meeting rooms Mini cinema Children's outdoor play area Indoor play and Karaoke room Outdoor sports courts Lifts On-site shopping facilities, cafes and restaurants Resident only parking garage Open parking area for visitors To be safely protected by security service and camera system 24-hours a day to keep you and your family safe at all times. Apartment Aspects On full completion complex will offer a total of 279 luxury homes ranging from 1 bedroom apartments to large family loft apartments with 6 bedrooms, some with either large glass balconies, large garden terraces or rooftop garden terraces to enjoy summer outdoor living, alfresco dining and enjoy fantastic views of the sparkling night time city lights of Istanbul and the stunning landscaped gardens below.     the latest updated prices was in :6/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 50 60 30% 36 month 65000$ December 2019 2+1 75 95 30% 36 month 81000$ December 2019 2+1 Terrace 180 340 30% 36 month 125000$ December 2019 3+1  120   30% 36 month 131000$ December 2019 3+1 Terrace 220 340 30% 36 month 246000$ December 2019 3+1 Duplex 190 201 30% 36 month 188000$ December 2019 4+1 Terrace 210 230 30% 36 month 240000$ December 2019 4+1 Duplex 155 480 30% 36 month 147000$ December 2019 5+1 Duplex 280 355 30% 36 month 305000$ December 2019    

IHOME 82 For Sale


The project is located in "Beylikdüzü", directly on the beach of “Marmara” Sea, one of most prestigious seaboard areas in Istanbul, this district holds a great importance in the turkish real estate because of its strategic location close by the "E5" highway, which is the city'stransport nerve, and which will become a subway within 2 years. Just minutes away from the bus station that leads the "E5" highway. Surrounded by many hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, shopping malls and offices.   The Project has a land area of 1742 m2  contains 50 units, with different types. The apartments are designed as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and 5+1 types. Private garden and swimming pool for each villa with different types. Indoor swimming pool, sauna, children's playgrounds, green areas, walking and resting places, closed parking and 24 hour security system.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 70 74 50% 12 month 63000$ Ready to move 2+1 100 128 50% 12 month 85500$ Ready to move 2+1 Duplex 118   50% 12 month 92600$ Ready to move 3+1 135   50% 12 month 120500$ Ready to move      

IHOME 81 For Sale


A project is coming to Beykent in the European Side of Istanbul to glamorize the life. Live on the project of happiness with the project having the concept of Residence, Office and Mall at the entrance of Beykent, in the center of the transportation networks, just beside the E-5, and next to the TEM highway link. Cafes and restaurants consisted of the world flavors, and fashion and entertainment stops are now in the comfort of your home with the the project. If you wish, you may have a nice day on the project, which is the meeting point of life, or enjoy the green gardens with your beloved ones at the open air in project square. An excellent Marmara Sea in your warm home and a shopping project downstairs covering the life with all its colors... All the details, which will make you happy in your new home, are waiting for you with the options of 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1. The plans of houses were designed by considering all the details, which take the spaciousness and comfort to forefront. Frontal solutions were produced for enjoying the pleasant view of the Marmara Sea and the Büyükçekmece Lake continuously. One of the most important features of the project is that the apartments have a wide balcony with a sea and lake view.     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 89.5   30% 24 month 85600$ December 2019 2+1 139 156.5 30% 24 month 122000$ December 2019 3+1 187   30% 24 month 186000$ December 2019

IHOME 80 For Sale


In this city we will bring you all the tranquility you have been looking for, an unusual life, more beautiful designs, adding difference in your life. Our project is located on an area of 14,000 square meters. The project consists of 4 buildings, each building consists of 14 floors. Location : It is 650 meters from the city center. It is 45 kilometers from the airport. It is 35 km from Azungul Lake. It is 350 meters from the Black Sea coast. The project consists of: Two rooms and a lounge area of 162 square meters. Three rooms and lounge 186 square meters. Four rooms and a lounge 227 square meters. In addition to the last floor four rooms and a lounge area of 455 square meters. Surface area 185 m.   Type Size from Size to Down payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 165   50% 12-24 month 50400$ October 2018 3+1 186   50% 12-24 month 58800$ October 2018 4+1 225 455 50% 12-24 month 105000$ October 2018    

IHOME 79 For Sale


The project is a very special project which is capable of off ering thegreen and sea together on the crests of the Bosporus in the heart of Istanbul as a location. Its vicinity to İstinye Park and İstinye Marina whichis newly being constructed, its location in the immediate vicinity of the settlement in the coast of Bosporus, its connection to TEM exit and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge as well as the Bosporus Bridge off er a unique location advantage to the project. Situated in the very close proximity of Maslak offi  ce area, IMKB and Enka Schools, the projectis easily accessible via metro, sea route and public transport. The project, individual closed parking lots-visitor parking lots, social spaces, closed and open swimming pools and sports center (gym, sauna, steam baths) on a land that off ers a peaceful social life to its owners both in the city and nature. In the project in which housing owners will be able to lead a joint life together and in harmony, there are both open and closed spaces thanks to the landscape embracing the three blocks. The unique approach in which the limits of life are stretched both inside and outside refl ects on all spaces. The project is a modern and rare housing project in Turkey respecting to the silhouette of the Bosporus, which is a candidate of the certifi cate of Leed for Homes. Specially designed with a unique housing understanding, the project preserves the nature and ensures energy saving with its building structure respecting to nature, thinking about tomorrows, with low carbon release and high energy effi  ciency. In this spacious complex projected in low-rise three blocks in İstinye and a life intimate with nature in which you will be able to take maximum benefit from sunlight and landscape awaits you.   Delivery Time Total price Installment to Dwon payment Size to Size from Type Ready to move 665000$ 24 month 50% 130 122 1+1 Ready to move 1331000$ 24 month 50% 270 227 2+1 Ready to move 1331000$ 24 month 50% 288 270 3+1 Ready to move 2050000$ 24 month 50% 375   4+1        

IHOME 75 For Sale


This project is a "state of art" real estate project with sophisticated and stylish residences adjoining two of worlds leading hotel brands- Pullman and Mercure - and one of the biggest convention and performance centers of the city together with exhibition halls and facilities.  Your home is ready and waiting for you.  Here your family will enjoy the colorful child friendly ambience.  Residences dedicated for "Good Life"  The Residences at this project are not only residences with upscale hotel services, they are homes with on-premises "lifestyle managers"  Expert management will be at your service managing your day to day needs beyond providing a concierge , housekeeping or room service, but they will be acting as an executive resource for your needs with an intimate grasp of your tastes and interests.  A Privileged Life Style  A sophisticated and stylish life style perfect for Global Citizens looking to establish roots at a well-designed, well-run property in Istanbul, one of most beautiful cities of the world, where historical and cultural wealth are displayed in between palaces, minarets, domes, museums and contemporary modern life.  No last minute stress to catch your plane.  Get your shuttle and you are at the Istanbul International in some minutes time and you are only couple of hours away to many cities of Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.  Exclusive services all for your comfort.  You will receive 24 hours upscale world class house keeping service, from cleaning, linen, turn-down, bath room amenity services to any caterings needs.  Life Style at this project is designed for you to live in pleasure without effort.  Your private chef, butler, tailor are only a call away..  You are at a major intersection point with several options for easy access to any place in the Metropolitan city of Istanbul.  You will be able to manage your day in a much efficient and effective way, whether you want to be at the historical sites, meet with a colleague at any side of the city or enjoy a night out, as you are only minutes drive away to first and second ring roads, major subway and metrobus stations and sea way boat terminals to reach to any point in Istanbul.  Great Value.  Istanbul is a destination for global investors and this property with its unique features is offering great value to its home owners..  Meeting place for the keybusiness leaders of the world. The project also; studio, 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 apartment options available. The project, due to the advantage of location; 500 meters to E5, 3 km to Airport, 5 km to Yeşilköy Marina. 5% DISCOUNT FOR CASH PAYMENT Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 74 102 40% 24 month 154800$ Ready to move 1+1 95 152 40% 24 month 199900$  Ready to move 2+1 125 240 40% 24 month 262500$ Ready to move 3+1 206   40% 24 month 431800$  Ready to move          

IHOME 78 For Sale


COME ON AND GET OUTDOORS One of the most unique features of the project is the shopping street that is located at the heart of residential life. The open-air shopping experience replaces the overcast and limited air of indoor areas with seasonal beauties and fresh air. The project offers options that enrich life in all dimensions. Up to 3500 m2 of landscaped areas and walking tracks place the colors of nature and clean air at the center of life. The fitness center and indoor swimming pool are in the service of those who want to adopt an active lifestyle. The Turkish bath and massage room are ideal for relaxing and relieving the stress of the day. At the project, specially designed areas for children are the focus of joy and fun. Shopping streets, parks, cafes and restaurants make life always bustling and vivid at the project. The project soars at the intersection of Bahçelievler and Bakırköy, along the route where a signi cant share of Istanbul’s education, service and commerce industries are located. The project stands out with its proximity to the Atatürk Airport, E-5, TEM and Basın Ekspres Yolu. Situated near metro and metrobus lines, the project offers quick access to important parts of the city. Its transportation network, residential projects, business centers, hotels, expo spaces and shopping spaces allow you to invest in a district that grows each year. With the project, it’s now your turn to invest in the right place.       33-35% Down Payment 24 Month Installment READY IN JUNE 2019 LAST 70 APARTMENT 1+1        51,8 – 131,79     126.450$

IHOME 77 For Sale


LOCATED IN THE MIDDLE OF LIFE The Project, “The heart of Beylikdüzü” is located at Yakuplu Beylikdüzü just 1 minutes away from the Marina. It is less than 5 minutes away from both major highways and approximately 20 minutes away from airports (both current and new airports). The project offers a unique concept Open Mall. The stores are located on the streets which are created with inspiration from famous streets of Istanbul like Nevizade, Galata, Pera… Time Will Fly ! The project with its concept streets will offer a comfortable and safe shopping experience. There are also cafes, restaurants that you can find different tastes suitable for everyone. WHATEVER YOUR PERSONAL PREFERENCE IS WE HAVE A SUITABLE PLACE FOR YOU With more than 50 types of apartment options  , starting from 1 + 1 to 5,5 + 1 types , 26m2 to 427m2  with  balcony, terrace apartment and villas  to suit every lifestyle . Your place is ready in The Project, that fits your personal preferences. With its 20.500 m2 of outstanding landscape, indoor outdoor pools, gym and jogging paths The Project try offers a high quality life experience for everybody. Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 58 73 35% 36 month 47000$ June 2020 2+1 85 171 35% 36 month 63800$ June 2020 3+1 145 198 35% 36 month 100300$ June 2020 3.5+1  230   35%  36 month 167300$ June 2020 4.5+1 279   35% 36 month 206200$ June 2020 Villa  211 378 35% 36 month 205500$ June 2020  

IHOME 76 For Sale


*FROM GOVERNMENT EMLAK KONUT * •PROJECT IN BAŞAKŞEHİR   The project houses with a total construction area of ​​334,176.00 m²; There are a total of 1236 housing units, 3 commercial units and 1 glass unit, consisting of 540 units of 2 + 1, 560 units, 3 + 1, 90 units of 4 + 1, 21 units of 3 + 1 duplex units and 25 units of 4 + 1 duplex units. •Swimming pool •Fitness -Turkish bath-Sauna •Tennis and basketball courts •Walking tracks •Bicycle ways •Children Parks •Cafe/Restaurant •%80 Green area •Valley area BEST LOCATION •BAŞAKŞEHIR which is the Best location •500 m away from  the current METRO STATION ( Ziyagökalp Station ) •700 m from Atatürk Olympic Stadium •2 km away from MALL OF ISTANBUL •Next to E80-TEM road   Type  Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 132 152 30% 120 month  113500$ Ready to move 3+1 135 178 30% 120 month ??? Ready to move 3+1 Duplex 217   30% 120 month ??? Ready to move 4+1 188 198 30% 120 month ??? Ready to move latest update prices was in : 25/1/2019

IHOME 74 For Sale


The project, rising up in the new center of Bahçeşehir and Esenyurt. The project has 5 buildings on 16,906 m2 plot, 403 houses, 10 villas, social and commercial areas with balconies each with 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 sizes giving. The project, designed by the world renowned Roy Higgs International Architecture Office, offers a social life and a good investment opportunity for those who host with an outdoor swimming pool, children's playground, barbecue and fitness-spa areas of approximately 7,500 m2. The project is also within walking distance of the district Mahmutbey-Bahçeşehir-Esenyurt which is next to the district. It is also home to a life in the eye of Bahçeşehir, just a few steps away from the TEM, the biggest special hospital of the region and the shopping center where schools and world brands are located.     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to  Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 65 81 35% 36 month 74400$ March 2019 2+1 105 163 35% 36 month 115500$ March 2019 3+1 172 182 35% 36 month 198200$ March 2019 3+1 Villa 182   35% 36 month 275300$  March 2019    



