Latest real estate investment news in Turkey

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Latest real estate investment news in Turkey

The growth of the Turkish economy and the growth of the real estate sector in particular is becoming increasingly evident. Many Istanbul real estate investors are looking for real figures on this growth so that they can rest assured and start investing effectively.

Today, we have brought home sales figures for Turkey in the current month of 7 and compare them with the previous year

At the beginning of July 7, 2018, Turkey saw a rise of 22.4% in sales of homes compared with the same month last year

The total sales during the month of June 2018 is 119,413 houses throughout the country including Turks and foreigners

At the forefront of the states was Istanbul with a total number of houses sold was 20,547, representing 17.2% of the total home sales in Turkey. It is worth mentioning that there are about ten thousand houses were sold for the first time in Istanbul, which are all new properties, and this means that for every old house It was transferred to Istanbul. There is a new house being sold for the first time


What awaits a higher percentage of this to start your investment in real estate in Istanbul??

After Istanbul, Ankara came second with the total number of houses sold during July this year reached 12,078 houses, representing 10% of the total number of houses sold in Turkey. The number of houses sold for the first time was 4279 houses, which is approximately 35% Total number of houses sold in Ankara during July


In the third place came the city of Izmir in the number of houses 6888 in June of this year also the number of 2937 homes are sold for the first time in Izmir

The rest of the total number of houses sold was distributed to the rest of the Turkish states

These were the general statistics in the sale of houses in Turkey, whether for Turks or foreign investors during the month of June of 2018


And now you as an investor interested in identifying the numbers that belong to foreigners and therefore we will separate them in terms of investor countries and in terms of the most states in Turkey, where the purchase of houses


Domestic sales to foreign investors by their countries during July of 2018

1. Iraq: 315 houses

2. Iran: 228 houses

3. Russia: 169 houses

Afghanistan: 139 houses

5- Saudi Arabia: 110 houses

The rest of the countries in smaller numbers will not be separated for fear of prolongation





What are the most popular states selling homes to foreigners:

Istanbul: 764 houses

Antalya: 525 houses

Bourse: 117 houses

Ankara: 83 houses

5. Yalova: 74 houses

And the rest of the states in fewer numbers



Now, when we talk about more than 2,000 houses being sold to foreigners in one month within Turkey, this number is not very small. Therefore, for those interested in real estate investing in Turkey, we will offer you some options:

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