BAHCESEHIR 1+1 Special Edition 1+1 Apartment 8. Floor 77 sqm Bahcesehir 79.960$

IHOME 72 For Sale


The Project, second part is emerging, as our first section is rapidly being built to accommodate the start of business on our commercial units. The High Street is nearly complete! The project offers you a special opportunity close to the centre of Bahçeşehir, within walking distance of its attractions and amenities. Here, you can build your life without leaving the heart of the city! Bahçeşehir; Istanbul’s Gateway to Europe, a unique location at a central intersection of roads and transport, with its value growing higher by the day. On one side lies the new Istanbul Airport, the largest in Europe. On the other lies Istanbul’s hotly-anticipated new strait. This area, which connects the new Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge with western Istanbul, is a modern, large city with an ever-growing population. Streets packed with cafes, restaurants, boutiques, banks and markets are only an elevator ride away. Only 20 minutes away from Istanbul’s third airport, the largest in Europe. Only 5 minutes by bicycle to Hayat Park, the largest park on Istanbul’s European side. Schools, hospitals, industry parks and shopping centres are only a few minutes away. The project is a project right in the middle of life, so close to everything you wish. The project with choices ranging from 1+1 to 5+1 homes. You will live elegantly in apartments built with first-rate construction materials, and planned with exquisite expertise.  (Including parking lots and other underground areas) A fitness centre, a room for yoga and pilates, jogging and biking paths where you can exercise in the bright, fresh air, a sauna, an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor children’s pool, common living spaces designed for happy memories with your family and neighbours, and sprawling parks where your children can safely play together are all at the project. the latest updated prices was in :8/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 58 93 20% 36 month 79400$ December 2020 2+1 116 149 20% 36 month 11000$ December 2020 3+1 135 182 20% 36 month 158000$ December 2020 4+1 213   20% 36 month 227800$ December 2020 4+1 duplex 211 255 20% 36 month 252800$ December 2020 5+1 duplex 233 284 20% 36 month 288400$ December 2020    

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A safe place surrounded by happiness and comfort and riched with distinctive details. With the spacious apartment options starts from the smallest to the largest spaces open armes for everyone who wants to live a happy life.   Located in Termal, the most precious region of Yalova, with its unique environment and nature as well as thermal springs, the project has a magnificent view and an eye-catching architecture. Life started at the project near to the main streets which made that project foregrounded.   4+1 Duplex       135,57 – 150       155.000$             50% Down Payment 18 Month Installment READY TO MOVE

IHOME 68 For Sale


The project is the most special project of Yalova. The project, built on an area of 30.000 m2 away from the noise of the city, consists of 36 villas. Yalova’s pearl is only 1 km from Termal and the project offers you a life far beyond your dreams with its flawless architectural concept, social facilities and magnificent view. The villas in the project, where natural life and comfort are offered together, vary between 400 m2 and 750 m2.In the specially designed project, many privileges such as sauna, fitness center, swimming pool, Turkish bath organic farming areas and security provided by smart home system are becoming part of your life. There is a fitness facility, sauna, common living areas carefully designed to strengthen your social ties with your neighbors, and site parks where your children can spend time safely in the bright and clean air environment in the project.   520m2 price start from 81.800$ 50% Down Payment 18 Month Installment READY TO MOVE

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The view of Basaksehir the project is a new building equipped with rich social amenities of the project. The project started the session with the possibility of immediate delivery. The project, which is based on 8.000 m² land, has a privileged structure with 124 houses and 26 stores with 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartment options. The project is the right choice for your future plans in Başakşehir; because the project prestige will add value to your life day and night.     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 3+1 131 144 30%-50% 24 month 143570$ Ready to move 4+1 198 199 30%-50% 24 month 208000$ Ready to move    

IHOME 54 For Sale


Basaksehir, 9 specialized consisting of hospital City Hospital Complex, 3rd airport and rising the focus of Başakşehir Metro projects in the field of opinion in Turkey. The project, rising in Basaksehir, with 361 houses and 56 shops consisting of 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 flats, is the first and only shopping center of the region, Olimpa Shopping Mall and Basaksehir’s new urban center promises a full life to you at all times. The largest botanical gardens, spacious apartment, children’s play island and Başakşehir best in locations with rich amenities the project is located in Basaksehir, a unique life awaits you.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 64 71 30%-50% 24 month 72700$ Ready to move 2+1  81.5 126 30%-50% 24 month 103000$ Ready to move 3+1 142 149 30%-50% 24 month 143000$ Ready to move 4+1 186   30%-50% 24 month 192000$ Ready to move    

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The project will feature a 1.4 km walking track, the first and only of its kind in Basaksehir. It surrounds the Square’s stores, restaurants, cafes, and reflecting pools, inviting you for fun family walks. Right next to the project, Health City, with its 12 hospitals and a total capacity of 2,682 beds, will be Europe’s largest medical center. It’s just one of the amenities that will make the project a center of attraction. It will be home to a palace of justice, government offices, meeting centers, a wedding hall, outdoor and indoor sports areas, walking paths, cafes and restaurants, and a 5,000-capacity mosque. Surrounded with greenery, it is sure to become the most popular spot in Basaksehir. Our smart homes are available as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1 sizing 70 m2 – 363 m2. With both, the location and the project properties, it is Istanbul’s preferred project. Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 108 130.5 20% to 65%  24 - 60 month  121750$  June 2019  3+1  158 183.5 20% to 65% 24 - 60 month 154000$ June 2019  4+1 215 252 20% to 65% 24 - 60 month 192000$  June 2019    

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We are neither European nor Asian.We are more than that. A housing project just like us is now coming to life. The project residences are rising over the Trans-European Motorway or TEM, the road that connects Europe and Asia. The project Residences bring the life to you dream of much closer, delivering the privileges of a modern urban lifestyle and warm neighborhood culture while preserving our traditional values. The Landscape Blocks overlooking the green spaces of the project residences are perfect for you and family, with 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 options. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the panoramic city and forest views from the Landscape Blocks, which have been designed to offer you the most comfortable living spaces possible. Life is always vibrant and colorful in the 2+1 and 3+1 apartments along on the Shopping Street of the project. You will spend delightful hours with your family in the lush, landscaped greenery of the Garden Blocks.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 94 115 30% 36 month 108500$ June 2019 3+1 107.5 156 30% 36 month 137650$ June 2019 4+1 201   30% 36 month 238200$ June 2019  

IHOME 51 For Sale


IHOME 51 The rising value of Istanbul A pleasant life is waiting for you at the project in the center of Başakşehir. The project combines your favorite neighborhood life with modern architecture with rich living options from 2 + 1 to 4 + 1. Being the biggest botanical park in Europe and neighboring Europe's largest Health City, the project offers you everything you need with its unique location close to the metro and public transportation. Moreover, thanks to the stores in the project you will be able to meet all your needs. The project offers a privileged life to you and your loved ones in the center of Başakşehir with a fitness center, a bath, a sauna and a terrace with panoramic city views on the top floor.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 105 124 20% -50% 24 - 60 month 96000$ June  2019 3+1 138 204 20% -50% 24 - 60 month 133000$ June  2019 4+1 177 191 20% -50% 24 - 60 month 170800$ June  2019      

IHOME 73 For Sale


The new symbol of New Istanbul comes to life with this project which is the most ambitious project of Başakşehir. With its architecture, comfort, view and very special privileges, the project invites you to life in your dream … With its architecture, comfort, view and very special privileges, the project continues to make investments for its investors. The project is now selling street shops. Başakşehir, the fastest and regularly growing center of Istanbul, is creating new alternatives to the transportation routes that stretch along the north-south axis against increasing population and traffic intensity. It is the new address for shopping and life in the Project Street Shops area of 25 m wide Seyrantepe Boulevard, which runs through the residential areas and runs towards the TEM motorway.     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 3+1 152 177 25% 36 month 206000$ Ready to move 4+1 205   25% 36 month 361000$ Ready to move

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Rising up in Gunesli described as a prestigious service area and pivotal business location, The project will make you gain more every passing day with its location very close to Ataturk Airport, the 3rd Airport, and the congress centers. The project is next to the regional park station of the Mahmutbey-Esenyurt subway line and only 70 meters to the Istoc station of the Bagcilar Olympic Village subway line… The project furnishes you with the optimal pleasure of a minimal life in 1+1 or 2+1 apartments. You’ll find a detail of quality in every square meter and a specialty in every detail making your life luxurious, from your kitchen to bathroom, from your living room to bedroom… The project makes your life easier as well as presenting a secure living environment in its apartments equipped with the smart home system. Instead of being bound to artificial ventilation systems, get fresh air into your house through functional windows in a natural way. While viewing the panoramic city scenery in front of you from your balcony, don’t miss sipping your cup of steaming coffee. • Away from the noise of the highway • Next to Media Highway’s only park • ideal location for a Turkish family home • 1 +1 and 2+1 units available • Minimalist design • Very high quality finish • Each unit has a balcony • Shops, cafes & restaurants located under your flat • Outstanding landscaped gardens and social areas • Extensive green space and natural environment • Resting and recreation at sitting areas, walking paths, and communal space     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 65 92 35% 30 month 91000$ August  2019 2+1 125 172 35% 30 month 151000$ August 2019 3+1 150 157 35% 30 month 240000$ August 2019 4+1 255   35% 30 month 310000$ August 2019

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A spectacular experience combining the luxury hotel comfort and palace atmosphere with the coziness of your home is awaiting for you in The project. The magnificence and historical pattern of the British and Ottoman architecture, today’s technology, and modern architectural understanding are all meeting at the The project. Luxury will be a part of your life in The project with privileged services, areas to reward yourself, and special apportunities you cannot find anywhere else. The project is located in Beylikduzu, the rising value of Istanbul. The location of the project is just 5 minutes walking distance from the metrobus line; in the centre of colleges, hospital, festival areas and the biggest malls of the city. The project increases its investment value every day as it only 15 minutes away from the airport. Spread over 5.000 m2 area with a concept of hotel + residence, The project takes shape in 1 bloc of ground+20 floors. It has a distinguishing architecture where you can find 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 suite flats with wide terraces and rich recreational facility. The project offers you a hotel and palace atmosphere together with the influence of raised ceiling designs, first class architecture and high quality materials. Besides all these, it is a world on its own to satisfy all your needs with 8 commercial units. Reception, valet parking, housekeeping, and rent a car services offering a service at ultra luxurious hotel standard will make you feel the privilege of The project at all times. As soon as you step into your life area, you will have a cherished life with the services you receive. Your transfers to and from the airport will just be a pleasant journey for you with our project assistance services the latest updated prices was in :20/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery time 1+0 49 49 50% 24 month 51000$ Ready to move 1+1 73 84 50% 24 month 65000$ Ready to move 2+1 128 131 50% 24 month 107000$ Ready to move

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YALOVA INVERMENT CENTER Yalova Turkey is one of the most important and sophisticated touristic city Yalova is the province of the thermal sources witch is located between İstanbul,Bursa and Kocaeli the unique seaside and the fresh air in the large forests that suround you. EVERYTHİNG BETWEEN YOUR HANDS Few Steps From The Main Street Full Of Cafes, Resturants , Stores, Super Markets 10 Minutes From Schools, Hospitals, İndustial Sites, And Shopping Malls. Sea View.. From The Nature We are bringing together the nature and sea view in our compound where there are 209 houses with 5 floors and 4 floors with sea view and nature view they are all in the project. Lovers of nature landscapes and seaside lovers will be able to see our studios 1+0 , 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 flats we are waiting you to visit us. Sea or nature? You just choose …   10% Cash Discount     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1 + 0 42 59 % 50 18 month 33700 $ September 2018 1 + 1 75   % 50 18 month 68200 $ September 2018 1 + 1 duplex 74 181 % 50 18 month 89000 $ September 2018 2 + 1 duplex 151 163 % 50 18 month 118000 $ September 2018 4 + 1 duplex 211 240 % 50 18 month 165000 $ September 2018

IHOME 65 For Sale


MOST WINNING WAY FOR INVESTMENT Due to Orhangazi Bridge which is Turkey’s biggest and the most valuable project connecting İstanbul-İzmir road our project location to Istanbul’s city center by using this road 45 minutes away .. 30 minutes from the airport, Sabiha Gokcen you can fly anywhere in the world … Hotel Concept with Quick Rent The project was designed in the hotel concept. The project, which is located on 5,000 m2, consists of a total of 108 appartments. The Project, a boutique project, offers 1 + 0, 1 + 0 duplex apartment options.   10% Cash Discount     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 47 67 50% 18 month 43100$ August  2018 1+0 Duplex 84 165 50% 18 month 73100$ August 2018

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A New Horizon İn Yalova, A New Life Style The project brings a new life style to Yalova with its quality and experience. The project, inspired by the unique nature of Yalova, is being built on 23,000 apartments over an area of 19,000 m2. The project is remarkable for its social, cultural and sportive aspects with its perfectly designed architectural concept. University, thermal facilities, shopping, hospital … All around. Yalova’s largest university campuses are near you. It is located close to a thermal springs that is unparalleled. An architectural concept inspired by nature The project in Yalova, you will live with confidence in a warm environment, neighborhood culture that warms you with friendly neighborhood relations, natural life style which is the source of inspiration nature and a residential project that you have not encountered yet. You can see the unique and harmonious harmony between brown and green inspired from the ground and forest. unique combination of stone and wood .. It is a totally different housing project where you will have the pleasure of living with its large balconies. 10% Cash Discount     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to  Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 50 62 50% 18 month 52200$ August  2018 1+1 61 66 50% 18 month 55400$  August  2018 1+1 Duplex 158 159 50% 18 month 123600$ August  2018 2+1 Duplex 98 210 50% 18 month 88200$ August  2018 3+1 Duplex 240   50% 18 month 187400$ August  2018 4+1 Duplex 209 230 50% 18 month 188300$ August  2018    

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Istanbul apartments are in a walking distance to many social and local amenities. You can find universities, schools, shopping malls, cultural centers, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, parks, shops, boutiques, banks, post offices, and transportation opportunities in this area. The apartments are situated 2 km away from TEM Highway, 5 km from Türk Telekom Arena Stadium, 8 km from Taksim Square, 4 km from İstanbul Technical University, and 24 km from International Atatürk Airport. Brilliant apartments are furnished with amazing qualities. Each apartment has steel door, video intercom, satellite TV system, cable TV, natural gas, fiber optic internet infrastructure, wireless internet, kitchen appliances, motion and fire detector, PVC-double glazing, heat insulation, fire and smoke detectors, automatic fire extinguishing system, central hot water, central heating system and heat cost allocator. This beautiful complex is built on 1.150 m² land area. It consists of a block of 126 apartments in 14 storeys. Apartments for sale in İstanbul Kağıthane have many facilities to offer such as spacious green areas and parks, reception and concierge services, meeting room, kids club, children’s playground, hobby room, restaurant/cafe with garden, fitness center, plates & yoga studio, mini cinema, billiard, cinema, guest room, indoor swimming pool, hygiene pool, Turkish bath, sauna, steam room, massage room, shower and changing area, pet area, car parking area for each car, electric vehicle station, caretaker, generator, water booster, water tank, technical service, elevator, security checkpoint, closed circuit video system, 24/7 security camera system and security.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 53 61 25% 36 month 101200$ May 2019 1+1 Duplex 52 76 25% 36 month 128800$ May 2019 2+1 77 86 25% 36 month 143700$ May 2019 2+1 Duplex 99   25% 36 month 205200$ May 2019

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Apartments are located in Kağıthane, İstanbul. Kağıthane is a rich region with activity and art centers. This area is home to many cinemas, theaters and artistic events. Kağıthane is developing with luxurious complexes, business centers and shopping malls. There are many historical places to visit. These apartments are equipped with high-quality materials such as the satellite TV system, natural gas, fire and smoke detector, video intercom system, PVC windows, laminate parquet, kitchen appliances, shower cabin and steel door. The new residential complex is built on 2.000 m² land area and 16.000 m² construction area. The residential complex consists of 2 blocks of 14-storey and total of the 119 apartments. There are many features like the children’s playground, sauna, fitness center, 24-hours security and security camera system, indoor car parking area, walking paths, elevator, greenery garden, park, lightning rod, water treatment and generator. Also, this complex has 500 m² attentive landscape.   Type Size from Size to  Down Payment Installment to  Total Price Delivery Time  2+1 105   25% 36 month 122600$ September 2018 3+1 Duplex 172 197 25% 36 month 205100$ September 2018

IHOME 62 For Sale


Well-designed real estate is located in the city center of İstanbul, Kağıthane. Kağıthane has developed area with luxury residential complexes and various activity facilities. Thanks to its connections to the main arteries of the city, it holds an importance in the European side of the city. The area hosts many cultural, historical and entertainment areas. This region is an ideal choice for investors and buyers. These apartments are equipped with high-quality materials such as the laminate parquet, kitchen appliances, steel door, PVC windows and shower cabin. New residential complex is built on 18.500 m² construction area and 18.000 m² complex area. Real estate in Kağıthane İstanbulconsists of 2 blocks with 19-storey and total of the 149 apartments. There are indoor and outdoor car parking areas, basketball court, elevator, 24/7 security and security camera system, fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, children’s playground, children’s park, walking paths, greenery areas and special landscape.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 American kitchen 82   25% 36 month 113600$ July 2019  2+1 closed kitchen 99 119 25% 36 month 133100$ July 2019 3+1 closed kitchen 137 146 25% 36 month 174700$ July 2019

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Property for sale in Kağıthane İstanbul is situated in the important district of the European side. This region is close to the international highways and bridges. Kağıthane became a desirable place with the new luxury project and urban renovations. This area is one of the fastest growing areas in İstanbul. 2 bedroom duplexes are 145 m², 3+1 apartments are 135-142 m², 3+1 duplexes are 165 m² and 5+1 duplexes are 220 m² These apartments are equipped with first-class materials like the laminate parquet, carton-pierre, kitchen appliances, combi, white goods, central heating, air conditioning substructure, spotlighting, glass balcony barriers, steel door, fiber optic internet substructure, satellite TV system, central cable TV system, wireless internet and PVC windows. The new residential complex has 7.000 m² land area, 26.000 m² construction area, 1.600 m² social area and 3.300 m² greenery area. The residential complex consists of 8 blocks of 7-storey and total of 122 apartments. There are a separate indoor swimming pool for men and women, separate fitness center for men and women, sauna, steam room, cafe, children’s playground, indoor car parking area, 24/7 security and closed-circuit camera system, well-designed green garden, caretaker, table tennis, billiard, football court, basketball court, tennis court, water tank, elevator, fire escape, generator, private storage area for each apartment, camellias and walking paths in the residential complex. Only Cash Payment     Type Size from Size to Total Price Delivery Time 2 + 1 duplex 145   267000 $ Ready to move 3 + 1 135 142 213700 $ Ready to move 3 + 1 duplex 165   234600 $ Ready to move 5 + 1 220   355500 $ Ready to move

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A 26 storey skyscraper in Avcilar with full sea views ​ This pre-launch tower is situated at the essential Ambarli highway junction on the E5 – one of Istanbul’s major highways. Rising to over 26 stories, gorgeous Marmara Sea views will be available from the sixth floor onwards. Full residence facilities are made available, along with 24-hour security. Poised between two malls, the family certainly won’t be short of things to do here. The sea coast with its restaurants and cafes is a two-minute drive away. The airport is just 15 minutes’ drive, as is peaceful Florya, with its natural sea side.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 57   25% 48 month 68000$ December  2019 1+1 88 91 25% 48 month 85000$ December  2019 2+1 136 221 25% 48 month 145000$ December  2019 3+1 232 266 25% 48 month 313000$ December  2019

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A new center that will change what people know in a city in the limelight of the world. Istanbul, a cradle of civilizations from past to present. A magical city that embraces innovation, grows and develops every day. Now there’s a brand new project that’ll change what you know thanks to the transformation within: an experience never had before, a true mixed project. The residences in the project offer a life of great amenities, while the deluxe and premium offices make privilege standard and transform the idea of a business center into the new center of commerce. The shopping mall featuring world-renowned brands defines the central point of all social needs… Just as the name suggests, The project is an idea that will bring people together through social services. Behind this idea lie the Esenyurt Municipality Administration, Esenyurt District Government and Esenyurt District Police Department’s strength and approach to service. This project brings together the cultural wealth of a city and of life. Everything you dream of is here… The project is one of the best investment aIternative with its investment vaIue and  reguIar high rent increase. With its speciaI Iocation  and quaIified Iiving standards, it wiII aIways give you…   Type Size from Size To Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 78 112 50% 24 month 61800$ Ready to move 2+1 122 185 50% 24 month 94400$ Ready to move 3+1 145   50% 24 month 110700$ Ready to move 

IHOME 58 For Sale


You will find more than a residence In the project, everyone will find whatever they wish. From 1+1 to 2+1, here you will find much more than a standart residence life. A right architecture  A right architecture should be able to create the same bond with nature and people. After all, people feels peaceful as long as they are closer to nature. Therefore we have carried the green to each corner of the project in order to keep you closer to nature, both inside and outside. You can now reach your needs easier  Time is precious in city life. With hairdressers, markets and shops , you can reach everything you need in the project without loosing any time. Therefore you can spend more time for anything you want to do in daytime. You are closer to social life Step out of home and you are in the social life. Whether you drink a coffee with your beloved in onay life’s large terrace cafe restaurant or lie down on grass to read your book, it’s all up to you now to live your life. You are ready for a more active life Would you imagine that you will just take an elevator to gym and will be able to do sports with a sight of swimming pool ? Or being able to use your pool both in summer and winter ? We did it. In the project, many privileges from sauna to turkish bathhouse are with you. Location Distance to closest metrobus station is 600MT 500 mt to olan esenyurt-mecidiyeköy metro station 14 km to ataturk airport 15 km to kanal istanbul 22 kilometres to 3rd airport 400 mt far from the project and metro station will be ready at 2019 In front of hospitals and schools 5 minutes to e-5 high way with car Close to marmara shopping mall   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 60 75 40% 18 month 72000$ September 2018 2+1 137 151 40% 18 month 139750$ September 2018

IHOME 57 For Sale


Best Location The project located in Bahçeşehir , at a zero position to the Tem Otoyolu , has the most advantageous location in the region with transportation possibilities. Akbatı AVM is 150 meters away and Medical Park Hospital is right beside it. Located at the intersection of Esenyurt and Bahçeşehir , the project meets the expectation of those who want to live in the center of life. AESTHETICS, HIGH STANDARDS IDEAL LIFE … The project invites you to a life and a profitable investment with its building quality and comfortable apartments. The project consists of 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartments with modular system where you can adjust the apartment sizes according to your wishes, the safest harbor after the tiring city life … Eid to Eid Special Offer Starting price 71.000$     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time  1+1 66 80 50% 24 month 88.000 $ September 2018 2+1 96   50% 24 month 135.000 $ September 2018

IHOME 56 For Sale


Constructed over 12 floors, this comprehensive project consists of 442  homes  for sale ranging from two to five bedrooms in size. Within the grounds of the complex, residents can enjoy access to a wide range of social and commercial facilities designed to improve quality of life, including many shops, restaurants, supermarket, and other daily amenities located on the ground floor of the building. For relaxing, take a dip in the swimming pool, walk through the gardens, or simply relax in one of the sunbathing areas. The apartments are designed with an open plan modern interior and feature spacious layouts capitalising on space and natural sunlight to create airy homes. All properties within the project are equipped with balconies where residents can relax and admire the view across the surrounding areas. These properties have been targeted towards family living, there are no one bedroom residences here; buyers can choose from units ranging from two – four bedrooms in size, meeting the needs of both small and larger sized families.   Why buy this project: – Breathtaking view of Marmara sea – Family orientated homes for sale in Beylikduzu – Choose from two – four bedroom residences – Upper floor enjoy amazing views of marmara sea – High quality of materials – %70 green area – Large balconies up to 35m2 – Excellent project with two social facilities for men-women separately – Stores and boutiques for daily living within the site – Turkish hammam inside of every flats with 3+1 and 4+1 form – 1.5 km to metro station, 700m to seabus port. Beylikduzu is a popular spot for those looking to purchase a home in Istanbul at an affordable price – Beylikduzu is full of all the expected facilities and is within close proximity to schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, and much more. The E-5 and TEM Highways are both easily accessible and provide links all over the city for those who are commuting and working in the centre of Istanbul. Distances: Five minutes to E-5 Highway Ten minutes to TEM Highway Five minutes to Metrobus Two minutes to Marina 20 minutes to Ataturk Airport 30 minutes to Third Airport the latest updated prices was in :13/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 126 50% 30 month  157000$ June 2019 3+1 187 50% 30 month  238000$ June 2019 4+1 236 50% 30 month  343000$ June 2019

IHOME 50 For Sale


The project located at BASIN EKSPRES ROAD next to the Airport. Consists of 14 floors & 5 under floors with the total capacity of 100 flats & 6 showrooms. The project built on 4200M2. The project is a HOME-OFFICE concept 1+1 & 2+1, with spaces starting from 40.39 – 214,86 M2. AN EXCELLENT COMBINATION OF DETAILS A UNIQUE CONCEPTED HOME-OFFICE PROJECT IN THE CENTER The project is a conceptual project which is designed with a “Limited Edition” approach; and with a limited number of “Home-Office” and “Showrooms” which are considered as one of Basin Ekspres’s highest and widest facades. Home And “Home-Office”  Are Not Just A Shelter.But Has Been  Reconceptualized to live it. An applicable useful indoor space has been combined with balconies and loft apartments with terraces which strengthen the sense of spaciousness. The Nearest Places To You You may reach to the airport in a short time; and you may also go to each point of İstanbul via TEM, E-5 and 3rd Highway. More importantly, an interchange station which combining Metro, Marmaray and Havaray will be just next to you soon. When you wish to live your domestic and business life at the same time, then your address will be the project. Ataturk Airport E-5 Mall of İstanbul TEM Sefakoy Metrobus Stop Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Kemerburgaz University Arel University Medipol University Sekafoy Hospital Mehmet Akif Ersoy Pulmonary and Coronary Disease Hospital   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 61 67 0%   68300$ June 2019 2+1 94.5 104 0%   100500$ June 2019

IHOME 49 For Sale


We have chosen a modern seaside neighborhood for the project, away from the complexity of Istanbul. To be one of Istanbul’s today and tomorrow most unique locations. 9 Different blocks with 58 different apartment types which will definitely matches your desires, We invite you to our sales office to find the ideal apartment for you and to experience your new life in the sample apartment . Surrounded by 13 KM of coastline,  E-5 and TEM Connections, Public Transportation Points, Education, Health Services, Shopping Centers, Event Centers, and all what you may need are just close to you. Moreover, the 3rd Airport and Channel Istanbul Projects makes Mimaroba one of the ever-rising regions in the real estate market to stand out as an investment opportunity offering high profitability. The project emerged from the thought of discovering the closest “home” to life. The family lifestyle of the modern urban people was handled over 24 hours by an innovative architecture. The “house” was redesigned not only to be a shelter but to live it. By being integrated with public spaces, “Home lifestyle” has been transformed into creative common space with different life experiences. the latest updated prices was in :13/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment  Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 69.40 85.5 35% 24 month 119000$ December 2019 2+1 86 228.75 35% 24 month 137000$ December 2019 3+1 145 256 35% 24 month 306500$ December 2019 4+1 196 320 35% 24 month 379000$ December 2019 2+1 Duplex 114 228 35% 24 month 175000$ December 2019 3+1 Duplex 191 255 35% 24 month 298000$ December 2019 4+1 Duplex 256 319 35% 24 month 360000$ December 2019 5+1 Duplex 261 343 35% 24 month 598000$ December 2019

IHOME 48 For Sale


Living at the CENTER, Just next to the shore of the LAKE The project has been created to discover the closest “home” to live. Istanbul’s today and tomorrows, the most unique location at the coastline of  Kucukcekmece’s lake has been selected. Kucukcekmece Lake and Marmara Sea will be a part of your life A project that will complete the happy family portrait via its recreational facilities, location and comfortable living spaces. Feel the coastal life Your house is a part of the coast of Kucukcekmece where you may have a walk in the morning or you may ride a bike. The NearestPlaces to You TEM, E-5 and 3rd Highway conjunctions, public transport stations / points, airports, education & health services, shopping & activity centers and so many other places you may need are very close to you. Discover the shopping centers, the social areas, schools, hospitals, public transportation stations / points which are located in the immediate vicinity of the project. Ataturk Airport Marmaray New Bosphorus Channel Mall of Istanbul Istanbul University Kemerburgaz University Arel University Kucukcekmece Metrobus Stop / Point E-5 TEM Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Recreational Facilities Halkali Railway Station Private Bilge Elementary School Küçükçekmece Elementary School Medipol University Sekafoy Hospital Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Training and Research Hospital Mehmet Akif Ersoy Pulmonary and Coronary Diseases Hospital Acıbadem Gol Plus Hospital Radison Blu Conference& Airport Hotel Courtyard Marriot Hotel Retaj Royale Istanbul   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 65 114 0% 5000$ monthly 62800$ December 2019 3+1 113 150 0% 10000$ monthly 107400$ December 2019 4+1 176 176 0% 15000$ monthly 196200$ December 2019

IHOME 47 For Sale


The project located at EKSPRES Road close to Mall Of Istanbul. The project is consists of 24 floors with a total capacity of 273 flats & 9 showrooms. The project built on 9500M2. The project is a HOME-OFFICE concept 1+1 & 2+1, with spaces starting from 60.75 – 251.69 M2. A UNIQUE CONCEPTED HOME-OFFICE PROJECT ON BASIN EKSPRES STREET Whose investors have always gained, now offers a new profitable investment opportunity by the newest project of Basın Ekspres. The project is the combination of  different flat styles. Living areas of every single flat has been considered far providing the needed space with various dimensions to create  functional living ambiance. High windows enable the daylight to penetrate into the living rooms envisioned to provide comfortable and luminous environment. THE NEAREST PLACES TO YOU TEM and E-5 main road conjunctions, public transport stations, airports, education & health services, shopping & activity centers and so many other places you may need are very near to you.   Starcity Outlet Center   Kuyumcukent Wedding World   Radisson Hotel   Park Inn by Radisson   Retaj Royale Istanbul   Deposite Outlet Center   Elite World Business Hotel   Doga College   Mall of Istanbul   Ataturk Airport   Istanbul Kemerburgaz University   Holiday Inn Istanbul   212 Istanbul Power Outlet   Wyndham Grand İstanbul Europe   Guneslipark Shopping Center   Courtyard Istanbul   Divan Suites   Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul   Istanbul Culture University   Yenibosna Metrobus Station   Ataturk Olympiad Stadium   World Trade Center   Arena Park Shopping Center   Erdem Hospital the latest updated prices was in :19/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to  Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 62 232 35% 24 month 131000$ June 2019

IHOME 46 For Sale


The project, located at Halkali opposite to the roundabout of Atakent. This project consists of 17 floors with a total capacity of 149 flats & 5 showrooms, built on a 6400M2. LUXURY ‘S BEEN HANDLED AS AN EXPERIENCE THAT ENRICHES THE DAILY LIFE By the project service and the experience both give a project its real value have been recomposed. Reserve your functionally designed in every squaremeter flat now. Different types of flats are combined with useful inner layouts and balconies intensifying the feel of comfort. THE NEAREST PLACES TO YOU TEM and E-5 main road conjunctions , public transport stations , airports , education & health services , shopping & activity centers and so many other places you may need are very near to you. Ataturk Airport Arena Park Shopping Center Mall of İstanbul Yenibosna Metrobus Station Sefakoy Metrobus Station Atatürk Olympiad Stadium İstanbul Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Hospital Kucukcekmece Municipiality Headquarter Halkali Acibadem Hospital Mehmet Akif Ersoy Pulmonary and Coronary Deseas Hospital Sabahattin Zaim University Halkalı Bahcesehir College Primary School   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 70.5 72 35% 24 month 58000$ July 2018 

IHOME 43 For Sale


The project is located in European side of Istanbul, in Esenyurt district. The project is composed of 2+1 and3+1 apartment’s alternatives and commercial shops.   The project is located in European side of Istanbul, in Esenyurt district. The project is; • 15 KM away to Atatürk Airport • 1 KM away to E-5 • 0.5 KM away to Esenyurt Hospital • 2 KM away to Marmara Park & Torium Shopping Mall • 3 KM away to TEM Bahçeşehir – Avcılar • 4 KM away to TÜYAP Convention ve Exhibition Area • 1 KM away to Esenyurt Square • 5KM away to Istanbul & Beykent University.   Facilities and Services :   • Indoor Swimming Pool • Turkish Bath • Fitness Center • Sauna • Recreation Areas • Car Parking • Security System   Units:   The project is comprised 103 apartments. 2 and 3 bedroom apartment’s alternatives available in the project. The sizes for available apartments in the project starts from 113 m² to 219 m². the latest updated prices was in :19/2/2019   Type Size from Down Payment Installments to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 135 50% 24 months 100700$ READY TO MOVE 3+1 160 50% 24 months 123300$ READY TO MOVE  

IHOME 44 For Sale


The project that will be built in Esenyurt region with brand new and different quality living spaces and the highest building of this region that is considered for investors and families and it is waiting for you with its spacious living areas and apartment drawings designed accordingly and advantageous payment options to become homeowners. The project, with ready architecture, was planned by considering investors and families who will be residing at the project and was designed keeping in mind the dynamics of the region, the factors of the region and its location. One of the most important reasons for this is its proximity to the Channel Istanbul project, increase in housing value foreseen in the coming years and the current housing prices in the region. Moreover, its easy access to the 3rd Airport and proximity to the underground provide attractive investment opportunities. The project gives value of Residence service with its 24/7 security system and reception service. It prepares you for a stress-free life with its proximity to the Marina and E-5 with transportation facilities such as underground and bus. Also commercial areas under the project are rented by a professional team. Commercial Also commercial areas under the project are rented by a professional team. Business areas that will offer variety from pharmacy, hairdresser, dry cleaner to patisserie will make your life easier.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 56 75 35% 36 month 40400$ After 36 months 1+1 72 85 35% 36 month 48300$ After 36 months 2+1 103 132 35% 36 month 63200$ After 36 months 3+1 172 253 35% 36 month 152000$ After 36 months

IHOME 42 For Sale


Now project concept is starting. The project of these two big brands, project concept, invites you to life again, opens the doors of brand new life for everyone in the center of Topkapi. You will enjoy life in the project with its modern city center location. Come and start living in the project with its comfortable living standards, metro and alternative roads that provide easy access to all parts of the city, spacious green areas where you can spend time with pleasure and Foldhome concept which is unique in the world! Location The proximity to the main arteries of the city and the intensive demand for qualified housing projects, Topkapi’s development process continues rapidly. In the area where industrialization has developed; factories, business centers, bureaus and administrative buildings. Yildiz Technical University Davutpaşa Campus and Yeni Yüzyıl University, as well as students and faculty members are getting ready to add color to every part of the life of the region. A new concept of life in Topkapi, one of the well-known residential areas of Istanbul, is having an Project Concept. The starting point of your new life Topkapi; It draws attention as a region that rapidly develops due to its proximity to the main arteries of the city and at the same time due to intense demand for qualified housing projects. Approximately 1.5 million of the Istanbul population continue their lives within just 15 minutes of the project Life project. The “Cevizlibağ-Merter-Bakirkoy-Airport” axis, evaluated by investment specialists together with “Mecidiyeköy-Levent” axis; shopping centers, sports and cultural facilities and ever-expanding transport network, The Topkapi district is located at a junction of transportation lines, and is easily accessible and is the preferred location for residential, office and hotel investments. The project, walking to the subway line where you can easily reach every corner of Istanbul; tram and Metrobus are also close by.   Type Size from Size To Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 67 131 (30-40-50)% 36-48-60 month 136000$ March 2018 2+1 88 182 (30-40-50)% 36-48-60 month 195000$ March 2018 3+1 163 262 (30-40-50)% 36-48-60 month 284000$ March 2018 4+1 225 270 (30-40-50)% 36-48-60 month 414000$ March 2018

 Uskudar 5+2 Duplex Apartment For Sale

Uskudar 5+2 Duplex Apartment

In Uskudar at the Asian side 5+2 Duplex. 3 bathroom, 2 kitchen, 3 terrace and 1 balcony, new building 1.650.000$ Only Cash Payment

Bosphorus 3+1 Flat For Sale

Bosphorus 3+1 Flat

Flat on the Bosphorus 3+1, 330 m2 Residance 26.Floor 6.000.000$ Only Cash Payment

Beyoglu 4+1 Flat For Sale

Beyoglu 4+1 Flat

Flat In Beyoglu 4+1 350 m2 27.Floor 6.500.000$ Only Cash Payment

Buyukcekmece 4+2 Duplex Apartment For Sale

Buyukcekmece 4+2 Duplex Apartment

Duplex apartment 4+2 in BÜYÜKÇEKMECE Sea view 260 M2 3 Bathrooms, 2 Kitchen. The compound is very close to the market, government schools, beach, pharmacy, hospital, mosque Important information The apartment is divided into two separate floors apartment 3+1 and 1+1 At same TAPU is ready. 176.580$   Only Cash Payment

IHOME 45 For Sale


The project is which was passed by the slogan “The window opening to the nature” by  in Büyükçekmece was positioned on 55.313 m2 area. Nature has created a living space in the Panorama , far from the noise of the city, adorned with lake and sea views. With its social facilities, pools and 10 shops on the lower floors of the buildings, the project is a unique living space especially for families with children. With a basketball court, Turkish bath, swimming pools, sauna, steam room, playground and fitness center, everyone in the small and large living area makes you feel special. The project ; consists of a total of 296 dairies consisting of 104 pcs 1 + 1, 151 pcs 2 + 1 and 41 pcs 3 + 1, each consisting of 11 cats. This perfect living area, close to the city, has become a highlight of Büyükçekmece with its quality reflecting the nest heat and harmonious architecture. The Project Location and Transportation İstanbul Büyükçekemece Located in the district of Pınartepe, the Beylikdüzü Gürpınar border project is on European Street. It is possible to reach the main road from the project providing the E-5 connection via Yavuz Sultan Selim Boulevard in 5 minutes. Near to Perla Vista Avm, shopping centers such as Marmara Park Avm,   Type Size from  Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 118 152 50% 12 month 63000$ Ready to move 3+1 209   50% 12 month 167100$  Ready to move

IHOME 05 For Sale


The project is the highest tower in Basin Ekspres, wich has been created with residential and hotel style living in mind, shaped in an inventive triangle shape to ensure maximum daylight in each home. Consisting of two 35-storey towers with 721 apartments for sale. One of the towers has been designated as a hotel, while each tower features 4 elevators. The project consist different types of apartments, 1+1 and 2+1. Each apartment has refrigerator, microwave, washer. Location Metro Underground station  – 3 min Taksim Square – 15 min Ataturk Airport – 5 min CNR Exhibition Hall – 5 min World Trade Center – 5 min Mall of Istanbul – 5 min Rotana Hotel – 250 metres the latest updated prices was in :13/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payments Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 61 91 50% 24 month 169000$ Ready to move 2+1 108.5 110 50% 24 month 300000$ Ready to move

IHOME 01 For Sale


The project designed to be constructed on an area of around 232.000 m2, Sinpas Bursa was divided into water and has a 26,000 m2 of constriction area.  The project has already been built to be the new center of attraction for the city. Types of apartments is 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1 and 5 + 1. The first international award-winning housing project Bursa Modern consists of a large pond and residential buildings with marinas, mansions, lakes and nature scenery. Location Sinpas Bursa located in Osmangazi  Demirtas region. A project befitting to the history has been build in Bursa that served as a capital town for this magnificent empire. Today a unique value is fused into the assets inherited by the rich architecture of the past, to create a new heritage for the future originating from the 21stcentury.   Type size from size to Delivery Time 1+1 62 109 Ready to move 2+1 82 196 Ready to move

IHOME 02 For Sale


Yalova city is located northwest of Turkey, near Istanbul. Yalova is especially well known for its thermal tourism and spa centers as well as its coastline and beaches. Yalova is getting more attention from international property investors and holidaymakers. The project based on 6,500 m2 of land. The project consists of 2 blocks in total, including 235 houses. The apartments are designed as 1 + 0, 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1. The project, where you can enjoy the sea and the sky, private living areas with sea and forest view. The project includes a rooftop swimming pool! Only 250 meters from the sea! Location There is a direct boat line to project during the summer season, whereas Osman Gazi Bridge made it shortcut to YALOVA for the people traveling from Istanbul The beach – 250 m City Center (Yalova) – 3 min Port Istanbul – 5 min Sabiha Airport – 60 min %20 DISOCUNT FOR CASH!     Type     Size From Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 0+1 43   50% 24 monthe 35000$ October 2018 1+1 61 76 50% 24 monthe 48000$ October 2018 2+1 95 112 50% 24 monthe 77000$ October 2018 3+1 174   50% 24 monthe 155500$ October 2018

IHOME 03 For Sale


This project settles in Bagacilar, European side of Istanbul, which is constructed on 10.000m2 area. The project has 31 floors, which consist 152 hotel rooms on the first 8 floors and 153 residents on the other floors. The hotel-apartments has 2500 m2 commercial area. A lot of 5-star hotels and shopping malls and commercial centers as well as schools, hospitals and university. 17 floors furnished like 1+1(1 bath + 1 toilet),  2+1 ( 2 bath), 2+1 (2 bath + 1 toilet) types of apartments. The furniture only in kitchen (refrigerator, washing-mashine. Dishwasher, cooking plate). The out shape of the building is %100 glass.   Every floor information in details: 2-floor in-door car parking. Ground floor: Lobby ( Ceiling 7.5 m2) + Commercial area. First 3 floors open car parking + Showroom. 4th Floor: Restaurant 300m2 + Bar 100m2 + Bakery 5th Floor: Metting room 400m2 6th Floor between 13th Floor: Hotel – Centro. 14th Floor: Social facilities, swimming pool, fitness, sauna, jacuzzi, massage and steam room  Location: The project is located near the Ataturk Airport and Metro station, at the intersection of E-5 and TEM highways, connected to Mimar Sinan metro station. Ataturk Airport – 5 min 9 km 3 Airport – 17 min Bakırkoy IDO – 15 min Mall of Istanbul – 5 min Subway – 3 min the latest updated prices was in :13/2/2019     Type Size From Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 76 78 50% 60 month 320000$ Ready to move 2+1 120 155 50% 60 month 470000$ Ready to move

IHOME 04 For Sale


The project consists of one tower with 28 floors, each floor has 16 apartments ( 432 in total) with full view. There are 1+1, 1,5 + 1  and 2+1 apartment types for sale. The projec is located in the middle of Istanbul and combining Old İstanbul and New Istanbul each other. Per apartment has Built-in oven, set, cooker, dishwasher, hood, kitchen, Ice Box. Ceiling spacious and spacious feeling ( 3,10m). Parking space for 1 car per apartment. With excellent connections, it takes around 25 – 30 minutes to reach Taksim from Media Highway via the E5 Highway, while superb commuting options include Metro Underground, buses, and much more all within minutes of this project. Location Private hospitals, international schools and everything else needed for family living is just few minutes away. Distance to sea just 10 minute. drive 15 minute drive Ataturk airport – 9km (15 min) Metro station – 100 m (5 min) TEM highway – 1 km E5 highway – 5 km Centre of Istanbul – 24 km Taksim Square – 15 km (25 – 30 min) The project will be delivered in December 2018   the latest updated prices was in : 28/1/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 79 85 50% 24 month 124000$ Ready to move 1.5+1 83   50% 24 month 141000$ Ready to move 2+1 116   50% 24 month 195000$ Ready to move

IHOME 06 For Sale


The project is Istanbul designed by the prestigious designer Philippe Starck. The project’s  height is 150m2, has 35 floors with 9 units in each floor: 2 apartments (2+1) and 7 apartments (1+1). Its 150 luxury guest rooms and suites will feature modern and local elements, complemented by project’s high-quality services, to offer unique experiences to local and international travellers. As well as the operation of 300 residences in the hotel building. The project scheduled to be delivered in January 2020. The project Istanbul Hotel will be operational in 2018. The company will present project service, which is decorated with local cultural elements of China. Located in a bustling business district featuring many office buildings, apartments and shopping malls, the new hotel is just a short stroll from the biggest shopping district in Istanbul. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge connection routes, main arteries such as TEM and E-5. Public transportation alternatives such as metro and Metrobus are concentrated around the project. The project Istanbul will be the closest hotel to the third airport. Atatürk Airport – 10 min City center – 25 min   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 63 99.5 50% 24 month 183000$ January 2020 2+1 106.5   50% 24 month 307700$ January 2020

IHOME 07 For Sale


The project is built on a plot of 40,860 m2. The project divided into green areas of 8,000m2. The Project consists of 9 blocks with 13 floors and includes 990 houses. Prestige Optimum offers 8 different apartment types such as 2 + 1, 3 + 1 apartments and 3 + 1 duplexes. All apartments include built-in kitchen (hob, extractor hood, dishwasher, microwave oven), built-in washing machine, inverter air conditioner, video intercom system, decorative wallpapers and combi. The project will have the most popular MALL, that will have the most famous brands, restaurants, cafes. The Project MALL is important point for location because this area has many another projects and the mall will be the closest to them. Location This project is located in Bursa Osmangazi. It is the only prominent project of the region with its social facilities and its close location to the ongoing underground station.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 107 128 35% 18 month  91500$ October 2018 3+1 130 190 35% 18 month  101000$ October 2018

IHOME 08 For Sale


The project is made up of two internal squares, being built on the E-5 highway and TEM Bahcesehir junction. 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 apartments include a built-in refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, dryer washing machine, cooker,  oven hood, independent air conditioning, decorative wall paper and a steel reinforced door with an alarm system. Location Torium Metrobus station – 700 m Torium Mall – 500 m Media Market & Carrefour – 1 km Marmara Park – 1,5 km Tuyap fairground – 6 km Ataturk Airport – 12 km   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 90   50% 18 month  113000$ Ready to move 3+1 171 176 50% 18 month  164000$ Ready to move  

IHOME 09 For Sale


The project is constructed over an area of 25,375 m2 and includes state of the art architecture throughout, incredible on-site social facilities, and a unique location.  The project consists of a single block with 31 floors, includes 1 + 0, 1 + 1, 2 + 1 apartments and office options at varying areas of between 45-130 m2. Apartments are designed with modern living in mind, featuring open plan layouts with large windows and private balconies. Location Esenyurt is one of the top areas in Istanbul currently undergoing lots of development, making it an area that is furtile for investment. In Esenyurt you will find shopping malls, schools, hospitals, markets, banks, and other amenities. A new Metro Station is to be introduced in 2019 and is just one minute away from the project. Ataturk Airport – 15 min Third Airport – 25 miutes Metrobus – 2 min TEM Highway – 3 min Fatih Sultan Mehmed Bridge – 30 min Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge – 35 min Taksim – 20 min Maslak – 30 min İDO Sea Bus – 6 min Marmaray – 17 min Mecidiyekoy – 25 min CNR EXPO – 15 min Marina – 3 min Shopping malls – 5 min Hospitals – 10 min Universities – 20 min the latest updated prices was in : 6/2/2019 Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to  Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 46   50% 12 months 42000$ june 2019 1+1 67 83 50% 12 months 58100$ june 2019 2+1 117 137 50% 12 months 103600$ june 2019    

IHOME 10 For Sale


The project designed on the land of 25,920 m2 in Hosdere. The project consists of 8 blocks, which include 465 residences and 34 commercial units. The project has different apartment types 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1 with areas of between 64 – 376 m2. With its cafes, restaurants and elegant shops this is the project to live or invest in. The project will be delivered in December 2018. Location The project is located in the heart of Bahcesehir, right next to TEM Highway. Northern Marmara Motorway, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, 3rd Ring Road and connection roads, Marmaray, Metro line, 3rd Airport, makes the project one of the most popular project in the city. The Marmaray and the Metro will extend all the way to the project respectively in 2018 and 2019.                                                           12% discount for full cash payments     Type Size from Size to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 65 78 101000$ December 2018 2+1 123 137 152000$ December 2018 3+1 166 188 210500$ December 2018 4.5+1 200   252000$ December 2018

IHOME 11 For Sale


The project has been constructed to the highest level of modern real estate and offers spacious social spaces, constructed on a land plot measuring 19,000m2. There are 9 blocks with 376 flats, which include 1+0, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 types of apartments. Also there are 33 commercial units within the project grounds. The development is fully equipped with extensive social and residential facilities designed to cater towards a luxury lifestyle experience in Istanbul. Inside, the properties offer a modern living arrangement taking advantage of an open plan interior to create overly spacious communal areas and homes with floor to ceiling windows allowing natural sunlight in. All properties are equipped with private balconies overlooking the complex grounds below. Location The project is located on the Dogan Arasli Boulevard, in Esenyurt on the European side of Istanbul, and is just moments away from every want and need that residents may have. Private schools, universities, hospitals, and more are just a short drive away. The E5 and E6 Highways are only five minutes away and provide excellent commuting options for those living and working in the city center. E5 and E6 Highways – 5 min University of Esenyurt – 100 m     the latest updated prices was in : 28/1/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 67 80 35% 18 Months 66000$  December 2019 2+1 98 142 35% 18 Months 88000$ December 2019

IHOME 12 For Sale


The project has a total area of 448,722 m2. The project is built with 9 block types, ranging from 8 to 15 floors with 30 different apartment options. 20 units 1+1, 694 units 2+1, 1025 units 3+1, 110 pieces 4+1 making a total of 1849 residences with 33 commercial units and 1 school unit of 24 classrooms, elementary and secondary. Also in this project you can enjoy an aquarium! This project has an advantage of unparalleled view of the Marmara Sea and Küçükçekmece Lake, away from traffic and noise, in a lush green area. A new shopping and life centre is at the entrance to Ispartakule. In all apartments there are built-in kitchen units: oven+kitchen units and stove+ventilation hood, gas detector in kitchens, ventilation aspirator at bathrooms. Laminated flooring in living room and other rooms. Central heating and hot water sup-station system is installed.   Location Ataturk Airport- 15 km TEM highway -2 min 3rd Airport – 15 min (direct road) Taksim square – 40 min   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 120 149 30% 240 month 109800$ Ready to move 3+1 159 189 30% 240 month 156000$ Ready to move 4+1 210 211 30% 240 month 225000$ Ready to move   latest update prices was in : 25/1/2019

IHOME 13 For Sale


This project located on an area of 119,000 m2 in Başakşehir. The project is rising to 11 blocks with 10, 14, 15 and 21 floors. Apartments types are 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1  from 65 – 187 m2; 875 residential and commercial areas are within the project. Location The project is close to the TEM Motorway  and will be located between two major highways in the city, close to the TEM and Northern Marmara Motorway connections planned to be built on Delikkaya. TEM is leads to the 3rd Airport and the North Marmara Motorway. In addition, the region can be easily reached via the E6 highway.                                                                                    Only Cash Payment       Type Size from Size to Total Price Delivery Time  1+1 65 71 61000$ Ready to move 2+1 109 119 84000$ Ready to move 3+1 144 163 130000$ Ready to move 4+1 187 188 180000$ Ready to move   latest update prices was in :25/1/2019

IHOME 14 For Sale


The total construction area is 308.809,00 m² in Bahçekent. This project consists of a total of 1506 apartments ( 1 + 1 (218), 2 + 1(467), 3 + 1 (675) and  4 + 1 (146)) and 282 commercial units. Primary school and a nursery are located withing the project. Generator system is installed, with the capacity to provide 100% reserve energy in all common areas and apartments. A waste recycling system will be installed in the designated blocks in order to recycle domestic wastes generated in the houses and to gain economy. The system will work automatically and will offer domestic waste, metal, plastic, glass or waste oil to its users. Location You can reach to the North Marmara Highway. E5-E6 road, 3rd bridge and Tuyap convention and exhibition area. Metro station is located close to the project. Europe’s biggest City hospital, the Olympic Stadium and other landmarks are located close to this project. 3 Havalimanı – 20 min Atatürk Airport –  20 min Bahçeşehir center – 1 km Akbatı AVM – 500 m TEM motorway  – 500 m E5 highway – 10 min   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 58 68 50% 105 month 71700$ Ready to move 2+1 100 117 50% 105 month 96000$ Ready to move 3+1 118 170 50% 105 month 147400$ Ready to move 4+1 150 170 50% 105 month 155000$ Ready to move

IHOME 15 For Sale


The project is consists of 2 blocks, one of the blocks will serve as a 5 star luxury hotel. The project has 696 apartments of which 50% faces the street and 44 commercial estates. There are 1 + 0, 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 3 + 1 duplex residences in the housing block of the project. 32 luxury penthouse apartments above floor 35. The project is Residence provides exclusive glamorous life style with its own privacy. Outdoor infinity pool 70 meters above sea level that provides panoramic view of the urban daily life in the surrounding area day and night. A very close location to the Canal Istanbul project! Location The project is located in the center of the rapidly developing Esenyurt, between the Küçükçekmece and the Büyükçekmece lakes, amidst the E5 and E6 highways in between Istanbul and Edirne. Also, a  very short distance away from the 3rd Airport project which is under construction (first flight to land in February 2018) both by car and public transportation such as metro. Tuyap Exhibition Center – 5 min CNR Exhibition Center -10 min Taksim square – 45 min Autobahn –  20 min Tüyap fairground – 5 min 3rd Bridge – 15 min 3rd Airport – 15 min   30% down payment, get 10% discount 50%,   get 15%  discount 100%, get 20% discount     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 61 110 30% 60 month 133500$ June 2018 1+1 80 141 30% 60 month 192000$ June 2018 2+1 134 188 30% 60 month 333700$ June 2018 3+1 225 490 30% 60 month 426000$ June 2018 

 SUNSET LUXURY Istanbul, Buyukcekmece , Turkey For Sale

SUNSET LUXURY Istanbul, Buyukcekmece , Turkey

The Sunset Luxury project has been designed with luxury and comfort in mind. It has an appealing structure, unique and spacious. The Project is located on 1.000 m2 area, consists of 1 block with 10 apartments – 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 . Size of 3 + 1 apartments starts from 120 m2 to 150 m2 and 4+1 is 180 m2. All houses have a built-in cooker, oven, extractor hood, dishwasher and a combi-boiler, automatic window blinds and mosquito net. The built in SMART HOME system will enable you to monitor your apartment from anywhere in the world. Location Sea – 10 min walking distance Bus stop – 1 min Shops/markets – 1 min Metrobus – 10 min Ataturk Airport –  25 km (30 min) Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 3+1 120 150   12 month 135800$ Ready to move 4+1 160 180   12 month 199700$ Ready to move

 ORKIDE EVLERI 2 Istanbul, Buyukcekmece , Turkey For Sale

ORKIDE EVLERI 2 Istanbul, Buyukcekmece , Turkey

This project located in Büyükçekmece, which is a district and municipality in the suburbs of Istanbul, Turkey on the Sea of Marmara coast of the European side, West of the city. Orkide Houses located on 3, 800 m2  area and consists of 4 blocks, which include a total 32 apartments. The project includes different types of apartment: 2 + 1 – 100m2 (8 units), 3 + 1 – 160 m2 (8 units), 2+1 duplex and 3+1 duplex – 175m2 (16 units). The apartments are equipped with security and concierge service as well as boasting beautiful view of the lake and the sea! Location The apartments are located within 15 minutes walk from the sea close to the transport interchange. Close to Minibus. Just 15 minutes to Metrobus, 10 minutes to the nearest shopping centre, 2 minutes to the supermarket, 20 minutes to the nearest hospital, Buyukcekmece Atirus Shopping Mall and Business Centre, Aymerkez Shopping Mall and İstanbul Outlet Park 3+1 Duplex 175 m2 92.675$ 12 Months Installment Ready to move

GURPINAR KONAKLARI Istanbul, Gurpinar , Turkey For Sale

GURPINAR KONAKLARI Istanbul, Gurpinar , Turkey

This project is rising in Buyukcekmece, Gürpınar and consists of 5 blocks with 78 apartments each. The project is designed as 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 apartments. The total construction area of the Gürpınar Konakları project, which is built on a plot of 6,000m2 is 15,600 m2. Also, this project is making an aesthetic difference to the surroundings as well as having excellent architectural details with magnificent sea view. Location Gürpınar Konakları project is located on Dede Korkut Street. Walking distance from Gürpınar Cultural Centre and Marriage Palace and Cumhuriyet Caddesi, close to E-5 and  the coast road.   Type Size from  Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 3+1 155     12 month 103800$ Ready to move 6+1 315     12 month 231700$ Ready to move

IHOME 16 For Sale


The project is located in Kadıköy, Istanbul’s Asian Side boasting the privileges of a mixed home-business living concept. Apartments have views of the Historical Peninsula, the sea and the Islands, offering the opportunity to live and work from your apartment. The project is made up of 5 blocks containing 1100 flats, 180 offices and 72 stores, on an area of 26,000 m2.  The project has 1 + 0, 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1 and 4 + 1 duplex apartments. Bright interior with wide windows, high ceilings, spacious balconies and first-class, quality building materials.   Location Located adjacent to E5 Kadiköy connection. The buzzing nightlife of Kadiköy full of restaurants and bars is also on your doorstep within minutes. If you want to enjoy the Asian side of Istanbul – the famous Bağdat Avenue is only a stone’s throw away. 3 Major shopping Malls of Istanbul are only a few minutes’ drive away Fikirtepe Metrobüs – 50 m Minibüs Avenue – 650 m Metro –  1 min European tunnel – 5 min. Sabiha Gokcen Airport – 23 min Atatürk Airport – 20 min Sports complex and concept area – 14 min. Shopping centre – 3 min the latest updated prices was in :6/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 0+1 50   30% 36 month 115000$ September 2019 1+1 59 95 30% 36 month 136000$ September 2019 2+1 89 191 30% 36 month 205000$ September 2019 3+1 180 190 30% 36 month 261000$ September 2019 store 74 430 30% 36 month 399000$ September 2019

IHOME 17 For Sale


The project is located in the Gaziosmanpaşa district and consists of two 12-storey blocks consisting of 286 apartments with 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 options. All apartments have an amazing panorama of Istanbul! The project is located in the centre of İstanbul’s transportation network near to İstanbul’s most important business sites. You can easily reach more than 50 shopping malls, sports centres and fairgrounds, educational institutions and historical places. Location The project is located in the center of İstanbul’s transportation network in close proximity to Pierce Loti, Vialand AVM, Bilgi University, Kadir Has University, Haliç University and Istanbul Commerce University. TEM Highway –  4 min E-5 Highway- 5 min Atatürk Airport – 15 min Esenler Bus Station – 5 min Tunnels –  6 min Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge – 20 min Clothing and Textile City – 5 min Grand Bazaar – 16 min Metro/ metrobus – 5 min Taksim, Maslak and Beşiktaş – 15 min   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 72 77.5 25% 24 month 134000$ Ready to move 3+1 77 99 25% 24 month ??? Ready to move   latest update prices was in : 25/1/2019

IHOME 18 For Sale


The project is located on an area of 6000 m2 in Beylikduzu on the European side. Consists of 5 blocks (4 floors) with 72 apartments and 6 stores. There are 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 2 duplex and 5 + 2 duplex apartments options, ranging in size from 109 to 270 m2. The project in a unique position to the sea and 65% of the total area will be used as green and social area. With its location, concept, and quality, the project awaits you for an up-to-date profitable investment. Location The project is located close to TUYAP Fair Center and IDO Beylikduzu Pier. It is surrounded with many schools, universities and shopping malls like Marmara Park & Torium. Marmara Sea – 4 km Atatürk Airport – 25 km E5 highway – 4,5 km   Cash Payment %5 Discount     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 109 124 50% 36-50 month 132000$ Ready to move 3+1 148 149 50% 36-50 month 172000$ Ready to move 4+1 245   50% 36-50 month 273600$ Ready to move 5+1 270   50% 36-50 month 301600$ Ready to move

IHOME 19 For Sale


This gigantic project is being constructed by one of the largest developers in Istanbul, a developer with more than 30 years of experience in delivering high end commercial and residential projects around the city. There are 27 buildings set across a plot measuring 67,000m2. Each building has 7 floors and there are 1681 apartments in total. Types of apartments: 1 + 0, 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3,5 + 1. The center of project is designed as a square (15,600m2) – taken right out of the heart of London and delivered to Istanbul with 12,000 m2 of green space. Commercial area has 125 shops working 18 hours per day . Location The project is located in a top investment area of Istanbul known as one of the New Centres of the city, just a short distance away from the TEM Highway and E-5. In 2019  a new Metro Underground station will start its operations right in front of the complex. Also near the project you can find international schools, universities, hotels, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks and hospitals. Metro – 2 min TEM Highway – 850 m E-5 Highway – 10 min Kucukcekmece Lake – 5km Third Airport – 18km Ataturk Airport – 20km Akbatı AVM – 800 m Torium AVM – 5 min Mall of Istanbul – 10 min   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 41 48 30% 36 month 44200$ December 2019 1+1 63 99 30% 36 month 66500$ December 2019 2+1 100 149 30% 36 month 100000$ December 2019 3.5+1 175 248 30% 36 month 165500$ December 2019 4.5+1 225 271 30% 36 month 208700$ December 2019  

IHOME 20 For Sale


The project provides you with the advantages of a 5-star resort in the centre of İstanbul. It has been planned and designed with great attention to detail and takes into account everything that one may wish for in a perfect home. Along with its unique location the project presents you with a peaceful, comfortable and high-quality life style in one of the most active parts of the city. Being raised on a plot of 39.561 m2 and a total construction area of 362.584 m2 consisting of a total of 2785 units including 2683 apartments (1+1, 2+1 and 3+1) and 102 commercial units. Location Beylikdüzü is one of the most sought after districts of Istanbul on the European Side with a rapid development potential. Beylikdüzü E-5 route has become the most crucial highway in this mega city. Walking distance E5 highway Tuyap FM exhibition Metro & Metrobus Mosques & Parks Public Schools Private Colleges Family Health Center   the latest updated prices was in :7/2/2019     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 64 95 35% 36 month 62000$  August 2019 2+1 102 168 35%  36 month 94000$ August 2019 3+1 160 190 35%  36 month 147000$ August 2019 store 118 310 35% 36 month 744000$ Augest 2019

IHOME 21 For Sale


The project is located in the Esenyurt/Esenkent district of Istanbul, consisting of a single block of 21-floors, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 duplex loft apartments. The project construction area is 18,500 m2  enriched with social and activity areas. The tower block consists of 98 apartments and 6 commercial units. Location Located on TEM highway connection, and close to public transportation. You can easily commute to every part of Istanbul via TEM highway. One of the biggest artificial lakes in Istanbul (26,000 m2) is located beside the project.  Also,  a science and technology high school, 4 private primary-middle schools, 2 public primary schools, 1 public high school, 3 health centres, both private and public, a police station, a theatre, PTT (postal service) and cultural, entertaining centres are all located around the project. Tüyap Exhibition Centre – 10 min Atatürk Airport – 15 min Torium AVM – 5 min Marmarapark AVM – 5 min 5M Migros – 5 min Bauhaus – 5 min Koçtaş construction market – 5 min   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 87 135 50% 24 month 117450$ Ready to move 3+1 162 296 50% 24 month 218700$ Ready to move 4+1 297   50% 24 month 400950$ Ready to move    

IHOME 23 For Sale


The project, which is built on the construction area of 310.000 m2. The project consists of 7 blocks, which includes 2,679 apartments of different types and sizes. There are 1 + 0, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 apartments. The project has Cadde Istanbul Shopping Mall with 87 commercial units for rent to international best brands. There will be a subway(Metro) near to the entrance of the mall. Kucukcekmece lake will be the head of Canal Istanbul Project which is 2nd Bosphorus to İstanbul. The project has rich landscape architecture, distinguished stores and boutique shopping, it offers an impeccable culinary culture restaurants that appeal to every taste. Location The project is close to all the commercial and entertainment centres, away from the traffic jams. The project is located on the Metrobus route, close to public transport, E5 and TEM highway. A few years later, the subway will go to Ataturk Airport, 3rd Airport project, Taksim, and Asian Side. TUYAP Exibition Center – 10 min Atatürk Airport – 15 min Akbatı AVM / Torium AVM – 5 min Marmarapark AVM / 5M Migros – 5 min Koctas Yapımarket / Real Hypermarket – 5 min   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 40 63 25% 48 month 50000$ Ready to move 1+1 65 80 25% 48 month 81250$ Ready to move 2+1 85 120 25% 48 month 106250$ Ready to move 3+1 140 175 25% 48 month 175000$ Ready to move

IHOME 24 For Sale


It is a privileged life spot and commercial centre, where prestigious offices, exclusive shops, restaurants, cafes, hypermarkets and many other shops and venues are brought together under one roof. The project, which will be built on a 68.940 m² area, consists of 1 + 0, 1 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartments in A and B block as well as 1 + 0 apartments. A bloke includes 168 home-office type apartments and 20 shops on the ground floor. In B block, 249 full residential suite apartments, 11 home-offices on the ground floor and 2 commercial units. Terraced offices that will increase your potential, modern shops with large inner courtyards, cafes and restaurant areas, social privilege services to make your life easier and much more. Location The project is in close proximity to shopping districts, located 5 minutes away from Akbatı AVM, Torium AVM, Marmarapark AVM, 5M Migros, Real Hypermarket and Bauhaus and Koçtaş Yapımarket. Metrobüs – 5 min Atatürk Airport – 15 Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+0 40 63 30% 36 month  70000$ December 2018 1+1 72 117 30% 36 month  126000$ December 2018 3+1 175 255 30% 36 month  306000$ December 2018 4+1 450   30% 36 month  787500$ December 2018

IHOME 25 For Sale


The project is located on  62,000m2 area of prime land. In total the project includes 1518 apartments and 40 commercial units within. The project consists of 17 blocks 15 floors each, containing 90 flats.  There are  2 + 1 (506 ) and 3 + 1 (1012 ) apartments available. Within project, rising, is Bursa Demirtas and Prestij Optimall Bazaar , 20,000 m2 of shopping area. The project has many social facilities and 48, 000 m2 of landscaping area. Uludağ with its magnificent grandness is in front of you. Location The project is located in Osmangazi, the center of Bursa. Near all legal services, that you need, such as Municipality building , Courtyard, Governors Building . Only 32 km to Ferryboat from where daily ferry services between Bursa and Istanbul are. Metro and ring transportation facilities are near. City center – 8 km Uludag Mountain – 12 km Ferryboat – 32 km   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to  Total Price Deilvery Time 1+1 110   35% 24 month 79000$ October 2018 2+1 125   35% 24 month 89000$ October 2018

IHOME 26 For Sale


  The project is building over 54.000 m2 land area, included 20 blocks and 3.223 residence and residential units. You will experience luxury lifestyle in a comfortable project with 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 apartment types, ranging from 66 to 190 m2. There will be 85 shops and commercials units on 20.000 m2 area; including restaurants, cafes, offices, banks, a pharmacy, cinema, market, grocery shops, a beauty salon, and a barbershop. Location Schools, universities and hospitals are located all around the project. The new Metro station will be ready in 2018-2019 (Şişli – Mahmutbey metro line). Moreover, bus services are in abundance to Taksim, Mecidiyekoy, Bakırkoy, and Yesilkoy. Ataturk Airport – 22 km Taksim square –  30 km (28 min) 3rd Airport – 15 min Akbatı AVM – walking distance Medical Park Hospital –  800 m     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to  Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 66 110 50% 24 month 74000$ February 2019 2+1 88 125 50% 24 month 110000$ February 2019 3+1 174 190 50% 24 month 202000$ February 2019  

IHOME 27 For Sale


This is a mega project situated in Bahcesehir, just 5 minutes away from the Metro station. Constructed on an impressive 46,800m2 area it is being built in three phases – two being residential phases, and the third – offices. There are 9 tower blocks with 780 homes and 231 outlets. 23,000m2 of the land  has been dedicated to green areas and social facilities for residents, meaning you will always have superb views and surroundings. Within the project is a shopping mall and commercial spaces, with boutique shops and supermarkets. The interior of the apartments features an open plan with large windows and lots of natural sunlight. Quality flooring has been used throughout, and the kitchen is fully equipped with appliances and utensils. The living room offers tremendous views and has access to a balcony. 3 closed swimming pools for residents (separate for men and women). Location Local restaurants, supermarkets, and shops are all just a walk away. The TEM Highway can be reached within a 2-minute drive and will transport you to the centre with ease. A second Metro station is only 700 metres away. Metro station (opening in 2018) – 350 m E5 and TEM Highway 1,5 km – (4 min) 3-rd Airport – 20 min Ak Bati AVM – 500 m (13 min) Marmara Park – 5,3 km (12 min) Torium AVM – 2,6 km (5 min) Otoport Market 2.5 km – 5 min. TEM Highway within – 2 min Third Airport – 20min Istanbul Centre – 40 minutes Istanbul Esenyurt University 150 m (1 min) Esenyurt State Hospital 4,5 km (11 min) Istinye University Liv Hospital – 5 km (12 min) Aqua Dolphin – 5.7 km (9 min) Medicana Hospital – 5.8 km (10 min) Medilife Beylikdüzü Hospital 4.3 km ( 9 min)   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 133 153 50% 36 month 145700$ December 2019 3+1 185 254 50% 36 month 196600$ December 2019

IHOME 28 For Sale


The project is located on a land of 95,000 m2. Residence area is 8,500 m2, consisting of  1,431 apartments and 40 commercial units. Apartments come as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 types. 83% of the land was allocated for landscaping and recreation areas. The project, rising up at a point directly opposite Bahcesehir, overlooking Kucukcekmece Lake, contribute greatly to the development of the region. Location The location is very important and the Lake Panorama is strategically located just beside the TEM highway. E5 Highway – 5 km Atatürk Airport – 13 km 3rd Airport – 30 km Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge – 40 km   CASH PAYMENT 10% DISCOUNT 30% Down Payment 10% one year later 24 Months Installment     Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 102 118 40% 60 month 133000$ Ready to move 3+1 142 171 40% 60 month 171000$ Ready to move 4+1 185 241 40% 60 month 205000$ Ready to move   latest update prices was in : 6/2/2019

IHOME 29 For Sale


The project is rising on 42,000 m2 development land area, has 6 blocks, which consists of 1,195 residential units and 223 stores. The total construction area is 200,000m2. The project has 1 block of serviced apartments, 3 blocks of home-offices and 2 blocks of housing. Nivo Istanbul has 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3+1 apartment options. Location It is perfectly located close to the city centre and is in fastest developing district of İstanbul. The Press Expressway and the E-5, where the project is located, is a junction point connecting the TEM and the coastal road, and easily connects to the North Marmara Motorway. The project is located next to the Fatih Metro Station, which will start operating in 2018. Ataturk Airport – 3 Km Kucukcekmece Lake – 3 Km Taksim Square – 23 Km Tem Highway – close proximity E5 motorway street – close proximity Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 45 131 35% 24 month 112000$ December 2018 2+1 66 204 35% 24 month 160000$ December 2018 3+1 125 325 35% 24 month 239000$ December 2018

IHOME 30 For Sale


Totalling over 200,000m2. The project consists of 7 residences with 40 floors each. The project offers living options in different sizes – 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1 and 5 + 1. The project also includes a variety of restaurants with international cuisines and 125 shops to accommodate the residents every need and desire. 70% greenery around the artificial lake (35,000 m2) in the centre, suitable for swimming and yachting together. The 4.5 km running track around the lake is lined with magnolia and oak trees, providing an active lifestyle that allows residents forget they are living in the city. Location The cafés and restaurants are available at the project just around the corner from your house. The 3rd Airport, the Kanal Istanbul Project and the Metro Project have the direct connection to the TEM highway. Predictions are that  the project will provide close to 80% profit return within 2 years.   Delivery Time Total Price Installment to Dwon Payment Size to Size from Type Ready to move 150000$ 100 month 20% 100 64 1+1 Ready to move 204000$ 100 month 20% 138 86 2+1 Ready to move 380000$ 100 month 20% 220 147 3+1 Ready to move 450000$ 100 month 20%   336 4+1

IHOME 31 For Sale


The project is based on a plot of 43,000m2. The project includes 1100 residences and 30 commercial units. The project offers 9 different types of apartments, 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1. Location The project located beside Bahçeşehir. The project has an important location, surrounded by mega investments points, like Kanal Istanbul, 3rd (New) Airport, 3rd Bridge, TEM Motorway and Metro. The apartments in the project will be delivered in 24 months and housing units in 36 months. Ak Bati AVM –10 min Metro – 7 min   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 72 82 50% 36 month  84000$ March 2019 2+1 87 122 35% 48 month 92000$ March 2019 3+1 160   50% 48 month 169000$ March 2019

IHOME 32 For Sale


The project, which consists of 1 block (43 floors) with 310 residential areas and 18 commercial units within a 6500 m2 area, is launching its life peak. The 42-storey project, consisting of 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 apartment options with built-in white goods, reveals the difference with its unique location. Every apartment will have a balcony and some of the apartments – a large terrace. Location Projects are close to the shopping centres, hospitals, schools, and universities. Ataturk Airport – 12 km Metrobus station – 1100meters (5 min) E-5 High Way – 2 minutes Tem motorway – 10 minutes Marmara Park Mall – 1,5 km Torium Mall – 400 m Tuyap Fair Centre – 6 km Taksim Square, Şisli  – 35 km ( 45 min )   20% Cash Discount 35% 24 Month Delivery Date   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 70   35% 24 month 100000$ August 2018 2+1 103   35% 24 month 139000$ August 2018 3+1 179 187 35% 24 month 231000$ August 2018

IHOME 33 For Sale


The project is constructed on an area of 93, 600 m2 and 7, 500 m2 commercial units as well as residences. The project apartments are designed as 1 + 0 studio, 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1.  The project offers a smart home lifestyle, with one-touch lighting that can be managed from anywhere in the world, hot and cold settings, cinema and sleep mode, home exit mode and electricity and water shutdown. Location The project is located on the E-5 and TEM junction of the Press Express, which is shown as the new centre of Istanbul business life. Ataköy Metro Line just in front of the project. The project is located near to shopping centres like Deposite Outlet, Mall of Istanbul, 212 Istanbul Power Outlet, Istoc Trade Center, Bağcılar-Güngören Industrial Site Metro Shopping Center and others. Around the project, among health care providers, Medipol University Hospital, West Bahat Hospital, Medipol Mega Hospital Complex, Acıbadem Hospital, Özel Halkalı Kent Hospital, Istanbul Physical Therapy Training and and others. TEM highway – 1,7 km 3rd Airport –  4 km Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge – 4 km E-5 Highway – 5 km Istanbul Ataturk Airport – 6 km Mahmutbey Metro Station – 2 km Halkalı-Gebze Marmaray –  5,5 km Bakırköy İDO – 12 km Taksim – 32 min   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 0 + 1 39.40   % 25 36 month 91.000$ December 2019 1 + 1 72 85 % 25 36 month 142,000$ December 2019   89 138 % 25 36 month 159,000$ December 2019 3 + 1 197   % 25 36 month ??? December 2019 4 + 1 262 268 % 25 36 month 455,000$ December 2019   latest update prices was in :5/2/2019

IHOME 34 For Sale


The project is located in Esenyurt. The project consists of 3 separate blocks with a business concept. A and B blocks are designed as Residence, C blocks as Busidence with a home-office concept. The residence has 1,066 apartments, 554 offices and 44 shops.  The residence includes 0 + 1, 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 apartments. Location E-5 highway –  800 m Atatürk Airport – 12 km Sea Buses – 4 km Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 88 121 35% 24 month 85000$ Ready to move 2+1 117 194 35% 24 month 141000$ Ready to move

IHOME 35 For Sale


The project is based on a land area of 26000 m² and consists of A, B, C and D blocks. There are different types of apartments: 1 + 1 with balcony, 2 + 1 with master bathroom, 2 + 1, suite 3 + 1, 4 + 1, roof duplex and garden floors. Project consists of 609 apartments and 60 business units with the concept of Open Bazaar hosting popular brands and a supermarket. Flat plans are perfectly arranged thorough with attention paid to details and panoramic view. Incorporating modern plant landscape, hobby gardens, artificial small lake, recreational areas and 85% of green land due to the superb landscape arrangement. Parking and garages with one parking space per apartment and balconies. With its spacious front facades, the advantage of quick parking and the modern shopping streets, the market culture is giving a new style of life. The project hosts a private school (kindergarten, primary school, secondary school) consisting of 27 classrooms. Location The project is located in a region surrounded by important transportation networks, like Metrobus, TEM Highway and Atatürk Airport. Near the project you can find Esenyurt Metro Station and Beylikdüzü Metro Station, that will be open in 2018. The project attracts attention with its proximity to the E-5 Motorway and Shopping Centers, which is the busiest transportation hub of Istanbul. the latest updated prices was in :6/2/2019   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 67 121 35% 36 month 57000$ September 2019 2+1 103 197 35% 36 month 85000$ September 2019 3+1 156 206 35% 36 month 125000$ September 2019 4+1 216 290 35% 36 month 176000$ September 2019

BOTANICA ISTANBUL Istanbul, Esenyurt , Turkey For Rent

BOTANICA ISTANBUL Istanbul, Esenyurt , Turkey

Rented 2+1 fully furnished Kat 5 Garden view Daily rent 100$   This project located near Esenyurt ‘s Marmara Park Shopping Center. Total construction area is 85, 000 m2, project’s area is 28, 000 m2. The project consists of 7 blocks, 477 flats and 44 shops. The project consists of 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartments. 2 + 1 flats are designed as open and closed kitchens in two different projects. Location Metrobus, bus stops and E-5 highway is just 100 m away. Shopping centers such as Marmarapark Mall, Migros, Bauhouse and Real Market are on your doorstep. Atatürk Airport – 10 min Metrobus – 2 min E-5 highway – 2 min School, University, Hospital – walking distance 3 min TÜYAP exhibition centre – 2 min

IHOME 36 For Sale


The project is turned on for innovation, ideas, exploration, music and motion. Turned on to technology, entertainment, new friendship, nature, and sharing. This project benefits from the natural slope of the land on which it is built, and is intelligently surrounded with landscaping. The project qualifies perfectly for the definition of a new life platform with its recreational areas, consisting a track for running, broad socializing areas covered with lawn and various activity areas where its residents can spend time both in the summer and winter. The project is based on a land area of 6, 000 m². Consists of one block and 15 floors. Incorporating a total of 205 residences ( 1 + 1,5 and 2 + 1,5 with balcony) and office units, 60% of the project area is dedicated to communal area and landscaping, 29% is assigned to business area. Feature of this project is this, floors starting from -5 until 10! From all apartments you can enjoy wonderful view, even on the -5 floor! Spa consists 1, 500 m² and 2, 000 m² is the social area. This unique project has Meeting room, Read room (library), Learn room, Game room, Music room, Team room(for team work), Cook room( large kitchen) and Eat room (like café), Work room (for conference), Coffee area, Meal Box, Art room. All of technological components are Samsung! With cash payment you can get 10 % discount! Location The project has a location that overlooks the general Kagithane district and faces the axis of Maslak-Levent-Mecidiyekoy, as well as the waterfront of the Kagithane stream, where urban transformation is rapidly taking place. project is on the Kemerburgaz Avenue, which connects Kagithane to TEM Highway. Due to its strategic position, the project is just a couple of minutes from the highways, and within walking distance to the planned metro station, which is to be located at the center of Kagithane. Ataturk Airport – 20 km Nisantasi University Sadabat Campus 2.4 km Halic University 2.0 km Kagithane-Bomonti Tunnel 4.8 km Bomonti-Dolmabahçe Tunnel 9.0 km M7 Metro Line Kağıthane Station 2.0 km Tekfen Tower 4.8 km Axis Shopping Center 1.4 km Halic Congress Center 6.5 km Sadabad Park 2.9 km Rahmi Koc Museum 7.0 km Miniaturk 4.1 km Taksim 9.0 km Nisantası 6.4 km Ortakoy 8.6 km Eminonu 10.0 km Galata Tower 8.6 km TEM (O-2) 2.0 km E-5 Ring Road (O-1) 5.2 km Istanbul Palace of Justice (Çağlayan) 3.0 km Florence Nightingale Hospital (Çağlayan) 3.5 km Alibeykoy Mini Bus Terminal 2.9 km Beykent University Ayazaga Campus 6.2 km MEF University 5.2 km Istanbul Technical University 8.0 km Bilgi University Santral Istanbul Campus 4.9 km   Type Size from Size to Dwon Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 60 65 50% 36 month 159000$ 2019 2+1 75 86 50% 36 month 222000$ 2019

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The project, located on the TEM border of Esenyurt and built on 415,000 m² of land. The project will consist of 5.500 dwellings and a shopping center with a hypermarket with a leasable area of 69,000 sqm. The project also includes a social facility on a 21,000 m² green area, a private hospital on a 10,000 m² land and a private school built on 15,000 m² of land. Indoor sports club has 5, 000 m2 area. The project, which will be managed by the mall management and will house Festival Park and project residents, will host various activities. There is a closed parking lot for each apartment! The Project consists of 9 blok and 262 apartments. Flats is ready to move in! Types of apartments: 1 + 1,2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1. Location Akbatı Shopping and Life Center is on the walking distance to your house. Beylikdüzü, Büyükçekmece and Avcılar is near, you can go there by Express Bus from bus stops. You can reach to Taksim, Mecidiyeköy and Bakırköy about 40 minutes!   Type Size from Size to Total Price 1+1 60 85 75000$ 2+1 138   145000$ 3+1 181   206000$

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EXCLUSIVE to I HOME INTERNATIONAL direct from the developer, this project is one of its kind with full view of the Marmara Sea. Instalment options are available with 40% down payment and 48 months interest free instalments. Title Deed is available immediately. Strategic location close to major transportation routes. The project is perfectly situated in the heart of Beylikduzu with easy access to all facilities and any kind of entertainment. Living at walking distance to Haramidere Sanayi Metrobus station and next to the main arterial roads of Istanbul E5 and E6 highways you will easily get anywhere in Istanbul. By 2019 a new metro station is going to be opened right next to the project connecting you to the Metro network. For prices please send us an enquiry. We are the Exclusive developer representative. the latest updated prices was in :7/2/2019   Type Size from Size To Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 45 70 30-40% 36-24 months  49300$ December 2020 2+1 88 105 30-40% 36-24 months 102000$ Decmber 2020 2+1 Duplex 112 153 30-40% 36-24 months  121000$ December 2020 4+1 253   30-40% 36-24 months  239000$ December 2020

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COSY LIFE STYLE, A BRAND NEW LIFE In Beylikduzu, the new location of development; The project is offers a peaceful life in the city center, with its luxury apartments, green space, social and sportive areas designed for all members of the family. 5 STAR COMFORT The project is offers many amenities for your family in the comfort of a 5 star hotel; including multi-purpose sports hall, fitness room, indoor swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, steam room, indoor parking and 24/7 security. SHOPPING IS WITHIN ARM’S REACH With a total area of 2000 m2 project’s commercial areas are designed to meet all your basic needs under one roof. You will love the market place of the project. RIGHT NEXT TO ATTRACTION CENTERS The project is located in a central area and besides being very close to education and health institutions, transportation, shopping centers and other activity spots; it is also right near to the metro station planned for post-2019.   Type Size from Size to Total Price Delivery Time 2+1 91 123 86500$ ready to move 3+1 143 154 113,500$ ready to move Only cash payment The latest updated prices was in : 7/2/2019  

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The freshness of the sea at your doorstep sunset at your window. Life in the most luxurious project in the region. Highly valued location + advantageous prices = high return value ROI. At one of the most prestigious location of ISTANBUL, the sea side of Beylikduzu and Beykent area, our project with direct sea view offers you high level security, and pleasure of life with highest standard. Within City Center, but away from the disturbance of city life. 20 minutes to Ataturk Airport, away from the city disturbance, Sea Side view homes for your pleasure. 2 minutes to Hospital ,Perlavista  and Marmara Park Shopping complex at a distance of 4 minutes, E5 and Metro-Bus at 5 minutes, IDO sea ships at 7 minutes, Marina 3 minutes, Coastal line and beaches at 2 minutes distance for your convenience. Your way to home, is the way to coastal line. Thep roject is waits you with Richness of Modern Architect , convenient location and cinema salon adding higer value of living to your life.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 75   35% 36 month  70000$ August 2019 2+1 96 115 35% 36 month  110000$ August 2019 3+1 179   35% 36 month  190000$  August 2019

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Beylikduzu’s the latest and the most favorite center of life This is an invitation for a new vision of life in the Istanbul of the future. Consisting of 2 blocks with 242 luxury SMART HOMES, 14 commercial areas and great number of social areas. Our smart homes are available as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1 sizing 70 m2 – 363 m2. With both, the location and the project properties, it is Istanbul’s preferred project. Convenient Transportation Our smart homes are 5 minutes distance to one of the main modes of transport in Istanbul, the Metrobus , E5 and Metro fast access to all directions in Istanbul. 5 minutes to shopping center Marmara Park and only 15 minutes to Ataturk Airport.   Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 70   35% 48 month 78000$ February 2020 2+1 138 154 35% 48 month 155000$ February 2020 3+1 195   35% 48 month 233000$  February 2020 4+1 333   35% 48 month 397000$ February 2020

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A region that adds value to your investments. The project is located in a region that is most strategic, valuable and rapidly adds value to investments in Istanbul, one of the biggest metropolises in the world. Koza Neighborhood  Koza neighborhood, designed by the famous American architectural firm DDG group, is facing the TEM highway and is one minute away from the tollhouses, 27 km from Atatürk Airport and only 23 km from the New Airport. The city center is accessible by metro. The project is in the midpoint of attractions; close to LIV Hospital, Istanbul Tennis Academy, Akbatı Shopping Mall and Festival Park. Life in The Project   Type Size from-to Dwon Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time 1+1 97-114 25% 48 month 244000$ October 2020 2+1 141-179 25% 48 month 370000$ October 2020